Kai is a genetically-modified human--an aegis-- assigned to his sire, Kyungsoo, for the purpose of combat in the upcoming tournament, Armageddon.



Dedicated to xLadySakurax-senpai.

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kaisoo_wife #1
Chapter 4: so Tao turned back the time to save Kai for kyungsoo and also save luhan? luhan is that genius . he set everything at first and he knows everything. i love the ending tho

Aaaah i've put this fic on hold for like 3 years and now i've decided to read it seems sooo good. Kaisoo bbs

Also jongdae at the end asghshxjsksjdkkdkd
anknick #3
Chapter 4: Waaaaaah, this was amazing! I was afraid that this was gonna end with one of them dead, it did too, bit thanks for the twist! Also, my heart broke when Baekyeol died but it was impossible to have both the pairs living T-T
This was really a masterpiece!
Chapter 4: When the urge to read mama au hit me, I'm glad to have stumbled upon this fic. Totally worth reading! It's a well-thought out fic and the feels that washed over me is so strong, especially how the bond between the sires and their aegises work. The possessiveness and the gentleness of Kai is so endearing and I love Kyungsoo for everything he is on this fic. The battle scenes were great and I can only wish these can be translated into movies, I bet it's more exciting to see the scenes unfold before our eyes... And the twist! I almost guessed it right but didn't bother asking myself what and why because I can't be sidetracked, it's too good to not continue reading...
Chapter 4: Wow I read this by a suggestion. And I don't regret to take it.
The fight were awesome.... SuChen, Chanbaek (It is sad Beak POV's, broke my heart) and finally the mighty Luhan.
Thank a lot for writing it. It was very exciting read about using their powers. I would like to read about all of them in this storyline.
Chapter 2: In chapter 2, first fight- who was fighting baekyeol? Was it sehun? And who was his sire?
Man, if only I can upvote this thousand times I will, even just by reading the description give me chills already. I just suddenly remember this fic and already read this story within minutes, again hahaha, this fic was beyond amazing seriously :"").
Chapter 4: Wow the first time I read this was like... three years back but the feelings I had while I read it again were the same as the first!
It's like watching an action packed sci fi movie!!
How in the world did you conjure this amazingness up is still something I wonder!!
But really it's bloody BRILLIANT and you're a genius!
And kaisoo is together again!!! I feel bad for chanbaek but kaisoo is together!!!
forassgard #9
Chapter 4: Simply amazing thank you so much