This Forced Marriage

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This Forced marriage, that declared us freedomless

Being rich is nothing.

I was too dumb that I let myself get lured into his trap.

It wasn't my intention to fall for him.

Every time my eye catches him at school, he would always be making out or flirting with random girls.

Every time I get home, moans and groans would be heard.

He was a jerk.

He was an .

Yet, I loved him.

He never acknowledged me as a girl.

He never treated me like someone special.


He never served me as his wife.














I am in love with a man who I am forced to marry. I didn't like him at the beginning because of his unpleasant personality but as time passes by, I learn to love him. He is Byun Baekhyun.

He's not sweet nor romantic.

He's not good nor kind in other words.

But, why do I love him?

I don't know either.


It was painful, this agonizing love that led myself through the nights full of sadness and misery.

During daylight, I wear this beautiful –yet– fake smile of mine to create a strong facade.

When night-time comes, my gullibility took over my body, my stupidity and dumbness hovering almost all the insides of my body. I tried to ignore the loud moans that came from his room, the slaps of skins, the cracking sounds of the bed. I tried to ignore them. I really did.

Because the love that I felt towards him was so undeniably unbreakable.


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