Chapter 6

My Gangster

Chapter 6


When I woke up, I saw my mother's face first. She was so close, I felt like we were breathing the same air. I pushed her face away with my bad arm, forgetting that I had gotten sliced and groaned in pain. Damn it.

"Oh my god! My baby!" My mom hugged my face, suffocating the living hell out of me. I had just got done pushing her face away, why was she so close to me again?

"Mom, I can't breathe..." I said, unable to breathe under her. "Get off..."

"What is wrong with you, Soo Jin? How could you get involved in a fight?" My mom shok her head at me. Pfft. Yeah Mom. I wanted to get involved!

"How long have I been here?" I asked sitting up.

"It's Friday morning." My mother said smiling. She patted my head and then held onto my good hand. "Goodness. Did you know how I felt when I heard that you were in the hospital?"

I didn't even know how I had gotten there. I looked around to see that it was only my mother. My father was probably too busy to come see his daughter in the hospital even if she had gotten sliced by a knife. Hah. It's okay. I loved my dad. He was the reason why there wa sa roof over our heads and the reason why I got to freely eat food like it was nothing. I should learn how to love money like him. Maybe it'll teach me how to make people fall in love with me, right?

That reminded me again. I turned to my mom and asked, "Who took me here?"

"He said that his name was Oh Se Hun and that he was just walking by when he saw you." God, I would have loved to laugh, but I coudln't tell my mom who the hell he really was. She'd kick his , for all I know.



After getting my arm checked and rebandaged, I managed to get out of my mom's sight and head off to school. Thank goodness my mom brought me clothes to change into. I wasn't about to head out there looking like I just got done coming from a murder case. I was wearing a red fleece sweater and skinny jeans with white laceless vans. At least my mother had a little style, huh? After fixing my hair, I went to the gates of the school and saw the ahjusshi sleeping on his job. Goodness. Why does this guy even get paid for doing nothing?

"Ahjusshi!" I yelled, hoping he would here me, but he didn't.

I was thinking about climing over, but that meant that I had to use my bad arm just to get over. Wow. Seriously. I had to get caught up in someone else's mess and crap. Damn it. I'm getting mad just thinking about this. I shook the gates and kicked it a few more times from being so annoyed. Finally, the old ahjusshi woke up from his dreams and looked over at me. He glared at me. He was probably upset that I had woken him up from couting sheeps that were running away from him.

"I thought you were in the hospital, Ahn Soo Jin? What are you doing here?" The ahjusshi came over and opened teh gates for me. "Are you feeling better?"

"I came to get my assignments." I said as I brushed past him.

"You're really dedicated to school, aren't you?" He chuclked. "It's no wonder why you're ranked first in academics!"

It already bothered me that a few people knew about my incident. If anything, I'm sure it was Jung Ah cos' she always called whenever I never showed up to school. And what also bothered me was the fact that I was dedicated to school. Ugh. Maybe because I really wanted to get into my dream school, but I'm sure they would accept me anyways. I walked into the school building and went straight to my classroom, but I had forgotten that it was lunch time. No one was there, so I made my way to my teacher's office. When she saw me by the door, her eyes grew. She was probably surprised to see that I was there.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital?" My teacher ran up to me and grabbed my bad arm, making me yelp in pain. She quickly pulled her hand back and apologetically smiled. "Oh god, Soo Jin, I'm so sorry."

"No, it's okay." I forced myself to smile even though my arm was groaning in pain. "I came here to pick up my assignments that I missed today."

"Oh..." My teacher went to her desk and brought back a folder. "here, I wrote down the notes and put down what you needed to know for our test that's coming up next week."

"Thanks." I grabbed the folder, bowed, and made my way out.

As I was heading towards the entrance of the school, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and saw Jung Ah running towards me with her hands waving in the air. I smiled. I was somehow still happy to see her even if the whole school knew what had happened to me. She was about to hug me, but she remembered my arm. She patted my shoulder lightly, as if she was afraid to touch me or that I'd get hurt.

"Are you feeling better?" She asked. "I thought you'd still be in the hospital. What are you doing here?"

"I came to get my assignments." I lifted up the folder to show her. "How's your day without me/"

"It's horrible. Everyone's talking about how you got hurt and Jae Hyun..." She leaned towards me. "I heard he kind of seemed worried when he heard about it. I heard that he wanted to beat up Se Hun with his own hands for getting you hurt."

I laughed. Was this guy being serious?

"Why are you laughing?" Jung Ah raised her eyebrow at me.

"It wasn't even Se Hun's fault. He saved me... Well... He kind of saved me." I said as I looked over at my arm.

"Do you realize that he's saved you at least four timesalready, Soo Jin?" Jung Ah crossed her arms and stared at me. "I'm sure he's going to make you make it up to him sooner or later."

"I don't even want to think about that." I sighed. "I'll see you later. My mom's going ot kill me if she realizes that I'm gone."

"You left without her knowing?" She shook her head at me. "Call me when you're free."

I nodded at her before turning around to leave. When I was off the school's property, I felt my head spinning a little. I was thirsty. I don't remember the last time I actually had something to dirnk. I sat down at the nearest bench and buried my my face into my hands and sighed. My stomach growled and I was dehydrated. Oh, and I was weak from getting cut. WOw. I wanted to go home right now, but I had not energy to move.

"I'm sorry about yesterday." I heard someone say beside me. 

I lifted my head to see who was sitting by me. Great. Oh Se Hun. Again. Was this guy stalking me? I see him wherever I go. It was because of that stupid Monday! I blame it on that day... It was as if I was jinxed or something. 

"What are you even doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at the hospital?" He asked.

Tell me again why people were so scared of him? He didn't even seem bad since he was asking me these questions...

"They let me out and I came to get my assignments." I lifted the folder up again to show him. Why did I even care to show him? I put the folder back down and heaved a sigh.

"You're an idiot. How can you worry about school when your condition is like this?" I saw him kind of smile, as if he was making fun of me.

"I don't want to be bored at home." I replied.

He looked at me and raised his eyebrow. "How did that guy even catch you yesterday? And why did it end up being you out of all the people out there?"

I rolled my eyes. "If I had walked off a little faster, that bastard wouldn't have caught me."

"I didn't think you were that stupid to get away from a guy with a knife like that." Se Hun shook his head at me, as if I was supposed to stay with someone who was threatening me.

I scoffed. "You weren't going to save me. What'd you want me to do?"

"Oh? So you were hoping that I'd save you?" He looked over at me but I wasn't staring at him.

"Well, yeah, why not? The guy had a knife to my throat." I turned to glare at him. "What was I supposed to do?"

"Hmmm? Let's see, Soo Jin. I saved you about four times now... I guess you're getting a little too used to it, huh?" He smirked at me, making my heart flip. Oh god. My heart just flipped for the first time. "Oh, and you never thanked me."

"I tried before." I said, remembering that embarrassing time where I asked him to date me. Where was the straw when I needed it?

"I don't want to date you, Soo Jin, but the least you could do is return the favor." He caught my attention. He, Oh Se Hun, actually wanted me to return the favor? Why? I never even asked this gangster kid for help.

"What do you want?" I heard myself ask. . Here we go again... Making decisions that I would regret for the rest of my life.



I didn't realize I fell asleep until I felt Se Hun nudging me. I opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings. Why was my view lopsided? Oh. My head was on Se Hun's shoulders. Wait. What? I lifted my head up and looked up at him. He stared at me like I was stupid. He was probably thinking it too. Great. How did I manage to find myself with Se Hun and sleep on his shoulders? Right. I agreed to help him with something because I needed to return the favor. So here I am, in the train with him.

Se Hun got out of the train before I did. I didn't even realize that he was calling out for me. I was too busy in my thoughts. He grabbed my good arm and pulled me out of the train before the doors had shut. "Are you deaf?" I probably was because everybody kept shouting in my damn ear. "Come on. This way." He walked off in front of me.

I didn't really know where we were until I saw a sign that had read "Busan" on it. What the hell? I'm in Busan? What am I doing here? I looked around and then I finally heard the different dialect being used. Seriously. Did this guy just kidnap me and I didn't even know it? This is what I get for speaking before I think. Goodness. Se Hun was far ahead of me, not even waiting for me. He probably knew that I was in shock from being here so he didn't care to wait and let me sink this all in.

We reached the city of Busan after walking around for awhile. I followed behind Se Hun like a lost little child. Did this guy forget I was kind of injured and that I was dehydrated? Nope. He probably didn't even care. Hah. Wait, I kind of forgot that he was a mob gangster. Great. Here I am, following a gangster and we're in Busan. Who the hell is going to save me now? No one. He probably did this on purpose, didn't he? It's all of his fault. I'm going to die now. Yup.

"Can you keep up and quit thinking that I'm kidnapping you?" Se Hun cut me out of my thoughts. Damn. Was he reading my mind or something? He wasn't even staring at me. He was still walking ahead of me.

When we reached a small hospital building, I wondered why we were here. I looked at him and saw that he kind of looked a little nervous. He had one of his hands in his pockets while the other ran through his blonde hair. He looked over at me while I was observing him. It made my heart flip the way he stared at me. He was his lips and biting his lips. Why was he doing this to me? I kind of found him attractive. Odd. Is this what it feels like to fall for someone? Hah. Just kidding. I'm not falling for anyone!

"I don't want to explain anything right now so can you just play along?" Se Hun said, making me realize that I've been staring at him too long.

I nodded my head and followed him into the builiding.



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