The LEE Family


Suddenly it hit me, most of my favorite artists in Kpop have Lee family names so I decided to make a story with them as the main leads. Hope you will like it, I think I will enjoy writing this story. It will be much much different from my Playing Cupids series. To those asking if the missing members of FTI and CNB will make their appearance in this series, I seriously don't know. This is more of a family oriented story but romance will still make a big part of the story. Hope some of you will subscribe and will like the story.

The Lee Family:

Jangwoo - (25 y/o) oldest son, married to Ham Eunjung, an architect

Jonghyun - (22 y/o) second son, Hongki's twin, lead guitarist/sub vocal FnC Band

Hongki - (22 y/o) third son, Jonghyun's twin, main vocalist FnC Band

Jaejin - (21 y/o) fourth son, bassist FnC Band

Jieun - (19 y/o) fifth daughter, freshman in college, occasionally performs with her brothers in their band


Supporting Characters:

Ham Eunjung - wife of Jangwoo

Park Shinhye - the only girl friend of the Lee twins

Im Yoona - no. 1 fan girl of Jonghyun

Suzy - IU's bestfriend and the prettiest girl in school

Minhwan - IU's bestfriend. FnC Band drummer

Yonghwa - family friend of the Lee's. Leader/guitarist in FnC Band.

Seohyun - Yonghwa's girlfriend and Jaejin & Yoona's bestfriend.


Lee Jangwoo had grew up and matured faster than he was supposed to. Seven years ago when he was just 18 years old, his parents who were both singers died due to an airplane crash and he was left to take care of his four younger siblings.

Jonghyun and Hongki, though twins are just the complete opposite of each other. Jonghyun who was 15 minutes older than Hongki is the responsible one of the twins. He's serious in everything he does, he's a perfectionist and he always protects the mischievous Hongki who's always getting himself into trouble. Hongki, grew up more relaxed than his twin. He's more friendlier and outgoing. When their parents died when they just 15 years old, the twins told Jangwoo to just focus his attention on their two younger siblings since they're both big boys now. They helped Jangwoo in every possible way they can by having part time jobs.

Jaejin, the fourth son showed signs of being a genius since he was just a baby. He's always first in his class and he excels in everything he sets his mind on, well except for sports where his three hyungs were famous for. Though he's a genius, growing up with three handsome hyungs didn't make him the typical geek who's an outcast in school but being blessed with good genes, he's also pretty famous for his looks in their class. He's now turning 21.

Last but not the least, the only girl in the Lee family, Lee Jieun or IU as they call her. Growing up with four handsome oppas made her the object of envy of most of the girls in their school. All her oppas are legends in their school especially now that three of them are members of the famous FnC Band. All her oppas took turns in taking care of her but she's closest to Jaejin who since their parents died made it his responsibility to take care of her.

Though they were orphaned at a very young age, the Lee siblings grew up in a very warm and loving home and this is their story.

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Chapter 36: great story !!!
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