Chapter 35

My Gangster

Chapter 35


I almost slept through my alarm Monday morning. I looked over at my clock and watched as it kept buzzing. I tried reaching over to grab the stupid thing, but it slipped out of my hands and it hit the floor, shutting off. Well, I guess that was another way for it to shut up. I sat up in bed and stretched a little, looking around at my surrounding. I was beyond tired this morning because I couldn't sleep last night. Stupid Se Hun's kiss was all I could think about. I shook my head to get the thought out. I shouldn't be thinking about that right now. I'm sure I was going to be late for school if I didn't get out and get ready.

After I quickly showered and put on my uniform, I ran to the bus stop. I stood there with the other older men and ladies who were there. I was busily trying to braid my hair to the side since it ws still wet and because I didn't have time to do anything else to it. Sitting out here in the cold reminded me of that first Monday I had encoutered Se Hun. It was weird to think that just three months ago, we were here together and a touched me, giving Se Hun an excuse to actually talk to me. It made me laugh thinking about it. 

I got onto the bus after the older men and women when it had arrived. To no one's surprise, the bus was jammed packed with people again. I made sure to stand against the wall of the bus because I didn't want a thinking it was okay to touch me. Even if that , who had touched me, was in jail, it still didn't make any difference in the fact that I was still traumatized about that. There were still other s out there in the world and for all I know, they could be in the same bus as me right now. I bet one of them was already looking at me, seeing if he's able to get to me. This time, I'm going to take a stand.

I lied. Nothing even happened so I couldn't take a stand. The bus stopped at my stop and I had to squeeze through a bunch of people just to get off. It was so jammed, I slipped off the bus and scraped my knee onto the cement. An ahjushi behind me was about to help me up, but I held a hand out and nicely told him that I was going to be fine and for him stay where he was. I got up quickly after the bus had left the stop and brushed myself off. I looked down at my knee and saw that it was starting to bleed. I didn't have time to worry that it was burning against this cold wind since I was going to be late to school. I guess Monday's really weren't my lucky days.

The gate was about to close on me when I got there, but the ahjusshi quickly stopped it from closing in on me. He snarled at me, but I ignored him. I didn't have time to make a face at him because I had to get to class. I ran to the school building and a few stairscases, only to lose my breath. I ran into class just as the bell rang and went over to my seat. Jung Ah was already sitting down in her seat in front of me and she looked like she was occupying herself with something. I hit her chair under my desk to make her look at me.

"What?" Jung Ah asked as if she didn't notice me.

"Stupid." I rolled my eyes. "Do you have bandaid?"

"Bandaid? For what? Did you hurt yourself?" She asked as she looked all over my body.

I stuck my knee out from under my desk and showed her that my knee was bleeding.

"Sorry Soo Jin, I don't have a bandaid big enough for that." Jung Ah smiled apologetically at me. "How did that even happen?"

"The bus was really crowded today." I groaned as I leaned over on my desk. "I tried to get off, but I slipped off onto the cement and cut myself instead."

"You should go to the nurse's office. You could get it infected if you don't." This was the first time Jung Ah has ever sounded smart, despite the fact that everyone knows that an open wound would get infected. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing." I laughed and made her turn back around since our teacher was coming into the classroom.



I had forgotten about the nurse's office until Jung Ah reminded me when we were at lunch. She pointed at how my dried blood was going to make her throw up the food that she had already took in. I only laughed at her. How could she be so dramatic? It's not like my knee was bursting out blood. She was so dumb. I shook my head and threw away the food I didn't eat and went to the nurse's office without her. I'm sure she didn't want to see the small operation happen anyway.

When I got to the nurse's office, the nurse had me sit down on a chair and she cleaned my cut off with alcohol. I was flinching at every touch. It burned as if I was rescraping my knee against the cement floor. I seriously was starting to think I had bad luck on Mondays. After she was done cleaning it off, she put a cloth on top of my wound and wrapped a bandage around it since she didn't have a big bandaid to fit it. I thanked her and started to make my way towards class. I still had at least ten minutes left before class started so I decided to take the longer route.

"What's so great about her? She's just like every other girl out there!"

I stopped in my tracks when I heard someone yelling. I turned my head and looked from side to side, but I didn't see anyone. I made my way down towards the hallway a little more and peeked out to the side, making sure no one would get a glance at me or see that I was there. My eyes landed on Se Hun and Yoo Ra. They were at the back hallway together. Yoo Ra was wearing her school uniform again, not that it really mattered but still, I wonder how she got in here without getting caught by that damn ahjusshi by the gates. It really made me curious how easily she got away.

"What about me? Did you just forget about me?!" Yoo Ra hissed under her breath. "We broke up for less than three months and you already had your eye on her, huh?"

Se Hun scoffed. "What? Did you expect me to wait around even when I had given you the chance?"

"You're so selfish." She rolled her eyes angrily.

"Selfish? I'm selfish?! You're the one who cheated on me and left with Park Soo Hyuk!" He shouted. "Is it my fault that I wanted to move on?!"

"Move on? You were going to move on to that?!" Yoo Ra asked.

Why did I feel pity towards this girl when she was clearly bashing on me? What the hell. Now I'm pissed off. I know I shouldn't be eavesdropping, but I knew I was part of their conversation. I had to find out what they were going to say.

"You don't even know her, Lee Yoo Ra." Se Hun growled.

"She's nothing compared to me, Se Hun. So what if she's ranked first in academics. I've heard so much about her. She's useless, for all I know, so you should stop wasting your time on her." She walked up to Se Hun and crossed her arms. "Why would you want to be with someone who's always weighing you down? You're always there helping her out with her stupid problems when you should be doing something else. Why should you worry about her? She's never done anything for you!"

Wow, she was making me feel as if I was a burden to Se Hun. It kind of had me thinking that way, now that I thought of it. I've never realized that I've always caused him trouble, but then again, when did I ever ask him for help? It's not my fault, is it?

"How would you even know?" His eyes pierced at Yoo Ra. "You're only saying things that don't make sense."

"I know nothing about her? Really Se Hun? You think I don't know that she's only using you? Did you forget that she's only talking to you because of a bet?" Yoo Ra scoffed. "She doesn't want you, if that's what you think. Once this stupid bet is over, she's going to leave you just like every other girl out there has. She doesn't care about you and don't think that just because she's been hanging out with you means that she was being real."

"You're only saying that because you can't stand seeing me being in love with someone else." My eyes widened at what Se Hun had just said. Was... Was I hearing that clearly? Did he just say he was in love...?

"You're not in love with her. It's all lust." Yoo Ra said angrily, making me cringe. "She doesn't even love you. For all I know, if she really did love you, she would have told you by now."

Se Hun glared at her. "What makes you think that?" 

"It takes three months to know if you're in love with someone. If there's nothing there by the end of three months, there was never anything there to begin with." Yoo Ra rolled her eyes and looked Se Hun in the eye. "Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't even love you." She grabbed onto Se Hun's hands and looked it. "I... I love you and I always will. Ahn Soo Jin will never think of you as anything more. Don't waste your time on someone who's only slowing you down."

My heart ached when she said that. Was I really a burden to him? Was I really slowing him down? Did Se Hun think that way of me? I had no idea how to feel, but I was kind of sad. I felt tears forming in my eyes.

"You still love me, Oh Se Hun. I know you still have feelings for me." Yoo Ra started to cry. "Isn't that why you beat Park Soo Hyuk up? You beat him up because you still care for me and because you love me."

"Stop it." Se Hun pulled his hand away from Yoo Ra.

"Listen to yourself. You're denying your own feelings because you're afraid to hurt Soo Jin, right? You don't love her, but you're afraid to hurt her." She shook her head. "I know you're just being considerate of her feelings-"

"Stop, Lee Yoo Ra. Just stop!" Se Hun pulled at his hair frustratedly. "Stop..."

"You're nothing to her! You're just a stupid bet and she's waiting for it to be over!" Yoo Ra hissed. "I'm the one who loves you and at least you mean something to me. Soo Jin will never see you in that light."

Would Se Hun believe the words she's spitting out or will he listen to his on conscious? Why was she making me look like the bad guy when all I've done was be there and watch. I've never done anything to hurt any of them...

"Soo Jin would never do that..." Se Hun glared at Yoo Ra angrily.

"Yah, what are you doing?" I quickly turned around and saw Jae Hyun. "What-" I had to slap my hand onto his mouth before he had said anything more. "Yah!"

I dragged him down the hallway and turned into a different hallway before I let my hand off of his mouth. He was staring at me, as if he had just been kidnapped.

"What the hell, Soo Jin!" Jae Hyun wiped his mouth angrily.

"Damn it, Jae Hyun!" I bit my lip and heaved a sigh.

"Were you eavesdropping on someone?" He asked raising his eyebrow at me.

"No..." I blinked a few times, not even realizing that there were tears in my eyes.

"Are you crying?" Damn it. He noticed it already.

"No..." I said again and forced myself to smile.

"What were you doing standing by the corner like that then?" Jae Hyun crossed his arms and eyed me. "You look guilty."

"I didn't do anything." I said patting myself down and walking past him before I bursted out into tears.

"Why do you look like someone hurt you?" Jae Hyun asked as he walked behind me.

"No one hurt me." I raised my hand up in the air, not turning around. "See, I'm fine."

"Your voice is trembling." Wow, he noticed the way I talked? "What happened?"

"Nothing happened." I said under my breath.

"You're lying." Was I that bad at lying that even Jae Hyun could tell?

"I'm not." I turned around and glared at him in defeat because a tear had escaped.

"Soo Jin..." Jae Hyun walked towards me. "You're... You're crying..."

"I'm not." I wiped away the tear, as if it wasn't there. "I'm having allergies."

Jae Hyun didn't seem convinced by what I had said, but it looked like he gave in. "I just wanted to remind you of something."

"What? That there's only four days left?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Ah, so you can read minds too?" Knowing Jae Hyun, he would have laughed or done something to irritate me, but his face was serious... A little too serious.

"Is that all you had to tell me, Choi Jae Hyun? Cos' if it is, I'm leaving." I rolled my eyes and turned around to walk off.

When I was far away enough, I let another tear escape from my eyes. I don't know why I was crying. Did those words that came out of Yoo Ra's mouth really hurt me to to the point where I cried? I had no clue, but I was crying and I was kind of hurt. What was even more ridiculous was that Se Hun didn't even say anything about how I wasn't a burden. It was as if he was thinking about it; maybe I really was a burden to him. The fact that he didn't deny that he still had feelings for Yoo Ra really hurt me. I knew he still liked her, but the guy was in love with the damn girl and... And he kissed me. Do kisses really mean nothing to people nowadays? Why would I feel sad? It's not like I had any feelings for him... Right? Stupid feelings... Stupid gangster kid...




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