[Special Chapter] THE SORRY

S M I L E :)



Kyungsoo POV


I saw her curled up into a ball on the coach. She must be cold because I can't see any blanket covering her body. I felt guilty so I take my blanket and spread over her carefully, trying not to wake her up.



"Sorry. I had to leave. Thanks for taking a good care of me. You are such a good fans I ever meet but still you are just a fans, not more than that."



The agency told my manager to remind me, don’t leave any memo or note for her because she might keep sticking on us and demand something though I knew she will never do that. I believe in her but I should follow our agency’s policies.



I walk away.



Leaving her alone sleeping on the couch.



While walking on the hallway, I throw back everything that happens yesterday.



I hugged her.



I cried on her shoulder.



I held her hand tightly.



I pulled her into my embrace after having a bad dream.



I had fun telling her a lot of stories.






I even heard she said she loves me.



No. This is wrong. I turned around and thinking to go back to the room.



"I should leave my phone number at least."



I mumbled.



"No. You can't. Kyungsoo ya~ don’t hurt ALL of your fans just because A fans.



The manager startled me. He stressed on the words ALL and A.



"You know what I mean? And I know you are not the type of person who fell in love on the first sight bro!"



He smiled.



"Let's go. Everyone is waiting."



He put his arm on my shoulder and starts push me to walk.



'Yes, He is right. You are my fans. This is the best way for you and me.'



'I'm sorry'


( "Miracle In December" start playing )


[ new update + author 's note ]

Hello guys. This chapter actually i want to clear the thing I mess up and to explain what Kyungsoo feel so you don't ever blame him pls. Btw, seriously suddenly "Miracle In December" melody pop out into my mind after 'I'm sorry' . I think it suit well. What do you think ? Hmm Idk I feel like writing this story more. My idea for this story keep pouring in my mind lol. Should I take out the "oneshot" and "complete" terms ? This ain't right~

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gonna edit this back once i have time this is kinda embarassing english lmao


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