Chapter 7

My Gangster

Chapter 7


The building on the outside looked terrible but as soon as we walked in, it was beyond beautiful. The walls were painted nicely and had pictures everywhere. There were a ton of old men and women walking around the place. This must have been a retirement home or something. A few smiled and waved at us. Some even knew Se Hun, smiling and patting his back, making Se Hun look like a little kid. Wow. To think that this gangster was actually friendly was definitely something I should take a picture of to show everyone, but he'd probably kill me before I could do it so I decided not to.

We walked into different hallways and then went down to the end of another hallway and stood in front of door. When Se Hun grabbed the latch of the door, he took a deep breath and looked over at me. He suddenly let go of the door and touched my cheek with the back of his hand. I was surprised by his actions, but I didn't move. What was he doing? I pushed his hand away and touched my face. Crap. My face is burning from when he touched me. I'm... I'm blushing?

"Are you okay?" He asked staring at me. "You look pale."

"I'm fine." Good. He didn't notice me blushing.

"You better be." He said opening the door now.

Se Hun walked into the room first. I could hear an old man inside laughing and when he saw Se Hun, he stopped laughing and grew into a big smile. The old man's smile grew even wider when his eyes met mine. I froze. What was I doing here? I had no idea and what was I going to do if he asked me questions? Crap. I can't do this. I have to leave. I have to go now.  Just as I was about to back out, Se Hun grabbed my hand and pulled me back in.

"Se Hun, who is this?" This old man must be his grandfather.

"Harabeoji... This is Ahn Soo Jin." Se Hun's voice trembled.

"Oh? You're the Ahn Soo Jin that my Se Hun has been talking about?" His grandpa smiled and shook my hand happily. "Wah. You're even prettier than how he described you!"

What? Se Hun talked about me to his grandpa? Okay. I just ran into Se Hun and encountered him this past Monday. How long has he been telling his grandpa about me? I found this quite awkward and weird, but I smiled and played along like Se Hun told me to since he didn't tell me anything and because I couldn't refuse him. I did owe him a favor and if lying to his grandpa was one thing... I guess. I hated lying to older people, but it seems like Se Hun already lied before I could.

"My Se Hun has told me how wonderful you are and he's never been so happy before. I'm so happy to see that my Se Hun could be a happy man with a beautiful girl." He squeezed my hand, making me smile. It was a real smile. "Please, take good care of Se Hun. I know he may be a little strange and can cause problems, but Se Hun has a good heart. He's always taking care of others."

I looked over at Se Hun and could see that he was blushing in embarrassment. I smiled. It was kind of funny to see him act like this. I haven't really talked to Se Hun much nor have we done much together, but it was nice to see a different side of him that no one at our school could see. I guess my luck wasn't too bad. I hope. Let's not jinx it.

"He's a good guy. Se Hun always looks out for me when I'm in trouble." I wasn't lying. He was always there for me whenever I was in trouble. 

"He told me that the reason why he's scored so high on the last exam was because you helped him. He told me how you're first in academics and everything." Oh? He even told his grandpa that? Did he really place high? I never looked at the ranks. I knew where I stood, but I couldn't believe he told his grandpa that I helped him... I looked over at Se Hun, but he was looking elsewhere, kind of avoiding my eyes.

"Our Se Hun was kind of hard to deal with at first, but I managed well." Se Hun grabbed my hand and held onto it tightly, as if this was sign, telling me that I should shut my mouth now.

"Se Hun, take care of Soo Jin. She's a good girl. If you lose her, it's like losing a diamond!" His grandpa laughed playfully. 

Se Hun cleared his throat before looking at me. "Let's go get something to eat and then come back." I nodded my head. "Harabeoji, we'll be right back .We haven't eaten yet."

"Ah, that's fine. Take your time." His grandpa waved us off.

When we got out of the room, Se Hun let go of my hand and placed his hands into his pockets. I followed him in silence as we made our way to the cafe across the street from the hospital. He was quiet the whole time, not looking at me or speaking. I ordered myself a small snack and a cup of water while he waited for me at a table. I sat down across from him and crossed my arms on the table, staring at him, as if he was the most incredible thing to look at.

"Can you stop staring at me like that?" Se Hun asked finally looking over at me. "I know what you're thinking, but please... I didn't want to do it either."

"What are you talking about?" I asked raising my eyebrow as I sipped onto my water. 

"Why are you staring at me if that wasn't your question?" He asked raising his eyebrow.

"You told him that we were dating?" I asked as I bit into my snack.

"I... It's hard to explain why I did." He looked away from me. "Let's not talk about it."

"I wasn't really asking you to." I shrugged. "Just a little confused to why you would choose me out of all people."

His eyes darted back at me while I was eating my snack. I couldn't tell what he was thinking by the way he was staring at me. I tried to look away and focused on what I was doing, but when I looked back up, he was still staring at me.

"Why are you staring at me?" I asked as I put my snack down.

"That's how I feel when you stare at me." He finally looked away. "If you're done eating, let's go back."

Pfft. This guy. He tells me that we have to go and get something to eat and then rushes me? What a stupid gangster kid. I purposely started to eat my snack slowly, but I realized that I was running out of it anyways, so I finished it and we headed back to the hospital.



Se Hun and I stayed at his grandpa's side while he slept. There were times where Se Hun would fall asleep, but I was up watching the both of them. It was interesting to see this side of Se Hun. He seemed to care a lot about his grandpa and I'm sure no one at school would believe any of this. I wonder if his grandpa knew any of his habits and how Se Hun was at school. He told his grandpa that I was his girlfriend, but did he grandpa really believe him? I wondered... Just a little curious, only because if he'd been talking about me for awhile now, wouldn't I be a kind girlfriend and come visit without having made to? Wow. Now he made me look like a bad girlfriend and I wasn't even his girlfriend. Stupid gangster kid.

I suddenly heard his grandpa turn around. I turned my attention towards him and smiled when I saw that his eyes were opened. Was he staring at me this whole time while I was in my thoughts? 

"I hope Se Hun isn't giving you a hard time, Soo Jin." He whispered. "He may be a trouble maker, but he has a kind heart. Even if he pretends to be mean to you, I'm sure he really does like you." It made me sad that this whole thing was a lie. I only nodded my head with a force smile. "I'm sorry he dragged you here."

"No, don't say that." I grabbed his grandpa's hand and squeezed it. "He's told me about how you've been wanting to meet me, but I was always busy... I finally made the time to come here." I hope he's always wanted to meet me cos' if I was wrong, damn, that meant that I was not going to be good at lying. "I'm glad I met you."

"Yes, our Se Hun always talked about how you were always too busy to come." He sighed as he rubbed my fingers. "I'm sorry for taking you out of your time to come here. I must have been a burden."

"What? Please, please don't say that." I felt my heart ache, as if I knew this old man for so long. His words hurt my heart. "Se Hun's the one who didn't want to bring me. I forced him to take me." I winked.

"He was always like that; worrying about others before himself." His grandpa's laugh was adorable. "Ah, I wish you could look out for him the way he looks out for you. I'm sure you do anyways." 

"I promise, harabeoji, I'll take good care of Se Hun." I managed to smile whole-heartedly.

I watched as his grandpa had fallen back asleep. After I was sure that he was completely asleep, I let go of his hands and leaned back in my chair. I didn't know how long it was, but I had fallen asleep as well.



Se Hun and I started to pack our things that we had brought along with us. His grandpa was eating well with the nurse and we were just about to leave the area since it was getting late. It saddened me. I kind of didn't want to leave. I liked his grandpa; he was so warm and welcoming to me. It made me wish that my grandparents were still alive; I wonder how'd they be like if they were.

Se Hun smiled at his grandpa. "I'll come visit you tomorrow."

"No, you shouldn't. You should rest. I'm sure you've been studying a lot." His grandpa started to wave us away. "Go home. Never make a girl stay out for too long. Her parents might get upset."

"It was nice meeting you." I bowed.

"Soo Jin, take care of our Se Hun." He smiled before we left.

Se Hun pulled me out of the hospital, our hands held together. When we got outside, he sighed in frustration. He used his other hand to run a hang through his hair and then placed it onto his hip. Was he upset? Did I say something wrong? Wow. Seriously. I'm going to-

"Th... Thank you." He said quickly.

I only looked at him. Did he just thank me?

"I know I should explain myself, but I'm embarrassed enough." He shook his head and looked down, only to realize that we were still holding hands. He quickly let go of my hand and put his hands in his leather jacket pockets. "Let's go."

It was weird that I didn't ask him questions even when I kept telling myself to. He told his grandpa about me and how he knew so much about me and that I was his girlfriend... I just didn't get anything here. His grandpa was so sweet to me; he made me feel so comfortable even if it was the first time we met, but it still had me wondering... How long has he been telling his grandpa that we've been dating? He even told his grandpa that I taught him so he could do well on his exams. I never once acknowledged Se Hun until Monday. He must have known of me for a long time then... Right? Was it because I was popular? Ahhh! Too many questions were running through my mind.



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