Miracle in December

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We were happy. Me and him.

We loved each other, or at least I believed we truly did.

But, he left me.

On 25 December,


A supposedly happy day for all

except for us.




Hi guys! This is inspired by EXO's Miracle of December, I have to say that the song is truly beautiful and the lyrics are really beautiful and touching.

I love how smooth chen's voice is, I guess he's my favourite among the vocal line, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo and Luhan.

I decided to write about Tao, because firstly, he is my bias in EXO-M .

Secondly, I haven't wrote anything about him  hahas, I feel a little guilty?

I hope you guys enjoy this.


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Chapter 1: Tao!don't die...ask Lay to treat you...LOL...nice story~
Chapter 1: eo? don't die tao-yah!!
nad-ia #3
Chapter 1: Please updateee !!!
I need it !!!
i'm in^^ your description caught me!!
updateeeee! :3