First Snow


"Oppa, last night I heard on the radio that tonight might be snowing for the first time this year. Its first snow. I hope we can watch it together." You tell him as you lean over his body.


"Lets wait." He tell you.


"Seriously?" You look at him. He nod. You smile. The cold night feel warm beside him. You can feel his warm breathe. You're hoping to stay like this forever.


"Waiting for the first snow tonight, makes me remember when the first time we met. It was snowing for first time on that year." Baekhyun is reminiscing the memory. You feel glad that he still remember the day you first met him.


"I wish to see the first snow with you every year and forever." You tell him your wish.


"Really? Me too." He agree with you.


"Whenever I see snow I remember you. If I miss you I'll feel the snow. " His words  touch your heart. 


This is my first attempt ever making fanfic in english. I've never done it before. So I'm so sorry if my english are bad. I'm not an excellent writer but I've try my best. Hope you like this and hope you will undestand what am I trying to deliver here :) Enjoy reading ~

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Chapter 1: Wow an unexpected ending.. XD
nakano-natsuki #2
Chapter 1: I thought it will be happy-end. But sudden it become a sad ending.. :'(
Chapter 1: Omg i'm melting/crying/having too many feels This is so sudden but i like the story
Chapter 1: Wae???!!! TTATT
Why does it happen so sudden?! ><
It turns to be a sad one at the end of this romance story... -le cries-
Btw you wrote it in a very beautiful way, author-nim! <3