The Iron Maiden

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An Olden Prophesy. A Forbidden Love. An Ancient Tale.


Come, dive into this madness.





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princessY #1
Chapter 6: Wow, the amount of research behind this masterpiece is really something. I think you could do very well as a writer. Thank you for this amazing craftwork
Chapter 6: I LOVED. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST FICS I HAVE READ. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Chapter 6: I wanna knoe what happened to Jiwoon though ? And how -or who- hung Myioung up (if she was already too weak when he found her) ?
Also i would have preferred the storie to just stop at when Taeyeon had found Myioung -and then she 'd have taken her life, a bit like in Romeo and Juliet- for the ending was too depressing...
Chapter 6: wow... i was really expecting a happy ending but that f-cked me up lol.
i'm happy that i was able to find this story
it's good to find something out of the ordinary to read ^^
taenysic3981 #5
Chapter 5: This story is so good that you got me craving for more chapters thank you for the good story author
KimTY_99 #6
Wow, 2 years has passed and this masterpiece's effect on me didn't change a bit. Still overwhelms the outta my brains hahahaha. I love this story and I'll probably come back to this after another 2 years for the next milleniums until Taeyeon is finally free hahahaha! Preachhhh!
Chapter 6: This was perfect.
Krystaljung2410 #8
Chapter 6: This is my second time re-reading this story because it is so good but I still cried like a baby. But the first time I read it I didnt comment so im going to comment for the first time niw. From the beginning knew it had a sad ending because of review I read, so i held off reading it for a while. Until I thought I could read it, but after reading it I was wrong I wasn't ready to read something painful. (I get really immersed in taeny fics, so when its a sad one i usually am crying rivers.) So naturally i was bawling my eyes out. Nothing could have prepared me for the heartache I felt for Taeny in here. It was so well written, I was immersed in the story and felt i was in the story witnessing taeny's tragic love.
First off let me start by saying this fanfic was amazing.. As a critical reader though I would like to point a few things out, not as judgement but to critic your work. Just out of curiosity what was the symbolization or purpose for Tiffany to be re-born. Speaking realistically or even fanfiction wise Taeyeon and Tiffany could never get back together. Even if Taeyeon was revived by Yuri, the age gap between them would be so great that it would be a bit revolting and odd if they got back into a relationship (Taeyeon is million/hundreds of years old, while Tiffany is just re-born, would kind of be like a kid dating an old lady). I'm really hoping this story gets a sequel as I am very curious how you would play that bit out/what would happen. Really gotta give it to you this story was jjang, tho the tragedy was even worse than Romeo and Juliet, I mean at least those two end up together LOL. Great story, wonderful writing, I really hope you post a sequel ! Fighting! Thank you for this beautiful piece of work. :)
Keystrings #10
Chapter 1: I have read a hell lot of fanfics, somehow i kinda ignored this story on purpose even thoug it has really a great review. No offense mr/ms author its just that i hate sad endings and cliffhangers. Yet im giving this one a chance to see what people are fussing about. So im on my first chapter i just have to commend this is one eloquent writting. Well done. I will comment along the way. Even thou i know you might not read my comments. ☺☺☺