Just a Geek.


Kris left me, an accountant at a small bank, for Tao, a young front-door guard for Gucci. There's nothing special about Tao; just that he's not a geek.



Ayoooo it's bubbletea_life here again, this time with a twoshot! (If you want to see a collection of EXO oneshots by yours truly, click here)

I am also planning a Taoris fic! Excitement, excitement! \(*o*  )/ \(  *o*)/ I can't wait to release it and I hope you can't wait too :)

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Title: Just a Geek


  1. Lay.
  2. Kris.
  3. Link to alternate ending

Angst; Rated PG for mild, suggestive language, sensitive topics

Characters: Lay (Yixing), Kris, Tao, Suho (Kim Joonmyeon) from EXO


Kris has always been Lay's boyfriend. They've dated for three years.

But Kris suddenly disappeared for three months.

As far as Lay knows, they're still together. But as he sits, lonely and heartbroken in his own pool of tears, he receives a call. Or really, a voicemail.

"Hey uh, Yixing? Yeah. Um. Sorry I haven't told you. But I'm in China. And we're over."

And now, as Lay recalls his memories of their relationship, he realizes it had turned sour once a blonde-haired Chinese boy appeared in their lives. 

Huang Zi Tao. A Gucci lover, skilled at Wu Shu, tall, and so cute he's y.

No wonder.

No wonder Kris left me for him.



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xSilverx #1
Chapter 3: OMG I read the alternative ending in hopes of getting a happy ending for Fanxing, but omg the alternative ending made me even sadder with Yixing not getting his peace :((((
xSilverx #2
Chapter 2: I'm crying so so much. It's so well written, and I really enjoyed this emotional ride. I'll probably make a new comment after reading the alternative ending xx keep up the great work love x
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 2: Oh
although I knew it would happen
I was expecting that ending for taoris
hell I didn't like the idea of Taoris
he didn't deserve this
man my heart is clenching with pain
Chapter 3: So heartbroken </3 even though I don't ship Kray this was so sad..
Wouldn't he have called an ambulance instead of breaking down though..? ._.
47 streak #5
Chapter 3: Oh my god that story is really depressing... I'm heartbroken u.u my baby Lay is dead and had to suffer so much >.< I definetly liked the alternative ending better ^^
thunder99 #6
Chapter 3: Omg this was so heart wrenching...beautifully written tho...if only they had waited or even tried to talk :'(
Thank you so so so much XD
Yes ~ thank you so much ! You're so considerate for us ouo Thank youuu ! :3
dfsdccnsjdnfsjkvnwljefb thank you for considering to write an alternate ending. /sobs
you don't how much that angst ending wrecked me.

i'm happy you finally wrote it. i've requested that before and now i'm haaaaaaaaaaapy~
thank you again. <3
This is good! I love it!