Special ; Wooliment's New Girl Group[apply closed]



Infinite, yes, you know, the rookie group from 2010 that gained millions of Inspirits by storm? 
Well now it's 2012 and Woolim Entertainment decided that Infinite needed a sister group. 
And that group was no other than Special. 
Special is a girl group consisting of seven members. Each with their own special talents. Special is like no other group, this group isn't only Koreans. No, but they are mixed Korean girls that are required to learn four languages. Seven talented young women that are "Unique, Lovely, Precious, and are Cherished" in their own ways. 
Though they come world wide, by Woolim's potential,these young women are extremely talented. 
What's the catch? Well, it just so seems that Special will be sharing a home with Infinite rather than staying in dorms. This is just an experiment of Woolim's. But what will become of the two groups?
 And that's where six other chosen applicants come in.



Special : Wooliment new girl group
an uprising korean pop group made my Woolim entertaiment. 
infinite's sister. 
Mulit-talented girl group knowing four main languages,
korean, chinese, japanese, and english. 
Korean - Precious 
Chinese - Unique 
Japanese - Lovely 
English - Cherish
First off; this is my FIRST APPLY fanfic
Second of all and the last ; I will be accepting only SIX girls. Since I am putting myself in the story just for the hell of it.
The REAL rules. 
oo1. Fill out the application, located on next chapter
oo2. No bashing please, it's rude and unforgiving. It discourages myself and others. It's also called bullying. 
oo3. I'm not looking for quantity in the applications. It's the quality that counts. ; quality over quantity. 
oo4. The password is, inspirits and precious
oo5. If you aren't selected to be one of the seven other members in the group, for one, very sorry, and two, you may appear in the story. by either request for the spot you want or just by my random decision.
oo6. I usually try my hardest to update often, but I have another story. I'm going to be busy every then and now so be nice to me and avoid throwing cupcakes at me!
oo7. I'm saying this now. In the fanfics I make, I often use Korean words such as ; umma, appa, aish, aigoo, aegyo, hyung, oppa, unnie, dongsaeng and so on. But just as I am now, I type in English.
oo8. At least comment every three to four chapters so I know you didn't abondon your character. If you are going to be gone for a while - tell me!
oo9. After submitting your application, please comment with the name of your charater so I can make sure I got your application. 
o10. Deadline you ask? Hm, I suppose August First ? I might extend it. The deadline is kind of close because I have no patience and I'm really excited to start the story.
o11. Have fun applying, Girls!
More information will be in the next chapter.
By the way; after the applying and character choosing is over,

i'm going to make a new story thread thingy so i don't stuff

this thing. the teasers and characters chosen will be in this

story thread thingy.

FINALLY, August first. Today is the cut off. 

I am no longer accepting applications. 

Thanks to all of those who applied and subscribed and commented.

I will say this now, because you've all been such a great audience(?) I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

. . . . . . . . 

I have a surprise set for those who did not get their desired role. <3<3<3

Stay tuned and PLEASE don't unsubscribe unless you're a buzzkill <3 ^^
(fixed typo <3 thanks for telling me!)

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it's totally okay! <3 i think all of us understand what it's like to be busy <3
Aww! I like the teaser! I'm so happy this is going to start!
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Cute ^^
Kei is so funny and cute!!xD
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Heee heee , Kei blushing infront of Sunggyu ! Kyaa .. Aww , no maknae corner !
kyyaaa~ <3 i'm so excited for the story =)))
super giggling~<br />
LOVED this <3<br />
can't wait for the story to officially start!
Omo, kahsamida for choosing me ^0^<br />
I can't wait for the story~!<br />
Hwaiting~! ^-^
congrats to everyone!<br />
and i totally understand.<br />
i have soooooooo much school work now<br />
i barely have time for anything else!<br />
so just take your time~
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Congrats to all ~ And thanks for putting me in DRE4M3RS ^^<br />
Love cha ~ xD<br />
Can't wait for the story . Hwaiting :)