Chapter 2

My Gangster

Chapter 2


"Oh Se Hun? Are you... Are you serious? OH SE HUN? As in... Oh Se Hun from our school?" I had just slap my hand onto Lee Jung Ah's mouth for talking so loud. I swear, this girl had forgotten what the hell inside voices and whispers were. 

"Yes, now shut up!" I glared at her, hoping she'd understand how stupid she was being. Yeah, I was stupid too. How could I tell her such things if she was going to speak so loud of it? Well, she was my best friend and we've been friends since middle school. I couldn't help it. She was the only true friend I ever had.

"How is that even possible? Weren't you scared?" Jung Ah asked as she leaned her elbows on her desk. 

"Should that even be a question?" I leaned back on my desk and closed my eyes shut for a second. Even I was still trying to sink all this in. I was the one who went through this crap.

"Waaaah. I bet he saved you because he knew you were Ahn Soo Jin." Jung Ah clasped her hands together.

Sure, I was popular and was ranked number one in academics, but that didn't mean anything. I'm sure Se Hun would have saved any other girl out there if they were being touched by a , right? Well, it seemed like it from what he said. He broke the guy's hand, for all I know. It had nothing to do with who it was.

"So what are you going to do now?" She asked me, as if I owed a favor back.

"Nothing." I stood up and walked towards the lunchroom.

"What? That's it?" Jung Ah chased after me. "You're not going to do anything?"

"Why should I? I didn't ask for him to save me." I felt bad for saying that because I was kind of thankful he did something. I mean, even if it's out of all the people in the world, I was still thankful.

"You owe it to him, Soo Jin." Jung Ah hooked her arm into mine. "At least you should thank him."

"Right, Jung Ah, go thank Oh Se Hun. You're so funny." Seriously. Is she stupid? Just because he saved me doesn't mean it gave me the right to go and talk to him like we were friends.

"He didn't seem as bad as you described him." We finally hit the lunchroom and everyone was standing around someone. I shook my head, already knowing who was in the middle of that crowd.

"I'm not hungry anymore." I said as I turned back around.

"Ahn Soo Jin!" A voice called out my name and I already knew I was going to regret this. I turned around to see a tall, handsome guy walking towards me. "Well, if it isn't our own Ahn Soo Jin, number one in academics."

I scoffed. I hated this guy more than anything. His name was Choi Jae Hyun. He was the principal's son and he was very popular. Even though I hated him, I had to admit that he was pretty good loking, but he was full of himself. His hair was like his baby and the fact that he knew he was good looking was something I hated the most. He probably got with every girl possible and dumped them the next day. I wanted to kick the smirk off of his face that he was giving me.

"What do you want?" I asked, straightening up my posture.

"Did you see your grades yet?" Jae Hyun crossed his arms and walked a little closer to me.

"I don't need to. Why? Did you find another girl again so you can break her heart after making her think she was in love?" I tilteld my head in a cocky manner and smirked. Was that a good comeback? I hope it was.

"Please Soo Jin, you wouldn't know anything about love. You've never had a boyfriend." He was right. I never had a boyfriend, but why should I care? I didn't want one, to begin with. They were a waste of time.

"And you've always been ranked last in academics, so I guess you wouldn't know ." That was a bad comeback. I knew it too. "You're too busy with your stupid so called love life to understand what it takes to be the top."

"You think studying and academics are hard, Ahn Soo Jin? You've never dated or have fallen in love." Choi Jae Hyun laughed in my face as I stood in front of him. There was already a crowd forming around us. Great, I didn't need more eyes and ears to witness what was going to happen next. "Since you think that is so challenging, let me challenge you into dating. If you can make Oh Se Hun fall for you, then fine... You're beyond academics, but studying is what the whole world does and can do. Love? That's another story. Not everyone can fall in love or make someone fall in love with them."

"Fine, Jae Hyun. It's a deal. If I make it happen, what will you do?" I didn't know why I agreed to such a stupid bet. What the hell was wrong with me? Oh Se Hun? Did everyone forget who that blonde headed kid was? I was in for it. I knew this was going to be the biggest mistake of my life, but hey, that stupid jerk Jae Hyun wouldn't get off my back unless I did something.

"Maybe you should start reading and learning about love before deciding what punishment you would get when things end. Cos' you, Ahn Soo Jin, know nothing about love." Jae Hyun cockily smirked at me. God, I would have done anything to drop kick him, but I'd get into trouble. He was lucky he was the son of the principal... Who am I kidding? He was lucky that I didn't even want to touch him. Bastard...

"If I can make Oh Se Hun fall in love with me, then you have to buy me bubble tea for a whole year!" . I think I'm the worst person to ever make a bet with. Sure, I loved bubble tea, but that's the worst punishment I could give someone. Damn it... What else should I think of?

"That's it? Soo Jin, you sure don't know how to deal with things like this." He laughed at me. Great. What humiliation I was getting... And it was in front of a damn crowd. Even better...

"Who said it was just bubble tea for a year? You also have to shave your head." I was the one smiling now. I always knew that Jae Hyun was really big with his hair. He took care of it like it was his baby and I knew saying that he would have to shave his head was going make this bet even more challenging because he was now smiling at me.

"Fine. I'll buy you bubble tea for a year and I'll even shave my head if you can make him fall for you." He crossed his arms and walked closer to me. Talk about space, we were only three feet apart. Why the hell was he coming closer? "But if you lose, you're going to have to kiss me in front of the whole school." He whispered this in my ear. God, I should have punched him when I could.

I wanted to puke on his face right there. Was this kid joking? I'm sure every damn girl in this school already had a piece of him. Why the hell does he think I'll kiss... That? Sick. "Deal." Seriously. Why am I thinking all these thoughts but not even thinking about my damn answers? "We'll see who wins here."

"Did I forget to mention? You have three months to make it happen. I was going to say a week or even a month, but since you have no experience, Ahn Soo Jin, I'll give you three months." He winked at me before walking past me. Damn it. I knew this was going to be the worst decision of my life.

Oh, and did I forget to tell you? This was the best Monday of my life!



I agreed to a deal with that stupid Choi Jae Hyun and now I have to somehow make Oh Se Hun fall in love with me. Remember Se Hun? That mob gangster guy who saved me from that this morning? Yeah. Great. What am I going to do? I've been thinking about this all day and being stuck in class, pretending that I was paying attention to what my teacher was talking about was beyond my mind. I was annoyed. I hated myself. Someone. Hit me. Wait. I should let Se Hun do it since you know, he's a mob gangster and all.

"I can't believe you agreed to it, Soo Jin. The whole school knows about it. What are you going to do now?" Jung Ah said whispering to me. Oh. Now she knows how to whisper, huh? When we're in class. Yup.

"Thanks Jung Ah. I thought you'd be supportive about it." I don't even know why I said that. There's nothing to be supportive about. "Let's not talk about it. I have to go find a way to talk to Se Hun."

"What? Are you really going to do it?" Jung Ah said a little too loud, making our teacher glare over at us. I was thankful I was the top ranked student. I didn't get into trouble much during class.

"I have to do it if I want Jae Hyun to shut up and because I don't want to kiss that nasty mouth that's been planted on every girl at our school already." Thinking about it made me want to puke. "I haven't even had my first kiss."

"Se Hun's not going to agree with it. He probably already knows this is placed on a bet." Crap. That's right. If everyone is talking about it, that means Se Hun would already know.



After school, I went to the cafe and ordered myself a mango bubble tea and sat down at an open table. I took out my books and laptop from my backpack and set it on the table. The cafe was crowded with many students that went to school with me. They were all familiar. A few even acknowledged me and smiled, as if we've always said hi to each other in the halls. I wanted to get away from them. Why did they all choose the same cafe I decided to go to?

I guess  I came into this cafe knowing that there were going to be people from my school. I couldn't help it. Yeah, I complained and I should have moved, but I was here way before them. I've studied my here for everything and I'm sure everyone knew. The workers at the cafe even knew. I never had to tell them what I wanted; they always knew without even having me go up to the counter. My drink was always ready for me as soon as I walked in and because I came in so much, they always discounted me.

Just as I was looking through my textbooks and notes, I heard a few people dramatically get up from their seats as if something bad flew in. I looked up from my things and saw Se Hun walk in with one of his blonde headed friends. It was probably Lu Han. I wanted to laugh. Why were these people so scared of him? Okay. He's kind of scary but hey. He saved me from a . He wasn't even as bad as people had said. I only shook my head and went back to what I was doing. But then I realized that I still had a bet going on with Jae Hyun. Crap. Should I do it here?

I looked up again and stared at Se Hun. He had gone up to the counter and ordered a drink. The people at the counter knew of them but they didn't seem as scared. Just kidding. Their hands were shaking when they took the money from Se Hun. Geez. These people ridiculous. I thought I was the one being judgemental here. Oh wait. Scratch that. I was stating my opinion. Ugh. Anyways, I watched as Se Hun and his friend, Lu Han, waited at a small table. Without even realizing it, I found myself walking towards them.

Everyone watched me. A few at school knew of the bet between Jae Hyun and I, so I'm sure that's why they followed my every move. I even heard a few girls whisper how brave I was. Well yeah. I'm about to go up to some so called gangster and ask him to date me. Gangster... No, I'm not judging. He really is one... I think. Goodness. I probably look so stupid right now cos' when I stood in front of Se Hun and Lu Han, they looked at me like I was some alien that came from a different planet. I wanted to disappear.

I cleared my throat. "I... Umm... I have something to ask you, Se Hun."

He only stared at me, which made things even more awkward. Damn it. This wasn't going to be easy. All my life, I've never dated anyone and here I am, trying it out for the first time in my life, with a freaking mob gangster. The luck of my life. I guess I should have accepted those confessions whenever I got them... Which was everyday. So can someone come confess their love to me while I die here? Please? I'll even date you for an hour.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did for me this morning by... By asking if you wanted to be my boyfriend." Wow. I cannot believe I just said that. Where's a knife? I seriously just looked around for one. Maybe a straw would be better?

"You really are stupid, huh?" He scoffed, surprising me that he answered me. I wanted to run away now. He answered and that's all I needed. He said no. Okay. Whatever. I guess I'm going to kiss Jae Hyun.

"I wanted to repay you... And... You know me..." I was smiling at him. I can't believe I spoke even more. Goodness. I really wasn't going to think before I speak today, huh?

"You want to repay me by being my girlfriend?" He stood up and looked at me. He was so close to me, as if we were replaying the roles this morning on the bus. Damn it. I could smell him from where I was and again, he smelled amazing.

When I turned away, I saw Lu Han staring. He, too, was now standing. He stood behind Se Hun and had his arms crossed. He watched the two of as if it was one of the most interesting things he's ever seen. Wow. Did I forget to mention? Lu Han was actually very good looking. He was probably prettier than me.

"Why would Ahn Soo Jin, the top ranked academic student, want to date me? Just because I saved you this morning doesn't mean I like you." The fact that he knew my name surprised me more than the fact that he just kind of made me look like a complete idiot. "You think that if I dated you, I would be happy?"

I shook my head. I was kind of scared now.

"You're just like all those other people I hate at school." He shook his head as he went to go fetch his bubble tea. "You guys all think that life is just a game."

Just like that, Se Hun and Lu Han left me standing there, looking stupid as ever. I, for some reason, kind of felt hurt. This was the first time I've ever gotten rejected. That was rejection... Right? God, where is that damn straw? Someone, stab me right now.



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