"The only way you would ever get married Taeyeon, is if you were married to your work."

Mr Lim 


Hope you guys enjoy it! 


Little sidenote: 

1. In the world where this story takes place, homouality is seen as a normal variant. 

2. Therefore, gay marriage is considered the same as straight. 

3. Wish the world truly was like that  (TT.TT)

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nooneinparticular #1
great story hope you update again
cCyrus123 #2
I know this is abandoned but just wanted to say it is (was?) a lovely story
Couchpotato21 #3
Chapter 20: Pleaseeeee updateee~ this is one of the best stories I've seen so far it's grammatically perfect and has a nice flow as well, so please for the love of god and all the locksmiths update~~~
Chapter 20: when will you update author nim I missed this story~
Chapter 20: Update soon author nim....
farahspt #6
Chapter 20: Please author-nim update soon. I really love this story
Chapter 20: I m having taeny deprived moments lately, this story always warms my cold lonely taeny fanboy heart.. hahaha
2017 and i m still waiting tho :)
im reading this again and wow i still feel the same giddy feels the first time i read this. any chances you'll update soon? :)