An Unpleasant Encounter

A Tender Touch
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Chapter 21

An Unpleasant Encounter 


Jonghyun almost skipped his way to the foster house. He was in a great mood. He actually convinced his English professor to give him test papers from last year’s exam so he could practice. He pushed the glass door of the building feeling warmth enveloping his body. It was spring but it was still windy and cold outside. 


He walked his way to the kitchen to greet his mother. He saw his mother laughing and smiling so brightly with a girl. He could only see her back, and her beautiful long silky hair. He walked up to his mother “Hey mom!” he hugged his mother warmly. “Jonghyun-ah! I was waiting for you.” she pulled away and turned Jonghyun around so he was facing the girl. 


“N-nari?!” Jonghyun exclaimed with wide eyes. His mouth gaping. He quickly hugged the girl close to his chest. She giggled and returned the hug, closing her eyes “Hi Jonghyunie.” she cooed. 


His soft lips stretched into a smile at the mention of his nickname. Nari was his childhood best friend. They have been separated when Nari was forced to move away due to her father’s work. But that doesn't matter because now he is reunited with her. He pulled back and held her hands.


“How have you been?! What are you doing here?” he asked excitedly, he was so happy. Delighted that he got the chance to meet his childhood friend. “Well we moved back here and my mom volunteered here! I didn't know you were here too! But I’m so happy!!” she smiled, a big smile with flushed cheeks which went unnoticed by Jonghyun. 


“I’m happy too! My mom volunteers here too but that’s not the reason why I’m here.” He said he was nervous all of the sudden. What would she think of him if he told her he was dating a boy?


“Hm? Why are you here then?” She asked cutely. Jonghyun laughed nervously before scratching the back of his neck and carefully said: “Well I came to meet my boyfriend.” 

Her eyes and were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise. “B-boyfriend?” she choked out. Jonghyun could feel that he was being judged. “Yes. Are you not okay with that?” He asked, honestly it’s not like he was seeking for her approval but she was is his best friend after all. 


“Um no, it’s just I didn’t think you’d sway that way…” she stated awkwardly. He chuckled because he, too, didn't think he’d sway that way. “Me too, but he’s different.” Jonghyun’s eyes were lighting up, she could tell he has fallen. She cleared and asked “Can I see him?” she wanted to see the man who managed to get Jonghyun wrapped around his little finger. And she knew, Jonghyun had no idea he tripped and fell. Hard. 


“I guess, I don’t think he’d mind.” He wasn’t sure, to be honest. But he knew that Kibum was getting better at meeting new people. “Let’s go then!” She said as she linked her arm with Jonghyun. “Lead the way.” She smiled as she practically glued her slim figure to Jonghyun’s biceps.


Jonghyun walked into the elevator pulling Nari in with him. “Nari-ah, before we get to meet him, you need to know something” He turned his head looking at her in all seriousness. “What?” she questioned slowly. 

He sighed “Kibum has a speech disorder so he won’t be able to talk much with you around.” She frowned her perfectly drawn eyebrows. “What do you mean?” 


“He has been through so much in his life and it affected him.” He said softly, his heart was aching. “Oh, so he doesn't talk like us?” she asked innocently but something was off with her question, maybe it was her tone. Jonghyun ignored what sixth sense was trying to tell him. “No, but he’s getting better so don't force him into talking or wait for a response.” She nodded her head lightly. This will make things easier for her. 




Kibum was sitting on his bed. He was bored. Jonghyun was fifteen minutes late but he didn't want to be clingy so he forced himself to think of something else. But that was impossible, his mind is thinking about Kim Jonghyun twenty-four seven. He glanced at the clock for the nth time today. 3:19 pm, it read. Okay, he was nineteen minutes late now. Before Kibum could think of more reasons of why Jonghyun was late. He heard a knock. He jumped out of his bed and ran to the door, he opened the door and threw himself into Jonghyun’s arms. He didn’t notice the figure that was clinging to his boyfriend’s arm. Jonghyun chuckled as he wrapped his left arm around him but the moment he wanted to wrap his right arm around Kibum’s warm frame, it was held back. He turned his head to look at Nari, confusion swimming in his eyes. Why wasn't she letting go? He thought to himself. 


Kibum noticed the lack of closeness, something felt wrong. He could feel it. He pulled away slowly. He felt hurt. Why wasn't Jonghyun pulling him close to his chest like he wanted him to? Only then he noticed a beautiful girl next to his boyfriend. Her feminine figure leaning dangerously close to Jonghyun. She was dazzling, her eyes were a light colour of brown and her long hair was shining. 


Kibum tore his gaze from her to look at Jonghyun with confusion. What is she doing here? Who is she? He asked through his eyes. “She’s my childhood best friend Kibum-ah. Her names Nari.” He said as if he could read Kibum’s mind. 


Kibum nods slightly before bowing. A gesture to show her that he is mentally introducing himself. She smiled, a smile that didn't reach her eyes. “Hello.” she greeted, still holding onto Jonghyun’s arm which has probably grown numb due her pulling and tightening her hold onto them. 


She was surprised, to say the least. She could see why Jonghyun fell in love with Kibum. She stared at Kibum from his fluffy pitch black hair then to his eyes noticing how they twinkled and lightened up when he saw Jonghyun, his button nose, his slightly flushed cheeks and then lastly to his pouty cherry lips. He is beautiful. It pissed her to admit this, but she will never admit it out loud. Never. 


Kibum could see that she was checking him out. Is that it? It made him nervous, uncomfortable. He fidgeted there, standing uncomfortably. Jonghyun noticed the tense atmosphere. So he forcibly shook his arm out of Nari’s grasp and walked towards Kibum. 


“Let’s sit down!” Jonghyun said suddenly as he grabbed Kibum’s hand and walked to the couch. He smiled gently at Kibum when he felt the younger squeeze his hand as if he’s secretly sending him a message. 


Nari sat across from them, not happy with the fact that Jonghyun isn't right next to her. “So Tell me about Kibum, Jonghyun. How long have you guys been together?” she asked bitterly. However, her face was all smiles and whatnot. 


“It’s been over a month now. He’s the cutest.” Jonghyun responds bashfully. He really treasured the younger. He looked to his right, coming face to face with Kibum. He could see red painting the younger’s cheeks. Kibum looked into his lap, he was shy. He was the centre of attention and he didn't like it. Although at the back of his mind a lot of questions were pending for until Nari leaves. Why is she here? Why was she holding you like this? Why didn't you tell me about her?  


“Aww, you guys are cute!” She exclaimed and giggled. A fake giggle that is. 


Soon, Nari started to bring up the past making Kibum feel left out. That was her intention after all. Jonghyun laughed at something Nari said and continued to say something related to what they were talking about. It’s not like Kibum could understand anyway. Even if he did, he wouldn't understand anything. 


Suddenly Jonghyun sat up. He was a bit uncomfortable. Kibum looked at him curiously. “What’s wrong?” Nari beat Kibum’s silent question. Jonghyun chuckled “Nothing, I need to go to the bathroom.” he smiled toothily before standing him letting go of Kibum’s hand. “I’ll be back Bummie.” he said as he looked at the younger. He noticed Kibum fidgeting nervously. “It’ll be okay, she doesn't bite.” he chuckled. 


“Be nice.” he warned her jokingly. She giggled “I will Jonghyunie Oppa!” Kibum turned his head to her. His heart sank. Did she just call him ‘Jonghyunie’? What? Why? He didn't feel good about this. He really didn’t. However, he pushed those negative thoughts out of his mind and focused on Jonghyun’s figure as he entered the bathroom. 


Kibum looked into the ground. Suddenly the cream coloured carpet looked so interesting to him. But something wasn't right. He felt her eyes on him. Her eyes boring into him disgust and hatred seeping from them. 


“I don’t know you liked c-c-carpets so much.” Nari fake stuttered with an evil grin plastered all over her face. Kibum quickly looked up, he didn't believe his ears. Did he just hear what he think he heard? Did she make fun of him? His chest hurt. It reminded him of the guys that used to bully him so shamelessly. 


“Honestly, how can someone as perfect as Jonghyun be with someone as flawed as you? Can you even speak probably?” she tsked shaking her head. Kibum’s eyes widen. He couldn't believe it. No. It must be a dream. His hands started to sweat uncontrollably. His figure shook slightly. 


“Did you actually think that Jonghyun likes you? Can’t you see it’s only out of pity?” She crossed her legs before looking up and down Kibum’s figure. She noticed he was on the verge of breaking down. 


“Look at yourself, so pitiful.” her words stung. Her tongue no more coated with honey but with venom instead. Kibum bit his lower lip, his eyes getting blurry. No, he didn't want to break down. Not now. Not in front of her. 


“Do you even know what Jonghyun likes? What’s his favourite colour? What does he like to eat? Hm? Nothing?” she barked, not giving him any chance to respond. She glared at him “What you have nothing to say?…Oh yeah, I forgot! I’d have to wait forever to get a word out of you.” she laughed mockingly. 


Kibum bit his lower lip harder, so hard he could taste his own blood. His already watering eyes could not contain his tears any longer and one rebel tear betrayed his silence and spoke those bottled in words.


Suddenly, they both heard a flush. Indicating that Jonghyun would soon come out of the bathroom. She quickly said “ Listen, you little mongrel. One word of this conversation to Jonghyun and I promise you I’ll make your life a living hell.” 


Kibum could only stare at her, hurt written all over his face.He didn't know someone could be this cruel and hurtful. Just when he thought that he was free from the bullies, she came along. If he didn't feel much like crying he would laugh. Laugh at himself because she was way worse than those boys that used to make his life miserable. Her words pierced his heart opening old wounds made by those bullies so long ago.


With a click of a doorknob, Jonghyun walked into the room. He couldn't wait to tell them about what he has planned for the three of them. Finally, the two most important people in his life have met. Just as he was about to mention the spring festival that was coming up, he felt the sudden change in the atmosphere. 


He looked between the two. His eyes lingered on Kibum, noticing that one pearl shaped tear running down his cheek. 

“What happened Kibummie?” he rushed to his side, kneeling down on his knees. He cupped Kibum’s flushed face, wiping the rebel tear away. 


“Baby what’s going on?” he asked again, his voice laced with concern and worry. He then turned around facing Nari, giving her a puzzled look. 


Hello, everyone! I'm back again with another chapter! AND SO IS KING JJONG!

Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Tell me your thoughts and comments!

Also, I would like to shamelessly advertise my new story here, It's called Hard Love. It's a jongkey story and the plot is that Kibum can't get hard. Literally. That is until Jonghyun comes along.


Also, I uploaded a jongkey oneshot so check that out. It's called A Naughty Boy Gets Punished. I thnk the title says it all. 


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Chapter 29: We all understand and feel the same but I think u should continue n finish the story with ur plans in head because jonggie would want us to be able to carry on and I'm sure he would b proud too <3 fighting! Together as one together as shawols we will be able to go thru this I'm sure *fandom hug*
RobinFeelAster #2
Chapter 29: We understand. Your not alone in your prayers.
If I can suggest anything, I think it would be better to leave this story just as it is right now. It's the product of your passion for their beauty and it's a great memory for the time where everything was bright.
I can't re-read it just as I have several times before, my heart hurts, but I am healing and I will come back here in a future to read this, which made my soul squeal in happiness.
He is gone, it hurts to even think about it. But he left me with a wonderful mix of emotions that I received watching, listening to him and just adding his art to my list of things that make my life wonderful. The music that I dance to in everything I do everyday.
If it means anything, please don't change it. Time heals and it will tell what will happen.
I send you a hug~
roseamalia #3
Chapter 29: I know what you feel. but please if you decide to discontinue this story please don't change it to 2min or don't delete it. so be it. let the story stay like this. pretty please. one way to remember him even a little sad.
Chapter 29: 2017
It's a really hard year for us shawol...
Take your time dear..
What ever your decision is I'll respect it...
But if you decide to continue this story.. I'm sure lots of people will be more than happy to read your amazing story... Stay safe author nim
Chapter 29: I know it's hard but I hope you'll feel better soon. I started crying when I saw the notif from here because seriously... i keep crying whenever he is mentioned... i know it must be hard for you but I hope you'll overcome it.
As for the fanfic, it was an amazing ride till now, the whole thing was amazing and I tbh know that in the future I'll come back here to read it again and again so please, even if you can no longer write it, don't change the characters and don't delete it. At least leave us a good memory, for us and for you too... you too worked hard on this and we love it.
You did well, and so did Jonghyun ♡
Chapter 29: Would hou please at least leave it here if ever? Pretty please?
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Please finisfinish please please please~
RobinFeelAster #8
I am sorry for everyone that is suffering, but I know how much you love him.
I know you are suffering.
He is the center of this beautiful work of art,
I am suffering too, I'm very very sad.
I'm so sorry that your heart hurts, and I hope it heals fast so that we can remember him as the shining star that he was.
He will stay alive in our hearts. I send you a hug.
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Chapter 22: After what has happened today with Jonghyuns death will u still be updating .... tbh idk if I’ll ever be able to read jongkey again
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