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TaeNy one/multi-shot collection



I've been gone for so long and I'm really sorry for not updating CMDM. I can't seem to get back on track so to "warm myself up" I tried writing a random story. (Consider this as my apology gift...)




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Chapter 3: Can I ask if the story Cafe has ended? If so, it is kinda sad that we readers won't witness how they become finally friends, or maybe even lovers :( I hope it is not finished tho! ^^
chyan01 56 streak #2
Chapter 2: Just find this nice story, but is this Cafe end in this chap 2 ? Please noooooo.... I need to know how will Taeny relationship go. Please author sii......
dorkykidleader24 #3
Chapter 3: Taeny will be in the next chapter and I can't wait.
Thanks for the update author -nim ^^
306 streak #4
Chapter 3: Can't wait to read the next chap authourssi and welcome back :D
Chapter 2: uh, hello. is the authour of this wonderful fanfic still alive? haha. came across this just now, and i find it really cute. i was even smilling the whole time while reading. just hoping you still want to update this, thank you. :)
Chapter 2: wow this was nice story :)
anyways thanks for sharing your story
4riesone #7
Chapter 2: Aww this is so sweet. a long year crush >,< author-ssi, please update it again if you have time ^^ really enjoy reading this kind of story~
baby_blue309 #8
Chapter 2: awwwwww >.< so cuteeeeeeeeee
soshibell #9
Chapter 2: aw aw aw awww. i swear i felt a stingy feeling from my fingers to my toes. im subscribing!!! its been a long time since i read this kind of story. love you dear author !!
lil111213141516 #10
Chapter 2: New reader right here ^^! I really love your story! It's sooo cuuute!! I hope you'll update soon ^^!