Could it be... I like you?

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As two of the biggest Hallyu stars fall in love on screen, a different love story unfolds behind the cameras. But will the pressures of being in the public eye take a toll on their budding love? Or will they give in to their hearts' plea and take a chance?


This fanfiction is all about Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. It's a story about what could have happened before, during, and after filming their drama, The Heirs. I try to incorporate realistic elements as much as I can. But remember, this is still fiction! Enjoy reading!

This story begins at the last shoot of Heirs.


Hello! My name is Patti and this is my first ever story here on AFF. I've been a long time fan of the beautiful and talented Park Shin Hye and when I found out that she was starring in a drama with the drop dead gorgeous Lee Min Ho, I was over the moon! I was expecting a great performance from the two, but what I didn't expect was the sizzling chemistry. I'm now a certified MINSHIN shipper! Since I couldn't get enough of them, I decided to write this fanfic. :)

I'd like to thank the Minshin Soompiers for encouraging me to start this story, and to my wonderful R.E. friends (you know who you are) who I delightfully spazz with every single day. Most of all, thanks to you awesome readers.

I'd really appreciate it if you subscribe, comment, and upvote! I love you all!



Please don't copy/translate/re-publish/print/distribute without my permission.

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Watch out for plagiarists please. :(


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Happy holidays!

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im here to visit and wishing u a very good luck!
Chapter 51: Patti...miss you Congratulations !!!! @[email protected]
Congratulations on the feature!
Chapter 38: I really like this story and I can't stop reading! It's interesting to see how the two try to handle their love life hypothetically in real life. Also it's like you predicted the future without knowing it. Choosing Jong Suk and at the end of the year they starred in a drama together. At some other parts of the story I thought the same XD You did a good job writing this beautiful story authornim! And congratulations on getting featured too! ^^
meann24 #7
Chapter 36: i love this storie.. gomawo writernim.
i just start 2days ago..
Wow.... congratulations!
182 streak #9
Congrats ^^
Congrats on getting featured!!