Sehun, a wolf boy who's only 11, was loved in his pack, EXO. EXO cared for him, and made him feel loved. But, the insults saying that he's weak, hurts. The other's told him not to worry, but it gets worse.


What if Sehun ran away? What if he came back?

Back as a different person.

Would the others love it? Or would they hate it?


"Hyung~!", A eleven-year old tugged on a older teenager's sleeve. "Sehun? What is it?", the older asked."Kai, he won't get off my bed!", Sehun whined,"Kris~! Hyung, help me get him off!"

Kris chuckled, the younger was doing aeygo to him.


Eight years passed ever since the last time Sehun was ever seen. Every one hit rock bottom.

Kris was in training room, which is the living room, watching Tao and Kai train

Knocking was set on the door, and Kris went to go open it, stopping the two training. The person who knocked shocked everyone





Oh Sehun


Wu Yi Fan


The rest of EXO






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teufelchen_netty #1
Chapter 10: I look forward for more
teufelchen_netty #2
Chapter 1: Interesting start
exobb230 #3
Chapter 9: update plz
KpopForever31 #4
Chapter 10: I understand how you feel. I have been crying alot since the accident, so take your time
BrokeGirls #5
Chapter 10: I understand u even though I don't know EunB and Rise I still crieca lot when I heard they died. But if you need time, take all the time you want. Don't worry we're there for you if you need! :)
Chapter 10: Just do what you need to. You need to be ok, so please take your time ♡
Chapter 10: I understand how you feel but you cant give up, I know it hurts but be strong.... Im sure they dont want to see or know their fans are suffering... let's all stick together as a kpop fan.. were a big family even if were not in the same or same fandoms
Chapter 10: Cheer up! Hang in there!! Honour Eunbi and Rise's death with a smile, they're deaths were so sudden... They had so much life in them... Take all the time you need!
kpopforme #9
Chapter 10: i hope you feel better. i send my condolences. stay strong :')
mikahina #10
Chapter 8: OMG that update tho ! thanks haha can't wait for the next chappie :D