Chapter 1

My Gangster

Chapter 1


I've been lying in bed for over half an hour now staring at my cieling. I was too lazy to turn my body and shut my alarm clock off. God. Who am I kidding? That thing was getting annoying as heck. I forced myself to turn my body and hit the button on top of the stupid machine, making it shut up for good. It was only 6:30 in the morning. I don't have time for this. This day wasn't getting any better. I just realized that it was Monday... And then it made me realized that it was another day for me to go to that hell hole of a school that I hated. Damn it. What a great way to start my morning.

"Yah! Ahn Soo Jin, you better get out of bed and go shower! I can smell you from down stairs!" My mom barged into my room and yelled like there was no one in the room sleeping. Okay, I wasn't sleeping, but it was so early in the morning. What was wrong with her? I sat up and stared at her. I probably looked like a mess but who cares.

"Alright. Alright. I got it." I said to her as I got up and walked past her to get to the bathroom. "What are you still even doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"I wanted to tell you good morning and that I made you a snack." Yeah. 'Good morning' alright. I rolled my eyes and closed the door on her. I didn't need her yelling in my ear anymore. I wasn't that far from her. "Don't forget it! I left it on the table!"

"I got it!" I yelled, frustrated. Damn it. This woman was never going to leave me alone. After I brushed my teeth, I went to the showerhead and turned it on. Did I smell that bad?



I almost forgot my snack that my mother had made me when I was about to leave the house. Great. Way to start off my morning. I was already running late. I always regretted laying in bed for half an hour. Who am I kidding? I rather rest than go to school anyways. Anyways, back to what I was doing. I was running to my bus stop and when I got there, I realized how I stupid I probably looked. I would have laughed at myself if I was someone standing by.

There were many older men and women standing there. I guess it was better that they saw me like this instead of people at went to school with me. I wonder what they would have thought of me if it happened. Hah. I'm so dumb. It was only the beginning of fall and I didn't even realize it but these men and women were bundled up in their jackets and scarves. Was it that cold? I looked down to see that I was only wearing my uniform and converse, showing off my pale legs. I hoped no one stares. Who am I kidding? Everyone's probably staring.

I was wrong. I started to hear the older men and women whisper about someone who was standing behind me. Their attention was turned towards that way. I wasn't curious, but if these people keep looking behind me, I mind as well do the same and see who the hell they're looking at. I regretted it. It was Oh Se Hun and his mob gang. Yes, mob gang. Se Hun and his friends were in a mob gang and they went to my school. Yup. Made my school a bigger hell hole. Goodness, I was blessed with so many things in my life, wasn't I?

Se Hun and his friends weren't just anyone. They were people everyone was afraid of. They beat up people who crossed their line and got into their business. They wouldn't hesitate to take your head. I wasn't as scared as people would describe their fear towards them. I don't know why, but they weren't just all that scary to me. I never cared for them anyways. I mean, yeah, they're scary, but they're not that bad. That's what I hoped for. I once even saw Se Hun beat the crap out of some fat guy at the convenient because they bumped into each other and the fat guy didn't apologize to Se Hun. I had to keep that in mind. Apologize if anything happens between Se Hun and I... Wait. Why am I even thinking that? Stupid.

I didn't even realize I was shivering now. I shook out my thoughts and begged for the bus to hurry. Crap. I knew that the post guard at the gates was going to make me freeze to death when I got to shool. Goodness sake. How is it my fault the bus was taking so long to get here? It's not like I wanted to be late. It was weird, huh? I'm that girl who was high in academics and did well, but was never on time for class because I was always somehow running late. Yup. That was me. Never kne whow it really worked but it really did. Gosh. I was kind of weird, thinking about it... But anyways, that stupid ahjusshi better be nice today or he'll get a piece of my mind.

Thank goodness. The bus finally came and everyone who waited at the bus stop finally got on. The crowded bus reminded me that today was Monday again. Yay. I was so happy to be reminded once again. There was no where to sit and if there was, of course, I had to be a respectful younging and let the older men and women sit because that's just how it goes. I hated that so much. That meant that I had to hold the handles at the top of the bus. Ugh. Sometimes, I even wished I was an old lady, being able to sit while I waited for my stop. I hate my life. I hope some decides not to touch me.

My eyes started to wander around just as the bus started to move. I was bored and staring at everyone was making time go by faster. Well, I hope it was slower because I wanted to make it to school, but still. I needed to distract myself from reminding me that I was going to school. As I looked over my shoulder, I saw Se Hun sitting down with his friends standing around him. That arrogant jerk was sitting down on a seat! Did I not just get done talking about how youngings are supposed to let older men and women sit down? Goodness. What a stupid jerk. That wasn't his throne to sit at. Okay. I'm not judging here... I'm just stating my opinion.

I was annoyed at the fact that he was still sitting there, enjoying it like it was his seat or something. Jerk. Ugh. I don't understand why he acted the way he did. I wanted to kick him across the face just for sitting there. Yeah, it bothered me. I was standing up and holding the handle of a bus, for goodness sake. Gosh. Who was even scared of him? Who am I kidding? The guy probably has a hitlist. Yup. Why wouldn't he? He hates everyone and seems to beat up whoever bothered him whatever day it was. He probably had a good memory of those he had to freaking beat up. Damn it. I'm judging again. Wait. I'm stating my opinion. Hah. Anyways.

But that placed me out of my thoughts as soon as I felt someone's hands rubbing down on the back of my legs. What the hell? Some actually had the guts to freaking touch me? Could this day get any worst? First, my alarm clock goes off reminding me it's freaking Monday and Monday reminds me that I have a whole week at a hell hole, I get yelled at by my mom but she tells me it's because she wanted to say 'good morning' to me, I almost forget the snack that my mom makes, making me even later than I already was, I was almost late for the bus, and now some decides to touch me? He was going to get a piece of my mind!

Okay. I lied. That was just all talk in my head. I was about to cry. I tried to move my body, but it seemed like that had decided to move closer to me. I took a deep breath, hoping that it would make him go away, but it didn't. Yeah, like taking a deep breath makes people disappear like our worries. There were tears prickling in my eyes now. Yes, I was going to cry. You would too if some was trying to touch you and you couldn't move! Okay. I'm going to try this one more time. I'm going to turn around and say something this time and hope he stops. Alright. On a count of one... Two...

"You just broke my hand you stupid kid!" I heard the yell. There wasn't a hand running down my leggs anymore. I froze. I could hear the guy behind me yelping in pain.

"Good. It'll teach you not to touch girls in the future." Someone said from behind me.

Did someone just save me? My heart stopped for a split second, but before I knew it, I felt someone's body press against mine. Nope. Just another who wanted me for their selves. Great. This guy probably thought I was some easy fool. Pfft. This time, I'm going to say something. But I couldn't. This guy pushed me through the crowd and I felt my body turn around and my back hit the cool metal wall of the bus. My eyes were closed the whole time. I didn't even realize that. I looked up, only to realize that the person who had just saved me was Oh Se Hun.

Yes you guys, the mob gangster guy, Oh Se Hun, was the one who saved me from that . Even I was surprised myself. When I looked up at him, I could see that he was looking out in front of him, like there was something more interesting to look at than me. God. How awkward was this? His body was pressed up against my body and I had nowhere to go. Stupid crowded bus. At least I wasn't getting touched by a , right? But who am I kidding? This arrogant jerk just broke the guy's hand. Okay. I'm not judging, I swear. I'm... I'm stating my opinion... About a gangster who just saved my life.

I tore my eyes away from him and looked over to where he was sitting before. His friends, or mob gangster friends, were still there, standing around like nothing happened. It was weird. I thought they'd be with him like they always were, but I guess not. It was kind of odd. I turned my attention back on Se Hun. I looked up and saw that he was still staring ahead of him. God. It was weird to see that I, Ahn Soo Jin, was this close to Oh Se Hun, someone who everyone was too afraid to go near.

"Can you stop staring at me?" Se Hun spoke, scaring me.

I didn't even realize how long I've been staring at him. I tore my eyes away and looked down, only to see that his chest was right in front of me. God, he smelled amazing. Not creepy or anything, right? Well who cares. No one noticed that I was smelling him.

"You should have done something. You're an idiot." Se Hun said, making me stop smelling him. "You should have yelled for help or something."

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't even say anything if I wanted to. My voice was caught in my throat. He caught me off guard by talking and the fact that he was this close to me wasn't making it any better. He probably thought I was stupid. Well, I guess you could say he already thought so cos' he called me an 'idiot'.

"Next time, do something." Se Hun's voice was cold but it didn't make me flinch like I thought it would.

I looked up at him, thinking he was going to look down at me but he wasn't. His gaze hasn't changed since. I didn't even realize that I was one of the first people to actually look at Se Hun this close. Well, I'm sure I'll ever be the only one since everybody's too afraid to even come near him. Lucky me, right? Nope. Nope. Not even. This was weird. He didn't even look as bad as every described him. Maybe... Maybe he wasn't as bad as people described him... Right?

"Did... Did you... Did you break his hand?" I asked. Wow. I probably sounded so stupid right there. I was stuttering and that's all I could say to him? Break his hand? God, someone hit me.

"He deserved it. It'll teach him a lesson to not touch anyone in the future." Se Hun said angrily.

Wow. It was weird. Was... Was Se Hun being a gentleman? Okay guys. I'm not saying he wasn't, but come on... You guys have to understand what everyone says about this kid. He's some jerk who beats up on innocent people. And earlier? I was only stating my honest opinion about the guy, alright? I must have looked so stupid having these thoughts run through my head. Oh right. Se Hun is still pressed up against me too. My day is just amazing.

I was about to thank him when the bus stopped and Se Hun pulled me out of the bus. He left me at the bus stop and walked towards school. Wow. He was a jerk. I take that back. He's an arrogant jerk. Damn it. To think that I was going to thank him and he leaves me in the dust like this? Who does he think he is? "Stupidass..."

Right as I was about to start walking, Se Hun's group of gangsters walked right past me. They stared at me like I was some weird, lost child walking around the neighborhood. Oh wait. They probably heard what I just said. Damn it. They're probably putting me on their hitlist right now. Great. What am I going to do now? I'm going to get it even though I was just saved by Se Hun. It was the best Monday ever. Not. Kill me now befor I get to school. Please. Anyone.



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