Blackjack Blacksheep : YG AGENCY *HIATUS*


Meet the Yang Seuk Agency clusters:


There are agents who are called Duplicates. They are agents who are trained to be just like the agent that trained them. So that each agent can be presented as the same person.


Then there are the Infiltrator-Protectors who are made to become shadow warriors. The best way to describe them would be that they are the most emotionally attached agents. They are trained to take care of the client so that they feel safe enough to have a normal life and not worry about whatever danger they are in.


Then there are the Blacksheeps. They are the counter-terrorist agents. Their main task is to kill enemies of the state. Their identities are not revealed to other agents. So they might appear as Duplicates or Infiltectors.


The last and deadliest are the Custodians. There is only one Custodian at one time. They are tasked to clean up after agents who screwed up their mission. It’s not often that it happens so this position is coveted but also the least safe. Since the Custodian is also the agent who is tasked to kill rouge agents. If a Custodian goes rouge then another one is activated to kill him.


Each one knows that death is their only real enemy. And that life can be taken in less than a second. So how do you fight to have love and happiness if your job is to protect or kill?



A/N: This is just a story idea. Just like the story idea for the Big Bang Myth story.

But I just didn’t want to lose this idea.


I am thinking of making this less romance more action and connecting it to my FIND MY TOP MELODY fanfic where Seunghyun’s character is a Infiltrator/Protector for Yang Seuk Agency.

Please encourage me to update with UPVOTES ^.^ 
Blackjack BlackSheeps actually exists. But it's actually a 2ne1lovers fanpage made by a bunch of crazy querky Blackjacks who are more than a bit rabid when it comes to protecting and loving (our) their Empresses of Kpop. 
So yeah. 
I am a VIP, YG stan, Blackjack Blacksheep. I am also a baby ELF and likes EXO (not the sasaeng fans). I am also a fan of Rain amongst others. 
P.S. I am not an SNSD or Sone hater. *just in case people would ask* I am an "immature fan" hater. 
All use of SM artists are antagonists is just for the sake of using names. ^.^ If I included their names here then it is a good thing because knowing that idol's name means they exist in my kpop radar. ^.^ 

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