Rivalry in Kindergarten

Park Vs Kang

4 years later

“Heechul ah, I heard your cousin will study here, is that true?” Jungsoo asked when they walked to their class.

“Do you mean Sora?” Heechul asked. Jungsoo nodded.

“Yes, she will study here. Sungmin will study here too. Do you know that?”

“I know.”

When they in front of class, they heard a girl voice.

“Heechul oppa, wait me!”

Heechul and Jungsoo turned to the voice coming from. They saw a girl with short hair and a boy ran toward them. When she nears them, she immediately hugs Heechul. Heechul looked happy, while Jungsoo’s face looked sour.

“Sora, you are already here. Where is aunt?” Heechul asked.

“Omma is outside. I’m happy can study here with oppa,” Sora said happily.

“Sungmin ah, go to class and don’t disturb us. And bring her go from here,” Jungsoo said while pointed to Sora. Before Sungmin replied, Sora beat him to it.

“Who are you? You act like you are the owner of this school.”

“With money that I have, I can buy this school,” Jungsoo said boasting himself.

“Do you stupid? A child who’s 6 years old can’t have a school. Although later your age is 18 years old, you can’t have this school, because I will have this school first before you do that,” Sora replied. Heechul and Sungmin hold their laughter watched Jungsoo and Sora’s behavior.

“How dare you call me stupid, I’m older than you. You should call me oppa.”

“The person I call oppa just Heechul oppa not you.” Before Sora and Sungmin gone, Sora stuck out her tongue to Jungsoo.

“Don’t fight with Sora, actually she is a good girl,” Heechul said when they were in class waited their teacher.

“I don’t care, moreover our father competes to each other,” Jungsoo said sullen. Heechul shook his head when he saw Jungsoo’s act.


“Sora yah, wait,” Sungmin said while packed his stuff into his bag.

“Palli, I want to meet with Heechul oppa before go home,” Sora said who stand in front of the class to wait Sungmin. After Sungmin finished, they ran to Heechul’s class.

“Oppa,” Sora shouted when she saw Heechul and Jungsoo walked come out from class. Just at the moment Heechul near the door, Sora immediately hugs him.

“Aigoo,” Heechul chuckled.

“Tonight oppa will dinner in my house, right?” Heechul nodded.

“Yeay!!” Sora frowned when she heard Jungsoo snorted.

“Waeyo Jungsoo shi?” Sora asked.

“Nothing. Sungmin ah, let’s go,” Jungsoo said without looked at her, he kept walked with Sungmin who walked behind him.

“Let’s go Sora ya, maybe auntie already wait for you outside.”


“OMMA,” Sora shouted when she saw her mother sat with other parents, Bok Hee saw her daughter ran to her.

“Choirin, she is my daughter, Kang Sora,” Bok Hee said to woman beside her.

“Sora, this is omma’s friend, Park Choirin.”

“Annyeonghaseyo auntie,” Sora greeted Choirin.

“Woah, she is very beautiful,” Choirin praised and Sora smile.

“Omma, let’s go home,” Jungsoo said, pulled her mother’s arm.

“Okay, okay,” Choirin said to her son.

“We go first Bok Hee ah.” Bok Hee nodded.

“See you later Sora ya, Heechul ah,” Choirin, Jungsoo’s mom said while hug them both.

“Bye auntie.” Sora and Heechul bow for the last time.

“Heechul ah, do you want to go home first or come with us?” Bok Hee asked to Heechul.

“I want to go home first, I will come to your house at 07.00 am/pm.”

“Oppa, I want to play with you,” Sora whined.

“Sora, let Heechul rest first. You can play with him after dinner,” Bok Hee persuades her daughter.

“Oh, it’s my driver. See you later auntie, see you later Sora. Don’t be mad okay, I will play with you tonight,” Heechul convinced Sora.

“Okay, oppa. Bye.” Sora waved to Heechul.

“Come on, we go home too,” Bok Hee said to Sora while holding her hand.


Jungsoo’s POV

The moment we entered our house, I and my mother were welcomed by a butler and five maids. They form a line like welcomed royal family. And now I feel like a little prince. Although this house is very big, the people live here just appa, omma, Inyoung noona, and I. Grandpa prefer live in old folk’s home, I don’t know the reason why he want live there, in fact we always care to him. Woo Mi auntie, Sungmin’s mother choose to live with his husband. For me, this house is too big although we always together. My father is the best father. Although he is a busy person, he never forgets us, his family.

“Jungsoo, after change your clothes go down here. Omma will make your favorite snack,” my mother said before I walked up to my room in upstairs. In this house, we have many maids but my mother prefers cooked herself for us. My family certainly is the great.

Jungsoo’s POV End


Sora’s POV

“Sora ya, Heechul arrived.” I heard my mother’s voice from downstairs. Finally! I quickly get up from my bed. When I opened the door, I saw the boy I like in front of me with his adorable smile. Yup! I like Heechul oppa, my cousin. Besides my father, he is the only boy who closes with me.

“Princess, you don’t like if I come, do you? Why you just quiet?” he asked bring me back to earth. I don’t like it if he calls me like that in public. But if we alone, I want he call me princess than Sora. Without thinking, I hug him tightly.

“Of course I’m happy you come here,” I answered smiling.

“Princess, yeobo, I’m home,” and now I heard the voice from the man I love. I looked Heechul oppa to confirm it and he nodded. I released his hug and ran to downstairs. I saw omma hug appa to welcome him.

“Appa... appa,” I called him.

“Princess, you look more beautiful,” appa said while carry me, I hold him tightly.

“Of course she is beautiful, she’s our daughter,” omma replied appa.

“I’m beautiful because I resemble appa,” I said teasing my mother.

“Do you say if I’m ugly?” Omma said while pretended to be angry, we laughed together.

“Good evening Jae Ryung uncle,” Heechul oppa greeted when he stood in front of appa.

“Heechul ah, you’re here. Did Sora force you to come here?” My father said playfully. Everybody laughed and I pouted.

“You guys must be hungry, come on we eat before the food become cold,” my mother said before went to dining room.

“Let’s go,” I shouted excitedly.

I feel happy when I saw my family like this.

Sora’s POV End


Every year Hagwon Kindergarten holds a competition between the classes. Everybody must participate included the parents. Because this is the first time for Sora joined competition, her father make uniform for her team.

“Oh, look!” One of Sora’s friends said while pointed to Sora, exactly to the person who’s behind Sora. When she turned around, she shocked after she saw the person in front of him, and vice versa, he shocked too.

“Why you wear the same uniform with me?” Jungsoo and Sora asked in unison.

The design of their uniform looked same, but Sora’s team’s uniform is green and Jungsoo’s uniform is blue. Jungsoo and Sora ran to search their parent to ask an explanation.

“Appa, look at him!” Sora said to her father and pointed Jungsoo who’s talking with his father too.

“What’s wrong?” Jae Ryung asked didn’t understand the problem.

“Our uniform is same, why is it can be like this? Appa said our uniform is the only one, why their uniform same with us?” Sora said protest, while her father just being quiet.

“I’m sorry Sora ya,” Jae Ryung said weakly.

“This is just uniform, don’t think too much. Now go meet your team,” her mother said which followed by Sora immediately.

“Why is our ideas always same?” Jae Ryung asked frustrate after Sora walk away.

“It called fate,” his wife said teasing him.

“Ugh, I hate him.” His wife just chuckled.

“I don’t think so, I think you love him,” his wife said teasing him more.


“Appa, my clothes is same with that kid,” Jungsoo said while pointed Sora who’s with her team.

“Appa really don’t know, I’m sorry,” Jiyong said.

“Why do you have to feel sorry? You should feel happy because you still one heart with him,” Choirin said teasing him after Jungsoo went to his team. Jiyong just ignored her.

The competition gets started, some contests already done. And now they will compete in a match which the students and parents waited. The match is need teamwork between parent and student.

“Everybody, please listen how to play it,” one committee said.

“The fathers will carry their child at their back and the father’s eyes will close. The children’ duties are directing and tell their father the direction. In area, we prepared obstacles to make this match to be difficult. Every participant has their route for themselves but the obstacles are same. The participants have to walk around piles of three tires radius one meter. 2nd obstacle is going up and down with staircase. The last obstacle, the fathers have to pick a flag as many as possible with instruction from your child and run to finish line. Do you understand??”


“Are you ready?”

“We are ready!” the participants replied in unison. Kang Sora and Park Jungsoo joined in this match with their father.

“Sora, are you ready?” Jae Ryung asked to Sora.

“Ne appa,” Sora answered seriously.

“Sora, Sora, Sora,” they heard a shout from Bok Hee and Sora’s friends.

“Jungsoo, Jungsoo, you have to win,” Choirin and Jungsoo’s friend shouted his name too.

“Appa, we have to win,” Jungsoo said to Jiyong.

“Of course”

The other teams shout too for their friend who joins in this match too.

“ARE YOU READY??” a referee shouted to participants.

“YES!!” they answered in unison.

“One... Two... Three... Go!!”

All participants begin ran to their destination.

“Appa, turn to your left.”

“Appa, turn to your right.”

“Appa, 1 step, 2 steps, now to left.”

Many different instructions came from the student who participate this race including Sora and Jungsoo, they told their father where’s to go. They didn’t care about the other, they just do their best to win.

“Appa, the flag in your right,” Jungsoo shouted.

“Appa, keep walking. The flag in front of you,” Sora shouted too.

This race became more interesting because audiences want to know who’s going to win this race. Both Jungsoo and Sora near the finish.

“Appa, run!! The finish line in front of us,” Sora said hugging her father tightly.

“Appa, there is one more flag and then we will finish. Keep walking appa,” Jungsoo said and then he continued, “Turn left now appa and pick the flag in front of you.”

Jungsoo saw Sora’s team walked to the finish line and he became alert.

“Appa, quick!! Our rival near the finish,” Jungsoo informed his father and Jiyong became alert too. Jiyong increased his speed; he didn’t want to lose to him, he want to win.

When Jungsoo came to them, Sora looked at him and stuck out her tongue.

“Appa, our rival now beside us,” Sora informed her father. Jae Ryung increased his speed, he didn’t want to lose to him.

Sora and Jungsoo saw the finish line, they hold their fathers tightly because their father increased their speed. They didn’t care about the others, they just want to win. And now the finish line in front of them.

“Yes, we win!!” Jungsoo and Sora shouted in unison and make their fathers confused. Jiyong and Jae Ryung take the cloth that covers their eyes. They saw their child glared at each other.

“Who’s the winner?” Jiyong asked to Jungsoo.

“We are, appa,” Jungsoo replied.

“No, we are the winner!!” Sora shouted.

“Sora, tell me who’s the winner?” Jae Ryung asked to his daughter and mocked Jiyong.

“WE ARE THE WINNER!!” Sora shouted and throws her little fist.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but we have the result,” the referee said to them. They listened to him carefully.

“The winner is...”

“Both of you are the winner.”

“WHAT??” Jiyong and Jae Ryung shout in unison make the people around them startled.

“We watched the video when you reach the finish line and we saw you reach in same time,” the referee explained to them. But they don’t want to believe it.

“No way,” Jiyong denied it.

“In this world, there are not two winners,” Jae Ryung said furiously.

“We win and you lose, that’s it the result,” Jiyong said and pointed to Jae Ryung.

“No, we win and you lose,” Jae Ryung said didn’t want to lose.

“Oh my God,” Bok Hee said when she saw his husband argued like a child.

“Bok Hee ah, can we go home? I’m embarrassed now because of them,” Choirin said.

“Okay, let leave them here,” Bok Hee said before she and Choirin went back home.

While their father argued, Jungsoo and Sora still glared to each other.

“Aigoo, you should be happy because both of you is the winner. Don’t be like that,” Heechul said while standing between them.

Before they fight, Sungmin drag Sora back to their team and Heechul brought Jungsoo to their team forcefully.


After the competition, Park Jungsoo and Kang Sora tried to compete to another in any ways they can do. They want to be the best and it is not only happened between them. Rivalry between their fathers continued in their business.

Let say the rivalry between Park and Kang still continued.


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