Chapter 52

Let Destiny Decide


4 Months Later


Everything was doing well. Jaejoong was back at work and Eun Seul is doing well taking care of their four  months old baby boy named Minhyuk. He inherited more of his father's feature than his mother. He got Jaejoong's high-bridged nose, his plump lips and his pale white skin while he inherited Eun Seul's almond-shaped brown eyes and cute dimples .What more can you ask for a cute baby boy?


"Why such a cutie?!" Eun Seul smiled as she feeds her son Minhyuk. She giggled at her cute son as he tries to take some baby food out of the bowl with his little baby spoon.

"Appa is at work now, don't you miss him?" Eun Seul asked her little baby. Minhyuk smiled hearing "Appa" and nodded while his spoon. Eun Seul took the spoon from Minhyuk and wiped  his small mouth carefully. She kissed his forehead.

"Let's go see Appa, hmm?" Eun Seul picked him up from his baby seat and nuzzled his nose.

She carried Minhyuk to his nursery to change his clothes.

She settled him in his changing table and got his clothes from the dresser. 

"Let's change your clothes honey~" Eun Seul smiled at her son whose playing with the small stuff toys around him. She took off his food-stained baby clothes and wiped his body with some soft damp cloth. She proceeded on changing him to this:




"Aigoo, how cute!" Eun Seul squealed basically fangirling over her son as she put a small white beanie on Minhyuk's head. She gave him a peck on his cheeks and carried him heading to the master's bedroom.

She placed him in the mini crib they have there in case Minhyuk would sleep in their room.

"Stay there, Omma's gonna change." Eun Seul said and placed a kiss on the cute baby's forehead. She went in her closet and changed into this:



She got Minhyuk's diaper bag and carried him downstairs. She went outside of their huge luxurious house and saw the driver already waiting for them.

"Good Morning,  Mrs. Kim." The driver greeted Eun Seul and opened the door of the Black Hummer.. Eun Seul fixed Minhyuk on his carseat making sure he's secured and comfortable.

She walked to the other side and got inside next to his son.

"Where are we headed Mrs.?" The driver asked.

"KIM Finace Group." Eun Seul answered giving the driver a kind smile.

"Alright." The driver started the car and headed to Jaejoong's company.




They arrived at the KIM Finance Group's Building. The chaffeur opened the door for Eun Seul. She got out and got Minhyuk out of his seat. 

She walked inside the well interiored company building with staffs bowing and admiring her beauty. For a mother she was gorgeous her post baby body was amazing and she showed no sign of being a married woman nor a mother  Clueless boys will think she was a successful single woman they can eye as their prey but too late she was already taken by Kim Jaejoong.

She got out of the elevator and was greeted by Yoonji, Jaejoong's secretary.

"Anyeonghasseyo, Mrs. Kim" She bowed. Eun Seul smiled,

"Is Jaejoong in?" Seh asked.

"Deh, Mr. Kim is inside." Yoonji said smiling at Minhyuk whose playing with his Mom's hair..

"Minhyuk-ah~" Yoonji cooed at the baby pinching his cheeks. Minhyuk giggled at the woman's action. Eun Seul smiled at her baby.

"Well I'll go in." Eun Seul smiled at the lady and went to the door of her husband's office.. She twisted the door knob and peeked at her husband whose busily looking at some files.

"Are you busy, Mr. Kim?" Eun Seul said catching Jaejoong's attention. Jaejoong's smiled and shook his head.

"I would never be busy when my wife and son is here." He smiled and stood up welcoming them,

"Hello there little boy!" Jaejoong said getting Minhyuk from Eun Seul's arms. Minhyuk gave his dad a sloppy kiss on the cheeks which made Jaejoong smiled.

"Hey Babe!" Jaejoong greeted his wife and gave her a short but sweet kiss on the lips.

"So what brings both of you here?"Jaejoong asked sitting down on the leather sofa with Minhyuk in his lap. 

"Just visiting you." Eun Seul smiled and sat down beside him.

"Are you busy?" Eun Seul asked concern that she disturb her husband's work.

"No not at all." Jaejoong immediately shook his head.

"Good to know." Eun Seul smiled. Jaejoong smiled and held Minhyuk up in the air playing with him. Minhyuk immediately laughed and spread his arms wide.

"Yeay! Minhyuk is flying." Jaejoong said while holding Minhyuk.

"Be careful." Eun Seul warned her husband which he returned with a smile.

"Tonight is Ahyoung and Yoochun's engangement party right?" Jaejoong asked. Eun Seul nodded while wipping some saliva dripping from Minhyuk's mouth.

"Yeah, why'd you ask?" Eun Seul said. 

"Nothing just making sure. Right little boy?" Jaejoong said giving his son a kiss on his nose. Minhyuk scrunched his nose.

"Wae? You don't like Appa kissing you?" Jaejoong playfully asked and showered Minhyuk's faces with kisses. Minhyuk giggled loudly. Eun Seul just smiled at the father and son bonding.


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