Summery :Running away from an abusive relationship, Matsumoto Noriko ran to the only person in the world she trusted more than herself. Her Aniki, Matsumoto Jun, Only to find out he wasn’t home. No battery left on her phone to call him, and no money in her wallet to use a pay phone, she went to the only other persons address she remembered, Her Brothers band mate and a close friend of hers. Ohno Satoshi. Who evidently didn’t live alone, He lived with the one person who could make her turn ten shades of red just from one look. Ninomiya Kazunari. Having to hide from her ex-boyfriend with her brother and her brothers friends, whilst making a new life for herself and trying  not to fall back in love with the one person who broke her heart in the first place. How will it all fair out for little Noriko.



Ninomiya Kazunari
Ohno Satoshi
Matsumoto Jun
Aiba Masaki
Sho Sakurai

Matsumoto Noriko
Kuroshino Usagi
Hitsugaya Hanako

Namida Yukio

Character Pairings:

Main: - Ninomiya Kazunari x OC (Matsumoto Noriko)
Side Main:- Ohno Satoshi x OC (Kuroshino Usagi)
side Pairings:- Slight Aiba Masaki x OC (Hitsugaya Hanako) (others will come in sequals)


Talking Key:
“Talking” – Japanese
“Talking”– English
‘Thinking’ – Both languages

(Side note: Yes i know Jun has an older sister not a younger one, but its fiction for a reason lol. Plus i dont think my idea for a story would have worked if i didnt change it to a younger sister lol)

summery for runaway sequel up~

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Chapter 13: I loved the whole story! Good job! :)
Chapter 3: So, I liked the story so far. I just saw something and I just want to correct it. You used: Hajimimae, watashi no Kuroshino Usagi Desu. But when introducing yourself, you should have said: Hajimimae, watashi WA Kuroshino Usagi desu. I hope that this wouldn't bother you. Gomen~
ilovenino #3
Chapter 13: I loved this story!!! Bless you for being so gorgeous, Nino-chan (;
Chapter 13: Aww so sweet! I love the ending! (though it would have been better if I didn't read the comments first >.<)
Before I started reading this story, I only know a little bit about Arashi. I learned more from your story!
I really really love the story!!
Chapter 7: Ahh that Masami is irritating! I'm with Usagi on that one XD. Aww Noriko is so cute! Oh man I really really love this!! And OMG!! Sho!! Sho!! I still feel giddy at Sho!
Chapter 1: I just started reading this and I already love it!!!
Can't wait to read the rest of the story!
omg...Nino's a daddy.. hehehehe this ought to be good. just wait til Jun finds out.
Nino...father...these two words are almost impossible to put together. :D I'm so curious! Matsujun is going to kill him. Can't wait for the sequel. Keep up this awesome work! :)
[deactivated] #9
omg so flippin' adorable~!!!!!!!!
i was really into this story and then i saw it was the last chapter i was like 'NOOOO!!'
but if there's a sequel on the way IM GONNA READ IT!!! I WANNA SEE A LITTLE NINO BABY!!!!!!
(plus i wanna see nino's reaction xD)
update soon~!!!!!!!
Hiwatarii #10
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei~ baby Neen on the waaaaay~ ><
omg you made me so happy Pocky-chan!!!