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A few second later, I fell asleep on the couch.




I heard sounds of someone groaned. I woke up and rubbed my eyes. It was 2 AM. I didn’t know how many hours I slept for the day.


I saw Kyungsoo was shivering. He might have a bad dream.




Should I call him oppa?


“ Oppa~”


“Kyungsoo Oppa~ wakes up. Are you okay?”


I shook his hand continuously.


His body was all sweaty. I can see sweat tripping from his sideburn.


“Oppa ! WAKE UP!!”


I shouted in his ear.


He slowly opened his eyes and looks right into my eyes.


‘Oh my ~ I hate eye contact!’


I turn away and sighed.


“Thanks for woke up. Did you have a bad dream?”


I asked him while taking a step back to the couch. Suddenly, he hold my hand and pull me. I fell on his body.


‘Damn! What should I do?’


I tried to get up but my effort was useless. His arm is much stronger than his look.


“Just…stay…like…this… for…awhile…please…I’m scared…”


He muttered slowly but I can hear all the words one by one because we are too near.


‘How much you suffered boo ? How much that sasaeng hurt you? You are mentally unstable. Oh pity my boo.’


I sighed.


A few minutes later, he let me go. He felt better maybe.


“Sorry. I might have troubling you all the time. I’m so sorry.”


He paused for a while and stare right on my face. I can feel his sincere apologize.


“Yes. I had a really really bad dream. I saw them trying to…r..mmmm. I don’t think you should know.But it was a really bad dream I ever had”


I bravely look at him and again I saw his owl eyes blinking every ten second.


‘Woah he is damn cute. I want his eyes.’


“It’s okay. Everything gonna be okay. Just continue your sleep. You must be tired.”


I smiled and trying to comfort him.


“No. I don’t want! I’m afraid I will dream the same thing!”


He talked like a 4 years old baby.


‘Boo~ you are cute… '


“Then, what you wanna do?”


I asked him cautiously. I don’t want him to feel guilty anymore though he really disturbing my sleep time.


‘Anything  for my boo~’


“What about introduce yourself? And are you an EXO’s fans?”


I sat calmly on the couch and answering his question.


“I am you. Yes. One of EXO fans, more exact your fans.”


He looks shocked and I saw him gulping.


“Don’t worry. I’m not a Korean. I’m not a sasaeng. And the important thing you should know, I’m not gonna hurt you.”


I smiled sweetly.


‘Sweet smile for my boo’


He smiled back.


‘Love-shaped smile infront of me!!!!!!! Oh my feelsssss~~~’


Control my feelings and start to arrange words for a question.


“Why did you hug me?”


I turn away when I saw he was staring right on my eyes.


“Sorry. I was panicked and I don’t know what I should do. I was scared and I saw you in front of me. So, that’s the only way to stay calm. I need to hug someone. Kai always hug me, sometimes I hold his hands tightly because…”


“It was your habit, hold someone hands tightly when you are afraid.”


I finish his sentence.


He looks surprised and his eyes kinda want to pop-out.


“Kai told me~”


His love-shaped lips turn O shape.


That night, we shared everything. He told me a lot of funny story of EXO, about everything. I never  feel as happy as this night. Every time he stared on me with his owl eyes, my heart beat like there is no tomorrow. He is quite talkative. I secretly look at him when I got a chance. His bare face was not bad. He got some pimples here and there but still cute and natural.


‘I want this little boy.’


I smiled. I should snap a photo of my smile.


 A smile of happiness.


A smile of someone who was in love.


I took out my IPhone. Click!


‘You look happy dear self’


 The clock show that it is almost 5 AM.


“Oppa~ you should sleep now.”


I’m trying to convince him.


“Okay. I know you are tired. Thanks you. And sorry….”


He said guiltily.


“It’s okay. I’m okay. Stop with your sorry. You treat me well. I don’t really mind what happen yesterday. Just…. Please take care. I don’t want you fell sick.”


I lie on the couch and close my eyes. I need a proper rest.


“Good night, you


He wished me while tucking his blanket over his body.


“You mean..good morning~ “


I giggled.


“See you tomorrow~ I love you oppa”


I talk with a low voice before fall asleep.


{ author's note }

I wished it was real sobs ;A;

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gonna edit this back once i have time this is kinda embarassing english lmao


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