Chapter 8

My Gangster

Chapter 8


The ride felt like years, but only an hour and half passed had passed by, maybe because we were kind of the only ones on the train. I was tired and exhausted and my arm being in pain wasn't helping me. I wanted to sleep and cry and everything a girl could possibly feel when it was their time of the month, not that I was... It was just how I felt that very moment. I leaned back against the seat that I was sitting on and heaved a sigh, making Se Hun stare at me. I almost forgot he was still here with me since he was so quiet throughout our whole ride.

"You look even more pale than before." Se Hun leaned towards me and touched my cheek again. I hit his arm away again. I felt weird that he kept touching me. "Did you eat anything before leaving the hospital?"

"No." I said as I started to close my eyes.

"Wow. You really are an idiot." Se Hun shook his head. I swear, he's called me that over a billion times now. "You should know that you're supposed to eat something with nutrition so your body can heal faster."

"I'm fine." I said even though I felt weak.

"If you pass out, I'm leaving you here." Se Hun's voice was quiet but loud enough for me to hear him.

"Good. Leave me here then." I groaned and fell asleep.



"Did you decide to actually date her now?" Lu Han asked pacing back and forth in the room.

"Shut up." Se Hun groaned.

"Why is she even with you? Is it because you went to go visit the old man?" Chan Yeol asked with a chuckle.

Se Hun didn't say anything this time.

"Waaaah. I bet she was flustered hearing that you told your old man she was your girlfriend." Jong In started laughing.

"So what was her reation then?" Baek Hyun asked with a smirk.

Se Hun stared at his friends and went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of water. He chugged it down and took a deep breath before looking back at his friends who were now staring at a different direction. That's when I woke up. I could hear them all talking. I swear, people talk as if no one is sleeping in the damn room! I sat up, realizing that I wasn't home and stared at all of the guys who were all staring back at me. Well, this was kind of awkward.

"Hi Soo Jin." Chan Yeol tilted his head and smiled. Wow. He seemed kind of friendly.

I looked around and then back at the guys. They must have lived here. "Uh... What... What am I doing here?"

"You fell asleep and I didn't know where you lived so..." Se Hun walked over with a banana. "Eat this. You'll pass out soon if you don't eat something. You're getting even more pale."

I took the banana from him and opened it. The guys were still all staring at me. I turned my face and ate the banana slowly. After I was done, I got up and headed for the door. But before I grabbed the doorknob, I turned around and bowed at them all. They were still all staring at me. Se Hun was sitting on the couch now. He looked like he didn't even care if I was there or not. "Uh... Thank you. I'm... I'm going to go home now."

The boys all waved to me except Se Hun. He turned his attention towards something else, which kind of bothered me because I was his guest, not his friends'. How annoying. I opened the door and walked out into the fall's cold air. It felt refreshing, but I needed to get home. I bet my mom was calling me. Wait. I didn't even realize this till now. I didn't have my phone ever since I left my mom at the hospital. Great. She's really going to kick my now. I quickened my pace.



When I got home, I saw that none of the lights were on. Maybe my parents were already sleeping. It was past midnight and I'm sure they were too tired to yell at me. I closed the door behind me after successfully opening it quietly. I ran up the stairs and went into my room and closed the door and locked it. Just as I opened the lights, I saw that my mom was sitting there with her arms crossed. She looked angry. I guess I couldn't blame her. Her own daughter left the hospital after being almost killed and didn't get home till past midnight.

"Where'd you go?" My mom asked standing up.

"I... I went to school." I smiled. "What are you still doing up?"

"Why were you at school for so long? Don't you know you're in no condition to go?" My mother asked raising her brow at me.

"I'm sorry... I had to get some things in order with my homeroom teacher." I said lying.

"Next time, take your phone before I decide to call the police and tell them that my daughter went missing!" My mom threw my phone at me and walked out of my room.

Well, she took that better than I thought she would. At least that means she kind of forgives me for coming home late, right? Phew. I'm glad she didn't yell at me. I didn't even have the energy to listen to her. I took a quick hower, trying to avoid my arm and went to bed. I hope no one decides to wake me up tomorrow morning. I just wanted to sleep.



The weekend went by faster than I hoped. Yup. It was another Monday again. Great. Here I am, laying in my bed, looking up at the ceiling, when it's already 6:30 in the morning. Instead of waiting for my mom to come and barge into my room, I decided to get up and go shower. I quickly got ready for school and left the house before it had hit 7:15. I was glad I never took too long to ready.The perks of not caring how I look made things easier for me. I still don't understand why people thought I was pretty.

I stood by the bus stop and stared at all of the people who were standing there. Yeah. I know. I'm crazy. I'm getting back on that bus, but I couldn't keep running from my fears. I took a deep breath and held the straps of my backpack as I waited for the bus to arrive. I hope this Monday isn't as bad as the last Monday I had. I couldn't handle anymore bad Mondays. It was enough that so much happened to me this past week. Who would of thought that it would be me, Ahn Soo Jin. Hah.

To no one's surprise, there weren't any seats opened when everyone got onto the bus. But instead of being dumb and standing in the middle of the crowd, I walked towards the door and held the handle there, so my back would be against the walls of the bus. I wasn't about to let anyone touch me because I was sure that Se Hun and his friends weren't on the bus this time. I even made sure cos' I looked at every person possible for at least two minutes each. I know. A little creepy, but I had to make sure, just in case.

I made it to school without having a touch me and also, the ahjusshi didn't close the gates on me. Wow. Maybe for once, my Monday was going to turn out fine. It was weird though. Whatever. I'm going to cheerish this moment while I can becaues I know another day won't come like this to me. 

"Ahn Soo Jin!" I heard a guy calling out my name when I was almost to my class. I turned around to see Kim Jong Kook come towards me with a group of his friends. They had bats in their hands. What the hell? Were they planning to beat me up? Wow. And to think of it, the teachers were no where in sight. Great. I'm going to get beat up. I guess I spoke a little too soon. This Monday was too good to be true.

Jong Kook threw a piece of paper at me and it hit my face making me flinch. He didn't look too happy. He probably was pissed off about how I managed to scam him because I knew he was lying. Who's fault is it? Mine? No way. He deserved it. If I didn't do anything, he would have ran off with my money! I didn't care. I scoffed, not even realizing it. It probably pissed him off because he started to come towards me and I could see a group of students pointing at us. Yay. A crowd is going to form around us. Like I needed more witnesses to see this happen. I was still too weak to even fight with this kid.

"Did you think I'd let you by just because you have Se Hun on your side?" What? Did he really think Se Hun and I had something going on? I wanted to laugh at his face, but I didn't. "You think you're so smart scamming me and getting me into jail. Hah. You stupid . You think you can avoid me?"

When did I ever try to avoid him? I haven't seen this guy since last week and how the hell did he get out of jail without me going to there to bail him out myself? Okay. That's not the point, but again, when did I ever try to avoid this stupid kid? Please, someone, tell me. I only rolled my eyes at him. I'm already irritated.

"I knew you were lying to me, but I just wanted to make sure that you would give the money to Se Hun." I crossed my arms and glared at him. "I guess you decided to take the different latter. If you would have just given it to them, they'd be the ones in jail, not you."

Jong Kook grabbed my arm and I yelped in pain. Yes, out of the two arms he could have grabbed, he grabbed the one that had gotten cut. I was on the verge of tears. He squeezed my arms so hard that I'm sure the stitches were going to bust open. I tried to pull back, but he held me tighter. "What? You think you can just leave after putting me through this ?"

"I had nothing to do with your business. Maybe if you just paid the damn $200!" I screamed, hoping he would let go of me, but he squeezed my arm, as if he knew about my pain. I was crying now. I couldn't take the pain. "Let go..." My voice sounded so weak and seeing that everyone was standing around and just watching made me want to cry even more.

"I guess you weren't really smart after all, huh? You think running away would solve everything?" Jong Kook's eyes were piercing right through me. I've never seen someone look this mad.

I decied to avoid his eyes. I didn't even realize it, but the grip around my arm somehow loosened, as if he finally understood that I was in pain, but before I knew it, he was backing away from me, like there was a ghost standing behind me. I was too busy crying that I didn't care to look behind. I felt someone's arm lightly touch the side of my arm. 

"You're bleeding, Soo Jin." I looked over to see Se Hun looking at me. No wonder why Jong Kook backed off. Se Hun and his friends were standing behind me. He was still scared of Se Hun. Hah! In your face. Okay. No time for that because I'm still crying.

Se Hun's eyes darted towards Jong Kook. He pushed me behind him, as if he was protecting me or something and walked towards them slowly as he tightened his black leather gloves around his hands. Jong Kook and his friends all had a bat in their hands. They lifted it up, ready to defend themselves but as soon as Se Hun cracked his neck, moving his head to each side of his shoulders, Jong Kook's so-called friends ran off like there was no tomorrow. That left Jong Kook alone. The crowd that was around all watched. No one moved. They were all so immersed.

"Did you bring the $2oo yet? Or did you run away with it again?" Se Hun asked stretching his arms in the air.

Jong Kook's grip on his bat tightened as he watched Se Hun walking closer to him. You could tell that Jong Kook was afraid. His grip on his bat was wavering, as if he was shaking. He was scared and everyone could see it in his eyes. Jong Kook took a deep breath before swinging the bat at Se Hun, but Se Hun dodged it and grabbed the bat. He threw it behind him, where Chan Yeol caught it in his hands. Se Hun swung at Jong Kook and hit him across the face. Everyone was backing up now, making more room for Se Hun and Jong Kook.

I was just standing there, bleeding and watching. Jong Kook's nose was already gusing out blood. To think that I felt bad for the guy when I first saw him. Hah. Forget you. But then Jong Kook got the strength to swing again, only to miss completely since he was out of reach. Se Hun lifted up his leg and kicked Jong Kook's chin, knocking him out completely onto the ground. Jong Kook quickly came back to his senses, but now Se Hun was bending down towards him, holding onto the collar of Jong Kook's uniform.

"I hate guys like you." Se hun rolled his eyes.

"You're really funny, Se Hun. You're not even beating me up because of the money." Jong Kook spit out the blood, away from Se Hun cos' if any got on Se Hun, we all know who wouldn't see the next day.

"Tell me then, Jong Kook, why am I beating you up?" Se Hun's voice was so quiet in this hallway. Everyone was still watching closely. No one said anything. I'm sure they weren't even breathing. It was so quiet. You could hear the wind blowing from outside. It was a miracle that no teachers walked by and if they did, I'm sure they all turned away.

"It's because of that stupid girl, Ahn Soo Jin." Jong Kook laughed as he looked over at me. "You actually think that she wants to be with you? Se Hun, you're probably the stupidest kid on earth. Soo Jin doesn't care for anyone but herself. You're just one of those guys she's using so she-"

Se Hun laughed, cutting Jong Kook off. "You think I don't know about her and her bet with Choi Jae Hyun?"

I froze. Se Hun knew about our bet? I quickly browsed around and saw that Choi Jae Hyun was also in the crowd, but he was standing behind the guys in the back. When everyone turned around to look at him, he froze, as if he really had seen a ghost. He probably thought that Se Hun didn't know about the bet, but he did. Even I didn't know he knew. Is that why he rejected my offer? He knew that it was just based off of a bet and it wasn't because I wanted to pay him back? Wow. What... I'm... Yeah. I'm stupid.

"If you know about that, why are you protecting her? You think she'll fall in love with you? Soo Jin will never fall in love and if she does, it won't be with you." Jong Kook scoffed. "You're nothing, Se Hun. You'll never be anything but a jackass who beats up on people."

Se Hun his lips and bit it before lifting up Jong Kook up a little and slamming him back down on the ground, knocking him out. He stood up, took his gloves off and put them in his back pocket. He looked down at Jong Kook one more time before walking towards me. The way Se Hun looked at me felt weird and different. He kind of looked like he was more worried about me than the fight he just had. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away before I could even say anything.




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