Are You With Me ?

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Tiffany, who left Taeyeon long time ago, suddenly come back for good. After all the things happened, will Tiffany fall in love again with her? Or she would go for y Yuri instead?

And after finally decided to moving on, Taeyeon finally fell in love at her first meeting with Jessica, will it go smooth, or she would come back for Tiffany?


Hello, I'm back after 5 years taking off from here.

Yeah, I'm sorry for that. Deeply sorry.

But don't worry, I'm sure I'm going to finish this fanfic this time, and because I'll make some changes, I deleted all of them and remastered it so you could read it comfortably.

(my 17 years old self wasn't really good at english)

so make sure you re-read this fic, and tell me in the comment how was it

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Movie91 #1
Chapter 8: Is Tiff older than Taeng in here because she is already working while Taeng is still in Uni
Chapter 7: What happened..??!!
Just don't die tiff mother.... Please...
jessicafan2016 #3
Chapter 7: great taeny story....
YourSmile-I #4
Chapter 1: Great start!!! Thanks
Chapter 6: Wow, such an amazing story u hav here. I really love it. Glad that u make it.

Anyway, i hope u GWS, So that we can see ur awesome update again. Fighting..!!!
Chapter 5: new page has been added!! please note that this is such an important chapter lol
Chapter 1: So cute . Taeny childhood is so sweet and innocent :)
Chapter 2: from next week onward, I'm planning to update every friday, so stay awesome until then
also, if you find something is slightly wrong, just tell me in the comment section..
Mamengurl #10
Please update soon