Victim Of My Presence


Lee Taemin is a young trainee dancer living in his own world, with no idea that his life is about to take a dramatic turn.


My bestfriend Jongin recently moved to America. We've been in frequent contact ever since but I really miss him, & it's soo obvious he's hiding something from me. Good news is our management is moving us there this Sunday !!

I can't wait to see his face when I turn up ! ^^


So this story I wrote for fun back in boarding school ... it probably might be crappy I'm sorry it was a while back plus I was never a good writer :/ ... but I just wanted try my hand at this 

I wonder if I'll get any readers tho, I'm new here (well kinda) ... aiishh..what am I doing ?!

Anyways its probs gonna be slight angst maybe a teensy bit of fluff (I luv readin fluff but I doubt I could write any decent stuff) & I'm not so sure about the characters, it was written as a fanfic to start but I think I might change the characters to my current liking - there'll deffo be 2min *sorrynotsorry I'm a hardcore shipper* - so yeah feel free to suggest characters if you're reading this ^_^

I'll try my best to put it up as soon as I can ... I'm currently crammin for MidTerm mocks soo yeah 

PS. I might change the title too O.o i don't think I like it 



P.P.S I've changed from innocentangel411 to 2min_shawol <3

Which title suited better ? This, or the previous 'Tough Love' ?


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Chapter 5: Plz update soon. I luv the story.