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Pretty Girl and Baby Face Boy


Choi Eun Gi is an orphan.She had been abadoned by her parents when she still baby.One happy family came to the orphanage and pick she as their step daughter.Now her name not Choi but Bang.She got parents and big brother named Bang Yongguk.Eun Gi's first love made she had a bad trauma.And that made she hate a guy with baby face.She is queenka in school but she is not interested and just ignored that nickname.

In her school there's kingka called Exo-M.The most popular kingka named Luhan and he not interested with playGIRL and fake beauty.Want to know what happen keep forward this fanfic.Feel free to subscribes this fanfic. ^.^






Hye this my 2nd fanfics.I know that my first fanfic not complete yet.But,don't worry I'll keep update for you guys.If you interested with this fanfic don't forgot to subscribes!~







- pretty

- Bang Yongguk's stepsister

- hate baby face

- Queenka but act like normal students

- always hang out with B.A.P

- have natural beauty




- baby face

- hate fake beauty and playGIRL

-  hate people called baby face

- hang out with EXO-M

- the most popular among his friend    




- Eun Gi's big brother

- bestfriend with B.A.P

- love Eun Gi as sister

- lazy to go school

- rich

- study at home only




- Yongguk's bestfriend

- consider Eun Gi like their own sister

- know Eun Gi since they kindergarten

- only go to school for one day because they already intelligent

- have many skinship with Eun Gi but just dongsaeng skinship not couple.




- kingka in school

- Luhan's bestfriends      

- hate annoying girl

- has own speacial character




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