Chapter 31

My Gangster

Chapter 31


I couldn't sleep at all until it was seven in the morning on Saturday. My mother tried coming into my room and waking me up to eat breakfast and lunch, but I was too tired to even care about food. My mind was a mess ever since the conversation I had with Choi Jae Hyun at school and because of my best friend. The whole night, I couldn't stop thinking about what Jae Hyun meant by when he said that "Someone is falling in love right now." Who was he talking about? Was he referring to me? Se Hun? Himself? Jung Ah? Heck, he could be even talking about our homeroom teacher for all I knew. Do you not see how frustrated I am with all of this? Okay. Maybe I'm just overthinking, but still.

I decided that I shouldn't be thinking about these things. It shouldn't be my concern; my concern is about school and that's how it should be. I finally got out of bed when it was a little past three in the afternoon. I went straight to my bathroom and the showerhead. Before I got into the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror. Goodness, I looked like a wreck. I turned my body and observed it and looked at the cut on my arm. It had healed, but there was already a scar and it was visible no matter how close or far you were. I guess this was going to stick to me forever, huh? In three weeks, it won't mean anything anymore.

After I finished showering and dressing up, I went down to the kitchen and dug through the fridge for something to eat. I didn't find anything that I was craving for so I grabbed the cereal on top of the fridge and the milk and ate a breakfast meal quietly in the kitchen. As I ate, I could hear my mother and father watching TV, laughing as if they've never done so in awhile. I found myself smiling. I guess I enjoyed the little things like this. I put my dishes away when I was done eating and went over to the living room. My parents were sitting apart so I decided to sit between them.

"Did you study all night last night?" My father asked as he leaned back on the couch and threw his arm over my shoulders. "You've just wasted your whole day sleeping!"

"I... I couldn't sleep last night actually." I blew out a sigh and forced a smile.

"Why? Are you having boy problems?" My mother asked looking over at me.

"What?" My eyes widened. "Why would you-"

"What did Se Hun do? Did you two have an argument?" My father asked without even letting me talk. "Or did you find him cheating on you? Was he with another girl?"

"Appa!" I snarled at my dad for assuming that we were dating more than the questions that he was asking me. "How many times do I have to tell you that Se Hun and I aren't in the kind of relationship?!"

"You don't have to lie to me, Ahn Soo Jin." He chuckled. "I know how boys are. The kid likes you, in case you didn't notice."

"Pfft. Yeah." I scoffed as I rolled my eyes. "Se Hun has no feelings for me whatsoever and I have no feelings for him either. We're just friends who go to the same school."

"Oh honey, are you in denial?" My mother asked as she lightly patted my shoulder. "It's okay if you're afraid of getting into a relationship. I mean, I know he'll be your first boy-"

"I don't like him!" I groaned frustratedly as I cut her off. 

"Why are you getting so upset with us?" My father asked with a small laugh. "We're just letting you know how we feel and what we see."

"I don't want to know." I shook my head as I buried my face into my hands. "There's nothing I need to know because there's nothing going on between Se Hun and I."

"You don't have any feelings for him at all?" My mother asked.

"Nothing..." I mumbled through my hands. "Why does everyone think that there's something there?"

"It's because that's what we see, honey." My father scooted closer to me and rested his elbows onto his knees. "You can't see it because you're the one who's inside of the picture. The people who's looking at the picture understands; not the person inside of it."

I turned my head and peeked over at him. This little quote of his was now another thing that was lingering through my mind. I was getting even more frustrated. Why was everyone throwing riddles at me?

"Honey, if you don't understand it now, you will sooner or later." My mom lightly squeezed my arm with a smile. 

What's there to understand? I didn't even understand that, to begin with. All of this talk about Se Hun and I was getting me more frustrated than what Jae Hyun and I had talked about. Not even do I have to figure out what Jae Hyun meant, but now I had to go and figure out what my parents were talking. I can't see the picture because I was inside, but everyone else who's looking at the picture are people who aren't inside and they understand? Do you realize how irritating and frustrating it is when people give you riddles? Yeah. So much for being first in academics. If there's one thing I wasn't good at, it was understanding riddles.



I couldn't stand to sit in the house any longer. I had to get out and go do something. Having all of these thoughts run through my mind was going to make me go crazy. Before I left the house, I grabbed my phone and my jacket from my room then left the house. I didn't know where I was going, but I decided to just keep walking and see where my two feet would take me. I passed by a few stores and found myself looking at the movie theater. I haven't gone to see a movie in a while and the new Disney movie "Frozen" was out.

After I paid for my ticket, I bought myself a big bucket of popcorn and a drink to sip on. I know I shouldn't have bought so much, but I knew if I didn't, I'd finish the popcorn during the previews before the movie would even start. I had to at least have something to munch on for the actual thing. I found my seat in the theater and sat down. It was a good thing that this movie had been released a couple of weeks ago. The theater wasn't filled with many people so that meant I had the theater all to myself. Okay. Now my mind will be more relaxed and I won't have to worry about others looking at me.

During the movie, I ate my popcorn and sipped onto my soda. I couldn't believe Anna had fallen in love at first sight. Hans wasn't even all that romantic, or was I just saying this because I knew nothing about "love"? But hey, don't get me wrong, even Elsa believed that Anna was crazy to fall in love with a stranger she had just met. I wonder if anyone in real life ever was like this? Was I like this? Well, I'm not in love, so I guess I couldn't say. 

I laughed a few times; Olaf was the cutest thing ever. How could a snowman go by the fire? Someone has to tell him! I felt like crying at a few scenes, but I held it in; I kind of wished I had a sister to really understand Anna's feelings. The movie had made me forget why I was there in the first place and I hoped that it would stay that way. Just as I was about to dig into my popcorn again and eat, I felt someone's hand in the bucket. I gasped from being so startled. I quickly repelled my hand making some popcorn fly into the air and hit my face. I turned to see whose hand was inside my bucket. I was supposed to be the only one who was in the theater!

"Did I scare you?" Se Hun was smiling at me, as if he found this really amusing.

I must have been really into the movie because I didn't even see him walk in or feel him sit down beside me. Was I really that immersed? No clue. But how was Se Hun sitting here? I could only stare at him and think about that. I was really starting to think that this stupid gangster kid was stalking me and the weird part about it all was that I was getting used to seeing him pop up out of nowhere, but this was different. I wasn't in trouble... I was... Relaxing.

"What are you doing here?" I asked after a moment of silence. "Are you stalking me?"

"What? I can't watch a movie?" He asked as he grabbed some popcorn and put it into his mouth.

"How long were you even here for?" I raised my eyebrow. "I was in the theater alone..."

"Are you sure you were?" He smirked, looking at the screen ahead of him. "You didn't even notice that I was sitting here."

I was a little freaked out. Was I just seeing things? Maybe I was hallucinating right now. I closed my eyes and rubbed them a few times before opening them and staring back at Se Hun. He was still sitting there. Okay. Maybe I wasn't hallucinating, but I swear, I really was alone in the theater when I got here...

"You're an idiot, Soo Jin." He chuckled. "You're not hallucinating."

I bit the inside of my cheek and turned my attention towards the screen. There was probably only a few minutes left of the movie. I at least wanted to enjoy it while I could because I paid money for it.



After the movie was done, Se Hun and I walked out of the theater together. I was still trying to figure out if this was just all dream; maybe I was still sleeping in my bed and I never really woke up and the talk between my parents never happened. I pinched myself after throwing away the emptied bucket of popcorn and my drink. Okay. I felt the pain after pinching my skin, so I wasn't dreaming... I've never really thought about this till now... How does Se Hun find me everytime? Is he tracking me through my phone? This stupid gangster kid was a stalker and maybe I just didn't know it...

"Can you quit thinking that I stalked you?" Se Hun turned around and glared at me as soon as we were outside. "I saw you walk by when I was eating with the guys."

You know that "not bad" face? Yeah. That was the exact face I made because this was the first time that he's ever answered one of my questions that I didn't even ask. It was odd that he knew what I was thinking even when I hadn't said anything to him yet.

"Why are you making that face?" He groaned as he kept walking.

"This is the first time you've answered one my questions..." I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear.

"So..." He shoved his hands into his pockets to keep his hand warm from the wind.

"I'm just... Surprised." I shrugged, not knowing what else to say.

We were still walking together down the street of the city, but now it was filled with silence between us. I didn't even realize that I had followed him without even thinking about it. Why was I doing that? I should be going home... But even when I told myself this, I was still following Se Hun to wherever he was heading to.

"Thank you..." I heard Se Hun said more to himself than me. "For the medicine..."

My eyes blinked a few times before my view of him became clear. I had forgotten that I had bought medicine for him the other day. Goodness. I had forgotten that what had happened between us yesterday had happened. My face was now turning pink from thinking about it. I turned my face to hide my embarrassment, but it looks like he already saw because I heard him chuckle, making me turn even more pink.

"Why are you blushing? Are you not used to people thanking you?" Okay. Maybe this gangster kid was more stupid than I thought. Did he really think I was blushing because of medicine and his 'thank you'? "Or are you thinking about what happened last night?" He said cutting me out of my mean thoughts. Okay. Maybe I had spoken a little too soon. He knew why I was blushing. Damn it.

"Who said I was blushing?" I forced myself to look up at him.

Se Hun smirked at me. "You were never good at lying, Ahn Soo Jin."

Okay. Was there something on my face or something? How did everyone tell that I was bad at lying?

"I... I need to get home." I said pointing in the direction of where I was going to go. "It's getting late."

Se Hun shook his head. "It's only ten."

"My parents will get upset at me if I stay out too late." I lied.

"Since when did your parents yell at you for going out late?" He raised his eyebrow at me. "They still let you out even after the incidents that happened to you. Time is nothing."

He was right. My parents didn't even stop me from going out even after getting cut twice. Wow. Se Hun was really good at observing others, huh? I had to laugh at this.

"What? Do you find this amusing or something?" Se Hun asked confused.

"No." I shook my head still smiling.  

"Se Hun."

Both Se Hun and I turned around when we heard a girl call out his name. When we did, our eyes met with her and she didn't look to happy when she noticed that it was me with him. Great. Caught red handed.

Lee Yoo Ra.



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