Chapter 45

My Gangster

Chapter 45


There was an alarm clock ringing somewhere nearby and it didn't sound like my original alarm. I opened my eyes and noticed that the cieling wasn't the same as my bedroom. I turned my face and saw Se Hun's face sleeping beside me. He had one of his arms draped over my body and he was snuggling close to me. I leaned over and was about kiss him, but he opened his eyes before I could. He smiled at me and hugged me, pressing his face close to my chest. My heart fluttered, feeling his touch. Just as I was about to get comfortable, he leaned up and kissed me. I don't know what happened to me, but I pressed his face closer to me and pressed my lips harder against his, kissing him deeply.

"Good morning." He pulled back and leaned against my chest again. His breath tickled my skin.

"Where's your alarm clock? It keeps going off." I said looking around in his room.

Se Hun suddenly unwrapped himself around me and sat up quickly. He looked at his alarm clock beside him and shut it off. I only stared at him, confused to why he was reacting that way.

"We're late for school." Se Hun said as he ran into his closet and started to take off his clothes.

"I don't even have my school uniform..." I groaned as I slowly got off the bed.

Se Hun showed off his bare body to me, making me close my eyes even though I honestly wanted to look.

"You're my girlfriend, you shouldn't even be shy around me." He laughed as he shook his head. "Get your clothes. We'll run to your place before we leave to school."

"But we're going to be late..." I said getting my things together.

"When are you ever on time?" Se Hun raised his brow at me as he put his blazer on. "Come on."



Se Hun and I got to school right before the last bell had rung. We didn't even bother saying goodbye to each other since we knew that we would only waste time. My uniform wasn't even on right. I didn't realize that until I had gotten to class and Jung Ah had pointed out that my skirt was lopsided and my under shirt was ed wrong. It was embarrassing, but I didn't care to explain why I looked this way.

"You look happier than usual." Jung Ah raised an eyebrow at me. "What's going on?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked fixing my button. "Don't I always look like this?"

"No and it's because something happened to you." She leaned forward on my desk. "Spill everything before I blow up the damn school."

"Ah, that would be perfect for everyone here, huh?" I said as I smiled at her.

"Ahn Soo Jin!" She groaned angrily at me.

"Fine. If I tell you, you have to be quiet about it." I whispered.

"I promise." She said smiling.

After telling Jung Ah everything about Jae Hyun and I and the incident in the cafeteria, I told her about Se Hun and my situation. How did I know that even when she said she promised to stay quiet, it was a lie? Jung Ah couldn't stop squealing and screaming. She was happier than I was and she was shaking my shoulders in excitement. Our classmates stared at us like we were crazy, but I couldn't blame them. Jung Ah was making us look like a bunch of crazy bastards right now and it was really embarrassing.



During lunch, Jung Ah and I sat down by our table as usual and ate. Jung Ah was still squealing about Se Hun and I dating. I don't even know why she was happier than I was about it. Maybe it really was time for Jung Ah to go find a boyfriend. I was just about to shut her up once more, but Jae Hyun made his way over to us and sat down.

"I don't know how to say this in a nice way, but Jung Ah, you look stupid." Jae Hyun said shaking his head. "Everyone's asking why you're going a little coocoo today."

"Should I tell you? Or should we have Soo Jin tell you?" Jung Ah winked at me.

"What's the big news about?" Jae Hyun asked staring at me. "Are you and Se Hun finally dating?"

I almost choked on my water when he said that. Was I making it that obvious? 

"Ah, about time." Jae Hyun smiled at me. "Congratulations on your first relationship, Ahn Soo Jin." He leaned over and patted my shoulders lightly. "But don't forget, I'm still waiting for my turn."

"Yah!" I glared at him. "You want to get punched across the face again?!"

"I was only joking." He laughed waving his hands in front of him. "But I guess this also means that we're not talking no more, huh?"

"Thanks Choi Jae Hyun." I smirked at him playfully. "Really."

"Don't thank me. I'm just glad I won't get any punches across my beautiful face no more." He rubbed his healing lips. "Se Hun knows how to freaking hit! I know better to not mess with you or him!"

"Good." I smiled at him playfully.

"What? Are you two already that close?" Jung Ah rolled her eyes. "What did you two talk about that I don't know of?"

"It's none of your business, Lee Jung Ah." Jae Hyun shrugged. "Besides, if you know, this won't be fun anymore."

"Yah." Jung Ah punched Jae Hyun. "Tell me now."

"No, just because you punched me, I'm really not going to tell you anymore." Jae Hyun groaned at her.

"Yah!" Jung Ah was about to punch Jae Hyun again, but he backed up. "I'm going to kill you. You can't be friends with my best friend!"

"But she's the one who chose to be friends with me." He shrugged playfully. "You can't blame her. I'm just one great guy."

"Great guy my !" She rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, Jung Ah, you have to admit I'm not bad." He winked at her.

Oh god. Did... Did Jung Ah just blush? I started laughing and I could tell that Jung Ah noticed that she did too because she hid her face and pretended that she was occupied with something else. Goodness. Could things get even more weird? Jae Hyun and I became closer and friendlier to each other ever since our bet was done and over with. People thought it was weird that we could be like this after hating each other for so long. We didn't care what people had thought. I liked how our relationship was now and I wanted to keep it that way. Even though it was weird to say, he became one of my closests friends here at school. He was someone I could open up to about anything. I was thankful for him, Choi Jae Hyun...



On the way back to our class, I saw Se Hun heading towards me with his friends following behind him. I smiled knowingly and he looked like he was trying to avoid my eyes so I stopped walking and just stared at him. I could see him forming a smile now that he was getting closer to me. Jung Ah and Jae Hyun stopped walking and stared at me, confused to why I had studdently stopped walking but realized what was going on when they heard someone coughing in front of them.

Jae Hyun froze first.

Se Hun suddenly held a hand out to Jae Hyun, confusing everyone around us. "I'm not going to hurt you." Se Hun laughed with his head shaking a little. "I want to apologize for hitting you for all those times I misunderstood you."

Jae Hyun scoffed before grabbing Se Hun's hands and shaking it. "You know, I think you should buy me a new face. I think it's all messed up."

"I guess you shouldn't have played along with my girlfriend then, huh?" Se Hun raised an eyebrow. "I guess I don't blame you though." He shrugged. "My girlfriend's too irresistable."

"Sick." Jung Ah groaned under her breath.

"You're just jealous because no one's saying it to you." Jae Hyun chuckled.

"What? Are we all friends now?" Baek Hyun asked stretching his arms in the air.

"You're my friend, Baek." Chan Yeol hooked his arm around Baek Hyun's shoulders. "You don't belong to anyone else."

"Yah!" Baek Hyun tried to shrug Chan Yeol off but didn't manage to.

"So, Choi Jae Hyun, when will you treat us out to food?" Kai asked ignoring the other two. "I'm sure you have hookups to great restaurants."

"Do you like chicken?" Jae Hyun asked.

"Can we have Chinese food instead?" Lu Han asked.

"Let's go." Jae Hyun waved both Kai and Lu Han over and the three of them walked off with Baek Hyun and Chan Yeol following behind, who were still bickering at each other.

"Wait for me!" Jung Ah ran off after them leaving me and Se Hun alone.

Without warning, Se Hun hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.

"Yah! We're in school." I pushed him away, but he only hugged me tighter. "Se Hun..."

"I just want to be like this with you forever." I felt his chuckles vibrating against my body. "Why do I like you so much?"

"I don't know; everyone likes me a lot." I replied, only to make him look down at me like I was crazy. "What?"

"I don't like you anymore." He let go of me.

"Fine! Then don't-"

"Because I love you." He quickly leaned down and pecked me on the lips.

"Yah!" I slapped his arms and looked around to see if anyone saw. "You can't just-"

Se Hun grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine again but forefully this time. I didn't even bother to push him off. Instead, I kissed him back and held him close to me.



On my way home from school, I bought myself something to drink since I was a little dehydrated. I was making my way to the bus stop when I suddenly heard someone follow behind me. Great. I thought my story was going to end. I turned around and saw an ahjusshi following me. He looked surprised when he saw that I had turned around to face him. I scoffed as I took a sip out of my water bottle. He stood there and waited for me to say something, but I didn't. I just stared at him. This made the guy look a little nervous.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" The ahjusshi asked, trying to avoid my eye contact.

"I'd suggest you not to bother me." I rolled my eyes. "You might just regret it."

"Oh? Are you trying to threaten me?" The ahjusshi asked with a laugh.

"I'm not threatening you." I shrugged my shoulders. "But if you want to find out, you can keep following me."

I turned around and kept walking. I knew I was being a little too cocky about this, but hey, it's not my fault. I finally had the guts to face stupid s. To my surprise, the stupid ahjusshi was still following me. Great. My bus stop wasn't that close and there was no way I could take a detour. I was just about to run to my bus stop when I felt a hand pull me to the side. I spun around and hit their chest, knocking the wind out of me. I looked up and I wasn't surprised to see him anymore. It was Se Hun.

"Maybe I shouldn't date you." He huffed a sigh as he looked over at the ahjusshi who was standing nearby. "You always seem to attract all these ed bastards. I'm really getting sick of beating them up all the time."

"I told you everyone likes me." I winked at him.

"Why did I have to like you so much, Ahn Soo Jin?" Se Hun shook his head with a smile and then turned to look at the ahjusshi. "Yah! You want settle this right now?"

"What? You think you can talk down to me like that?!" The ahjusshi looked more scared than angry.

"I'll count to three..." Se Hun raised up one finger as he pulled his leather gloves out from his back pocket. "One!" He put one glove on and strapped it around his wrist. "Two!" He strapped his other gloves on and cracked his neck. "Three!"

Just as Se Hun clenched his fists together, the ahjusshi ran off. I looked at Se Hun and scoffed at him. This stupid gangster kid thought he was funny trying to scare off the ahjusshi with just a few words?

"Ah, what a waste." Se Hun said looking at his hands since he had his gloves on. "I thought I was going to look cool for a second." He turned and took the gloves off before he hugged me. "But it's not like that matters."

"I'm really starting to think that you stalk me." I said getting out of his grip.

"I do stalk you. I have to make sure no one's touching my girlfriend." He lifted up my hand and suddenly put the red mitten onto it. "I want everyone to know who belongs to who."

"You just said that you shouldn't be dating me because I attract all of the s." I rolled my eyes and started to walk off.

"I didn't say I was going to." He yanked my hand back with the mitten and pulled me into an embrace. "Why would I let anyone have you when I could have you to myself?"

"I hate you." I laughed as I hugged him back. 

Se Hun pulled back and stared at me with a smile. He was about to lean in and kiss me, but snow started to fall down upon us. We both looked up and smiled happily. I wasn't even done looking, but he sealed my lips with his and kissed me on the streets as it started to snow heavily around us. We didn't care that anyone had walked by or had looked at us. Se Hun kissing me meant more than anything in the world and I was savoring every moment of it. I kissed him back by pulling him closer to me. He was mine and I wanted to show everyone that.

"I love you." I said pulling a bit away from him.

"I love you too." He smiled at me and pecked me on the lips before pulling away.

Se Hun grabbed my mittened hand with his and we walked down the street together. I had never felt so happy in my life, seeing that Se Hun and I were officially together. I loved him. Everything was perfect and looking back on everything, I never regretted it one bit. Remember when I said that Mondays were the worst days for me? Well today was Monday and today? It was one of the best Mondays I've ever encountered because now, I had someone who I was in love with and wanted to be with. Oh Se Hun, my gangster. Saranghae <3 




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