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A Nyongtory oneshot collection which will be inspired by prompts.

One shots are simply written from my imagination, will vary over wide ranges of genre and fantasies such as mpreg through to dark angst.


Just an organized way for me to keep my oneshots that never quite made it to chaptered length stories.


If you wish to make a requset you may !


Either leave a comment with the prompt or private message it to me.







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Looney31 #1
Chapter 2: I really do need this after the previous angsty, thank u
soleyjun 12 streak #2
Chapter 30: this is so adorable
Chapter 30: This is so cute and sad at the same time
Chapter 30: This is soo cutee~^^ I really need more fluffs, nowadays, thank you!! Seungri is soooo cute in hereee
shneyvy #5
Chapter 30: So cute, and recently seungri is cuter day by day (from his appearance on TV). I miss them so much
Chapter 30: Aahh cute. I'm reading too much angst recently. This is heavenly.
Chapter 30: Hahaah so fluffyyy
aleyriri 18 streak #8
Chapter 30: Haha it's so cute~
Chapter 30: Lolz....jiyong, what will happen to you if seungri heard that and did what you say....hahah
TuThienSu #10
Chapter 28: great story (y)