The Problem Children

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High Class: ultra-rich access only. No way in, and seemingly no way out. That is, until one girl who's only goal in life was to get good grades makes the mistake of discovering the students of High Class are more than they pretended to be. That day, Jung Juyeon truly discovered that things aren't always what they seem ...

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~ Academia Mysteria ~


After weeks of painful studying and ripping her hair out over entrance exams, Jung Juyeon had finally been accepted on scholarship to attend Academia Mysteria, one of many notable and famous worlwide schools that almost guarantee a good future. She worked her off to get in, and she planned to keep working her off to stay.

HIGH CLASS: a nickname given to the forbidden East Wing, where rumours have spread throughout the school that ridiculously wealthy teenagers are sent to be pampered on in luxury and isolation from the "common folk".

Boy, have they never been more wrong.

What Juyeon discovers from the mistake of her curiosity is that High Class is not a refuge for the ultra-rich after all. It's a refuge for PROBLEM CHILDREN, teens born with mysterious mutations in their brain that grants them incredible supernatural powers. After their existence is revealed, Juyeon is forced into the East Wing to keep the secret, and her carefully-constructed high school life is brought to ruins in an instant.

Now Juyeon isn't just fighting for her place in the top South Korean university, she also has to fight for her own safety and acceptance in a new world: a world where everyone (including the teachers) seem to hate her for being "normal"; where her roommate hides secrets that could possibly save her life and sanity; and where Exo, the group of impossibly handsome boys with the strongest powers in South Korea, take an interest in her.

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That was when she saw it. Someone walking outside, just in sight of the window. Juyeon scrambled for her glasses and peered closer. Students weren't allowed out of their dorms at night, and the doors that lead to the outside of the school were always locked. And people who weren't students never showed up to the Academia. Never. Who could it be?

Juyeon couldn't see his face, but in the light of the moon he seemed to have light brown hair and wore the school uniform. What the hell?

Then Juyeon heard it. It was very faint and barely noticeable, but … she could hear laughter.

Juyeon spared a glance at her roommates. They were all sound asleep from whatever weird … science that had happened.

It wasn't magic it couldn't be magic magic was fairy tales and children's stories they weren't real THEY WEREN'T REAL

Juyeon placed her hand on the cold metal of the door handle and shivered. She knew that if she opened that door, there would be no going back. Something in her life, the life she worked so hard to establish, would crash down upon her. Something would CHANGE.

Juyeon felt a shiver go up her body, and was just about to climb back into bed and pretend nothing happened when she heard the laughter again. It was a boy's laughter.

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Chapter 61: I MISS YOU
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