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It has been four days since I am here in Korea, the most places I really want to visit when I was in my teenage age. I was crazily over KPOP at that time or even now I still in love with it though I already 23 years old. I sacrificed everything including my studies. I stopped studying science and took language. I majored in Korean language now.


I don’t know what kind of affection they had but I am an EXO fans. No one can ever stopping me from giving lots of attention and love for them. Even though, everyone was likely not supporting me, I convinced myself to love them until the end.


Stupid rumors lingering over EXO most of the time for the past few years from their debut days until now, it could never be stopped. Their popularity keeps rising day by day. I thought it will fall down but I guess I am wrong. Their new comeback after “XOXO” and “Miracle In December” was freaking hotter than both two. They attracted more people to sign up as their fans.


It kind of annoying when new fans and old fans started a fan war to determine which one is the real fans of EXO. They fight for something unnecessary. And I was like “YO GUYS! WHO CARES ABOUT THE REAL FANS? FANS ARE ALL THE SAME.NEW OR OLD BOTH STILL EXO FANS. WHAT MAKE DIFFERENCE?” I sighed every time I saw fan war all over my twitter timeline.




But International fans are much better than SASAENG. Sasaeng is scary. Recently, there is a news came out with title “Sasaeng Kiss”. A sasaeng try to kiss one of EXO member. It was shocking and I was screaming in front of my laptop. I feel like wanna flips everything because the one they are talking about is my ing bias. DO KYUNGSOO.


Hey girl! Do you want to die? He is my boo. His precious love-shaped lips is not gonna be yours!


Luckily, the kiss attempt was stopped by their manager. The girl is under arrested.


Serve your rights!


People said Kyungsoo was traumatized with the incident which made him scared with fans. He can’t distinguish between fans and sasaeng. It broke my heart into pieces. Sasaeng need to disappear from this world.


I wore a simple oversized shirt, white jeans and a flat shoe. I gently wrapped scarf around my neck. Decided to take some fresh air outside and letting out all the worries. And also hoping to accidently bumped with any k-idols.


I heard from someone, EXO got a schedule around here today so if luck is on my side I may bumped into them. But that’s not my main point to take a walk here though it was one of the reasons. Korea is one of the countries with four seasons, since it is spring, I really want to watch cherry blossom. It was almost ten years I wishing to watch cherry blossom in Korea, took a lot of picture with the pinky tree oh finally my dream come true. I walk alone while appreciating the beautiful scenery, hoping that one day I can bring my family here. I’m not regret coming here.


My lips finally created a smile.


A smile of a girl who pursues her dream


A sweet smile I ever had.


I took out my IPhone, managed to capture these smile so that I can look at it every time I had a hard time. Using front camera, I’m trying to take selcas , same as my boo , I won’t look good if I take it from the bottom so I put the camera high so my face turn out better.


Click! First picture. Click! Second picture. Both pictures turn out well.


“This is the last one~ “


I put my IPhone on the same angle but I saw something on the background. And I heard someone is running towards me NO not someone but a bunch of people running towards me.


I decided to turn back and see what is actually happen. Exactly at the time I turn back, I saw someone with rounded eyes hugging me tightly. He buried his face on my right shoulder while his arm was tightly wrapped around my waist. I frozed. I don’t know what I should do. Everything was slow motion in my view. I saw those people started whispering to each other and they look shocked with the situation and every one was holding their phone.


“Ya! Kyungsoo oppa!! Why the hell you hugged her? Who is she?”


Suddenly, I heard clicking sounds everywhere. Flash surrounded us. It forced me to hide my head on the chest of this narrow shoulder man. I stand straight I didn’t hug him back I don’t want people to misunderstood this situation, the situation that never crossed in my imagination. The tight hug make me hard to breath I thought about  pushing him away but my intention was stopped because I feel his arm trembling and my shoulder was wet with something warm. I looked at him and I saw he is sniffling on my shoulder. He is crying. I saw his tears slowly falling down.


‘What did I just see? Why? What is happening? What happen boo~?’


My heart keep asking non-stop. Until I feel someone grabbing both of us out from the place. I followed everywhere they bring me to. I was in shocked I can’t think straight. Everything was blank in my head. My fingers was still intertwined with him since the minute someone grabbing both of us. I can feel butterfly in my stomach. My boo holding my hands! Tell me who doesn’t want that but he holds to tight. I don’t know what actually happen but he look bad and his hand was cold and still trembling. Someone should tell me what is actually happening with my boo. We were pushed inside a black tinted van which usually used by them (EXO)


I look at my boo.


“Can you … mmm nevermind..”


I want him to let go of my hands because it hurt much. But when I saw his owl eyes were like asking me for sympathy, I didn’t dare to ask him for that. He looks so innocent and I just can’t help but feeling pity toward him. I keep silent.


“Aishh ~ ! They are following.”


I heard the manager who was at the driving seat muttered something. He took out his phone and dialing someone.


“ Yobuseyo ~ sajangnim. I will bring Kyungsoo to our regular hospital but I think those fans were following us. Can you send some bodyguard to the hospital to us? I’m afraid we can’t control the situation.”


“No. He was not alone.”


He talked about me to his boss. I sighed heavily. Kyungsoo is sleeping but his hand still holds me tightly.


“Agasshi ~ Gwenchanayo ?”


The manager starts asking me.


“Yes. I’m okay. Just….”


Should I tell or not?


“Kyungsoo… he… holds my hands too tight ~ and it was … it was… a bit hurt…..”


I told him the truth. Stuttering..


“Aaaa ~ sorry on behalf of him. We are almost arrived.  Can you hold it for a second?”


He asked me while looking at the rear-view mirror of the van.


“Yes. I’ll try.”


I smiled.



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