Rewinding Autumn.

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Autumn. 2013. It was a moment of miracle or rather a fate for both of them -- Jieun and Mino who had swore that they were only good friends that saved each other when both were stuck in the cruelity of life. One was a non-believer of destiny and hated the world who was against her right from the start of her birth and the latter was a boy-band member and a bright, smart underground rapper who believed that this was the start of his prime days after working so hard for years to only realized it was another struggle that the deity gave to him, only this time it was covered with greed and fame. They say sadness doesn't stay for eternity nor does love, but what about a sad love and tragic endings? Stuck in a same circle, will they found the answers from their encounters? Or will they found themselves hating fate more? And it all began on an Autumn night, with damp lightings on a Hongdae street and shy greetings that they found the meanings of having each other in their life.


There you are

Standing with that same bright smile

Eyes shining in a cresent shape

Arms welcoming me with a tight warm hug

And at that particular moment

I wished to stay with you 

Even when the sun was at it's peak

Even when the rain was pouring outside

Even when it was snowing heavily 

And more importantly

Even when autumn came to us everytime.

Authors note: leave a comment, subscribe and feedbacks! I haven't been writing in awhile now but I've decided to write this finally since I've been postponing since 2013.. but yea, I hope everyone will enjoy the plot! Have a nice day everyone~

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Chapter 1: Another iusinger fanfic to watch out. Looking forward to this.