Oppa, Are You Okay?


Chanyeol's acting weird lately. Hani smelled something fishy. What is he up to lately?


Yo... after a long hiatus I am back with a simple one-shot for you guys. /throws confetti/ I hope you'll like it. But it's kinda short, though. Honestly, I'm not used to write a really mushy lovey-dovey story, so yeah, perhaps I'll at writing it... I don't know, I'll leave you guys to judge it. ^^

Please, it would really make my day when I see feedbacks to my stories, so yeah, I'd love to see your feedbacks guys... It's okay, I don't bite. ;) Oh, and do keep in mind that English isn't my first language. Please, do tell me if there's anything wrong in this one-shot fanfic. I'll really appreciate it.


Right, this is it guys. Please enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it. ^_^


Special thanks to HnieMinn for the personally-made poster and background... it's so kawaii desu! :D

Also, I'd like to thank AwesomePicEditor67's Review Shop & Halcyon City Review Shop for the candid reviews.

thanks for the lovely feedbacks, and also for the subs and upvotes... should I make a sequel?

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[deactivated] #1
luls. i miss this story T^T *cries in punk*
make a comeback pls and do a new one for me :P
huehuehue #2
LovelyLonelyApril #3
Chapter 1: bwae,aishh jinja ..daebak!! yahh jongginie are you cheating on me with channie?? i cant belive it we're just marriage on two months and you cheating on me??

hahahaha nice story i guess
Chapter 1: the ending is epic !
when i was reading it at first, i was about to cry.
but at the end of the story, i was laughing like a maniac X'D
awesome story author-nim :D
Chapter 1: LOL.. I was just about to cry.. I thought Chanyeol is sick or what but erghh! u ruined my feeling ahah.. daebak! <3
--ludakris #6
Chapter 1: i dont usually comment on fics but this fic right here deserves an oscar. this defeats leonardo any day hands down. is it purposely crack or??
InspiritHamster #7
Chapter 1: This is the end?!!! No way~ please please make a sequel /kyungsoo's begging eyes/ hahaha btw why jongin? I thought a girl! Hahahha xD
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 1: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
how could his boyfriend do that to her?
;~~~~~~~~; and and jongin's her own brother?
those boys TT.TT /sobs/
Chapter 1: Is this the end? It's on oneshot but this can't seriously be the end. Right? Please, tell me this will have an update? I'd really like to know what'll happen...
Chapter 1: Oh my god the ending LOL
I'm sorry but XD