S M I L E :)


{ THE "E-X-O" }



Am I dreaming? Or is this my imagination?


No. I am not and this is not my imagination.


you, please stay here. The situation out there is uncontrolled and you can’t go out. It was too dangerous for you. Stay here with Kyungsoo. He may need you. I’m going out to get the other members.”


‘He may need you’


What do you mean dear manager? Why did he need me?


That is what the manager told me before he left me alone with Kyungsoo who was lying down on the hospital’s bed for the past 2 hours. I plopped myself on the couch near the bed and took out a pain relieve cream which I got from the doctor earlier. I squeezed an adequate amount and dotted all over my right hand, giving it massaged for a few minute until it was fully absorbed. I sighed while look over my redden hand.


Knock! Knock!


I shifted my view from my hand to the door. The first one entered the room is EXO's leader and EXO’s unicorn.


“Annyeonghaseyo. Kyungsoo didn’t wake up yet?”


They bowed a bit and Suho starts asking.


I pouted and shook my head.


“Hyeeee !!!  What? Kyungsoo didn’t wake up?!”


There you go~ EXO’s happy virus is next after Suho and Lay.


I looked at him with a smile and again... Shook my head. He suddenly plops beside me. I stand up and decided to stand.


“ Ya ! Don’t you have voice to talk? You can only shake your head?”


Chanyeol’s talkative ‘girlfriend’ shouted on me.


“Sorry. No. He didn’t wake up yet.”


I answered sadly.


Baekhyun pouted and placed his self beside Chanyeol on the couch.


’This diva .. really need a slap. Ugh’


you, how is your hand ?”


The manager entered with Tao and Kris.


Kris is smirking and Tao is judging me hardly.


“It gonna be better. I already applied this cream”


I showed the cream to their manager.


‘Kris and Tao are made to be together.  Tch!’


Luhan and Sehun asking the same question like Suho and Chanyeol.


I shook my head again and again when Xiumin and Chen entered the room… also asking the same question.


Kai was the last one entered the room. He closed the door slowly and walked sadly towards Kyungsoo.


‘Kaisoo moment infront of my bare eyes! SCREAM!!’


“Hyung , wake up~”


Kai rubs Kyungsoo hands.


“Kai ~”


I heard a deep voice, a voice that everyone in this room is longing for.


Everyone going to Kyungsoo's bed.


Kyungsoo is finally conscious.


I’m watching from far. I don’t have courage to go near. I make my way out to the door. I don’t want to destroy the happy moment of them.


Outside of the room, I lean on the wall and close my eyes.


you, what are you doing here?”


The voice is Manager’s.


“Don’t go out yet. You are not allowed to go out until I gave you permission.”


I nodded.


One hour later, all of them get out from the room.


you, please look after Kyungsoo for this night. Don’t go anywhere. “


The manager again reminding me not to go anywhere.I nodded.


“Aigoooo ~ this girl  ... she only know shook and nodded. God give you mouth to talk. You better use it wisely”.


‘Like you ?’


I muttered slowly. Baekhyun look at me with annoying face.


“Okay. I will.”


I smiled and look at him.


He clings on Chanyeol’s arm. Chanyeol is just smiling at me.


‘Duhh Chanbaek is sailing’


“Kai is still inside the room. Can you call him for us?”


Suho smile with his eyes.


‘You look angelic’


I entered the room and I saw Kai tucking the blanket over Kyungsoo.




He turned and smile.


‘Why everyone is smiling to me?’


“Everyone is waiting for you outside.”


I told him.




“By the way, thanks… for looking after Kyungsoo. He still scared with fans. The amount of fans that were chasing him earlier was too much to handle. That’s why he ran away. But, to be honest I don’t know why he hugged you. He may have his own reason. Sorry… on behalf of him. He always hold someone hand too hard when he scared. You might hurt right?”


He smirked.


Kai smirk is the hottest. I read a fact.


“I’m okay. Don’t worry. Doctor gave me a pain relieve cream”


I replied while showing him my cream.


He smiled and nodded.


“Take care of my Kyungsoo”


He whispered on my ear before leaving the room.




’Sounds y… NO!  Sound yucks!’


I sat on the couch as usual. My feet gave out, I stand too long maybe. My eyes shifted to Kyungsoo. He looks cute even when he is sleeping.


‘Omo ! I’m stuck here to take a good care of him not fangirling over him. Please wake up dear self’


I slapped myself a few times.


‘You are fangirling over all of EXO members earlier. Don’t you realize?’


My mind is talking.


{ author's note }

I don't have any idea for sulay, hunhan and xiuchen interaction. Sorry. I am fangirling over EXO too much in my own story.

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