Chapter 32

My Gangster

Chapter 32


Yoo Ra was standing with her arms crossed in an irritated manner. I'm sure she was upset to see that I was with Se Hun when I clearly told her I'd get out of their lives, but who am I kidding? Why would I listen to someone I didn't know? In fact, this was probably the perfect time to figure out who she was and what her relationship was with Se Hun. Lu Han, Chan Yeol, Baek Hyun, and Kai have all told me that she was his ex-girlfriend, but they didn't tell me enough to make me understand why she was telling me to get out of their lives and why she was still sticking around if she was the one who had left Se Hun. Wait, she was the one who left Se Hun, right?

I turned my attention away from Yoo Ra and looked over at Se Hun. His facial expression was blank; he didn't look surprised to see that she was there at all and it seemed like he was expecting it. Se Hun really needs to learn how to make different facial expressions. I really wanted to know how he felt about this. I didn't want to have to wonder, especially because this situation was going to get really awkward with me here. Maybe I should walk away and pretend I was never there? It would make things easier, right?

"What are you doing here?" Se Hun's voice became cold; it made the hairs on my back stand.

Sure, I've heard him speak like this before, but that's when we first met and he only used it against guys who were hurting me. It was weird hearing him use this tone of voice when he was speaking to a girl. He used it on me once; I remembered. And that was when he saved me from Soo Hyuk, but this was different. But this tone of voice sounded more sad than irritated. It was as if he didn't want to speak, but he had to. Se Hun's face was still and his eyes looked different. I didn't know how to explain it. It was just different.

"Can we talk about this somewhere else?" Yoo Ra was staring at me, as if she wanted me gone.

Why was she looking at me like I shouldn't have been here? She was the one who had showed up at the wrong time, so she has no right to be upset with me. Yoo Ra should have thought about it before showing up randomly like this.

"We have nothing to talk about." Se Hun turned his face, his attention went towards the side. "You shouldn't even be here."

"You can't keep avoiding me." She groaned under her breath with an annoyed facial expression.

"Now you see how I feel." He scoffed.

Well, in case you haven't noticed, this was the most awkward position I've ever been in. First of all, Yoo Ra being there was making it awkward for me already. Second, it looked like Se Hun and Yoo Ra had some personal issues. And third? Me being there wasn't making the atmosphere any better. I guess you could say I really didn't belong here right now. If only there was something around to stab me with... I looked around to see how I could escape without making it awkward, but just as I started to take a few steps backwards, Se Hun's hand wrapped around my wrist, startling me. It was like Se Hun knew my every move without even having to look at me.

"Se Hun..." My eyes widened. I looked down at his hands and then back at Yoo Ra. Damn. She looked really pissed off right now and I'm sure if Se Hun wasn't with me, she would have jumped at me like a crazy woman. "What... What are you doing?"

"Don't go..." He said under his breath, only loud enough for me to hear.

We both heard Yoo Ra scoff, making us both look up at her. Her eyes were probably stabbing me right now. I could tell because that's how girls look when they see the guy they want holding onto another girl. I wish I understood how she felt because right now, I had no idea how to feel being the girl who was probably getting killed inside that head of hers.

"I thought you said you two weren't dating." Yoo Ra's comment was directed towards me.

"What?" I looked at her and then back at Se Hun. "Who said we were?"

"Se Hun, I hope this is all an act." She forced a laugh. "I know what I did to you hurt you, but you don't have to take it this far. You don't have to use her to make things worse."

Use me? I guess I couldn't bother with it. Se Hun was part of a bet after all and he should be the one who's upset, not me.

"You know nothing, Yoo Ra." Se Hun glared at her. "Don't go walking around and assume that all of the things you hear are true."

"Well, Se Hun, I don't think I'd have to if you would just talk to me." She hissed angrily.

Goodness, did I feel uncomfortable. Someone, kill me and get me out of this situation!

"I have nothing to say to you." His grip tightened around my wrist. "We're done."

"Why won't you just let me explain myself!" She was practically yelling now and it made me flinch.

"Why should I?! I gave you a chance back then and you didn't even try to give me an explanation!" Se Hun growled angrily. He was shaking. I don't know if it was because of anger or not, but he was showing a different side of himself that I had never seen before. "What makes you think it's okay for you to come here and decide that it's okay for you to say whatever you want?!"

His grip around my wrist tightened even more and it made me yelp. Se Hun looked over at me and when he saw that he had hurt me, he let go of my wrist. His eyes quickly changed from anger into an apologetic look when our eyes met.

"I'm sorry, Soo Jin..." Se Hun quietly said. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Heol." Yoo Ra at her teeth with an annoyed facial expression. "You two are ridiculous."

"I think we're done here." Se Hun avoided her eyes and grabbed my hand and pulled me away.

"You can't just walk away from me!" Yoo Ra muffled a scream.

Se Hun stopped walking and turned to look back at her. "And what about you? You think you can walk whenever you can then?"

With that, Se Hun pulled me back and we were walking away from her again.

I looked back behind me and looked at Yoo Ra. I know I shouldn't have done so, but I couldn't help it. Yoo Ra looked more sad than pissed. Just as we turned the corner, I saw her bend down to her knees and started to cry. I don't know why I felt this way, but I kind of felt bad. Who was I to get in between them when I had no clue what really happened? I wanted to ask. I really did, but when I looked back at Se Hun, he looked so sad that it kind of hurt my heart. I didn't know what to do. It wasn't the first time I've seen Se Hun sad, but this was the first time I've seen Se Hun sad because of a girl, not because someone passed away.

We went out pretty far from where we came from. We ended up at a park and sat down on a bench that was closest to us when he had gotten around the area. Se Hun had finally let go of my hand and rested his elbows on his knees while he buried his face into his hands. I sat beside him and watched. Do I say something? Do I do something? I didn't know what to do and I wish I wasn't so helpless at times like this. I guess I shouldn't have rejected all those confessions, huh? Maybe I would have been able to help Se Hun figure out his relationship with Yoo Ra, but then again, it was definitely not in my place to do so.

"Se Hun..." I had to break the silence.

Se Hun turned his head and looked over at me. I was waiting for him to say something to me, but I guess this was my cue to speak because all he did was stare.

"Who... Who is she to you?" I asked hesitantly. I really didn't mean to be nosy, but I had to know. I had to get this unanswered question answered before I go crazy! "I... I mean... If you don't want to-"

"Lee Yoo Ra..." He cut me off, surprising me. "She's my first love and my ex-girlfriend. We dated for two and half years, but I caught her cheating on me with Park Soo Hyuk." He leaned back on the bench and blew out a sigh. "Even though I caught her cheating on me, I couldn't break up with her. I was willing to forgive her and take her back, but she broke up with me..."

I heard him scoff, as he was laughing at how stupid he was thinking that everything would have worked out if he had just forgiven her and things would be back to normal, but he was wrong. And Yoo Ra breaking up with him must have caught him off guard.

"I know what you're thinking... You're probably thinking why I would forgive her when she cheated on me, but I don't think you'd understand..." He was probably referring to the fact that I've never dated, which was understandable. "I was in love with her and I think that's what blinded me. How could you forgive someone who cheated on you? And what's even worse is that even when I wanted to forget everything and keep moving on, she didn't want to." He buried his face back into his hands. "God, I'm ing stupid."

If he was expecting me to say something, he was wrong. I had nothing to say. I didn't know what to say, as a matter of fact. I had no experience whatsoever to give me any reason to say anything. Even dramas right now wouldn't have helped me in this situation.

"I didn't know what to do. I became crazy and I didn't even think straight for almost two months. When half a year finally passed, I thought I was going to be okay, but that's when my grandpa ended up in the hospital..." My heart dropped thinking about his grandpa. "I decided to forget about her and worry about other things and that's what I did... But I kept hearing things like Yoo Ra being with Soo Hyuk often and how they would hook up here and there..." He must have been frustrated hearing all of that. He was running a hand through his blonde hair and blowing out sighs. "I was going crazy again... What made it even worse was that my grandpa wanted to meet my girlfriend... And I couldn't even bring one to him even though I was describing her to him..."

"So you described me to him?" I wanted to chuckle, but I had to stop myself from doing so.

"You're Ahn Soo Jin, the perfect girl at our school. You were the only one who I thought of when I was describing who I was supposedbly dating to my grandpa." He shook his head with a small smile.

I smiled hearing him call me "the perfect girl". It sounded ridiculous and yet, it made me happy to think that this stupid gangster kid had always thought of me as someone like this.

"He sounded so happy for me and that made things even more complicated. He said he had to meet you so... So I had to force myself to talk to you."

"Oh. So you didn't want to talk to me..." I scoffed as I crossed my arms. "I see..."

"It's not even like that." He laughed and it made me smile because he sounded a little better. 

"Go on..." I blew air out of my nose.

"You want to know how long it took me to talk to you?" He was laughing a little more. "Every time I saw you at school, I tried to approach you, but you always had some guy confessing to you. I know it sounds weird, but I went to your bus stop after... Okay. I had to stalk you." I was the one laughing now. "Stop it. Don't laugh." He angrily glared at me. "I had to find a way to talk to you and in order to do that, I had to find out where your bus stop was. And when I did... That's when we first encountered each other. I guess... I guess I was glad there was a touching you."

I bit my lip angrily and shoved him. "What?!"

"It gave me the chance to talk to you, idiot." He scoffed in a playful manner. "I didn't like that the touched you!"

"Pfft. Yeah." I rolled my eyes.

"Don't get so worked up, Soo Jin." Se Hun lightly patted my shoulders.

"Okay... But I don't get it. Why is Yoo Ra coming back?" I asked realizing that my main question wasn't answered or questioned yet.

"I don't know..." Se Hun said under his breath, as if he was thinking about it. 

"So... So you're just pushing her away...? Not even caring what she has to say?" I asked out of curiousity.

"I don't know Soo Jin... How would you feel if you've gotten cheated on and then they break up with you?" Se Hun kind of snarled at me. "What? You're going to let them just come back and explain nothing to you?"

"I'm not trying to intrude or anything, but how do you know it's nothing?" I raised my eyebrow.

"She left with nothing; she doesn't deserve to come back with something." Se Hun heaved a sigh.

Okay. So he was right there. It wasn't fair to him and that's who he was taking it.

"And what if she doesn't give up?" I asked.

"I don't even know what to do anymore..." He stressed. 

"Do you... Do you still like her?" I said under my breath, realizing that these words that came out of my mouth kind of stung.

Se Hun was staring at me and I could tell that there was curiosity in his eyes, wondering why I would ask such a question, but I had to be honest. I was really curious to how he was feeling about Lee Yoo Ra.

"I do..." Se Hun finally answered me after a few minutes.

I had nothing more to say. His answer to my question was something that stung me even though I didn't want to admit it. All my questions were mostly asnwered and I'm sure he had enough going on and probably didn't want to be bothered anymore. I sat there in silence with him, trying to sink in all of the information that I've gotten out of him. This was the first time that Se Hun's really opened up to me and I had to sink that in as well. It was really weird to see that he told me something about him. For once, I found out something about his life without having Jung Ah or anyone else tell me. And because it was the first, it really hurt me deep down.

Stupid gangster kid.




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