Mr. Dentist 2 [sequel of Mr. Dentist]



Hanna and Hongbin enjoy their live like the most couple do. They spend time together, go out to the cinema, do face time at night and many other things. As a boyfriend, Hongbin is really protective. He can't stand Hanna stay close to a guy except Sanghyuk. Even though Sanghyuk likes Hanna but he doesn't mind if Sanghyuk stays close to Hanna because he knows who is Sanghyuk and he knows that Sanghyuk will never harm Hanna. Everything run smoothly until the worst era of their relationship come and blow their relationship. Will they stand still and stay together after they passed the first obstacle?

Or maybe this is the end of their relationship?



This is the sequel of my story Mr. Dentist

Hope you guys still like the story and enjoy it!



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bimbi21 #1
Chapter 31: Please. I want a sequel. Options A and C will do. Thank you
xoxo12xoxo #2
Chapter 31: A or C i guess!!
Chapter 31: Perhaps a or c or e... i really don't want both of them to seperated though.. huhu T.T
Chapter 31: I think A or D would be nice
Chapter 31: A or D I can't pick the others cause I just can't LOL XD
Chapter 31: b or c maybe ;)

and I'm so so sorry for being late in editting your Sehun story.
I had almost finished editting the chapters at that time,but unfortunately 2 of my computer drives were formatted due to some malfunctions and I had to do them all over again,but I've been so busy with school.
But I promise to send it to you the upcoming days;just a couple more chapters to do.
Chapter 30: Love this story very much❤
Good job author-nim :D
shinee4ever2012 #8
Chapter 9: OMG THATS TOO MUCH HONGBIN AH!! This fic is making me cry big time! This is soo sadddd
EXO1127 #9
Can u help me reach the first story??