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a shadowhunters kaisoo fanfiction



Byun Kyungsoo grew up in the most mundane way – oblivious to the world with only his music and art to occupy his already estranged teenage life. But when his parents disappears and his best friend dies saving his life on a crowded Seoul street, it was never the same again.

Kim Jongin was raised as a Shadowhunter – a race of Nephilim that vowed to protect the security and secrecy of the mundane world and of the Shadow World – but with a single mission: to find the greatest risk the Shadowhunters ever had in more than a decade. He was still on the verge of figuring it out – gouging the flesh mongers and drug dealers of downtown Seoul for information, and trying to solve out what the Downworlders are now claiming to be the downfall of the Nephilim, but at a fair cost.

In a world where the unusual dwells and the trickery of the ancient plays under the normalcy of the mundanes – Kyungsoo and Jongin bequests on their personal justices to find what they have been seeking, forming an unlikely ally, with the will to sacrifice the one true cost of their mission: their own lives.





Dear people who had the chance to read the first version of this story and came back to what it is today:

It's been two years and now I'm back. I wanted to do a revision to this story mainly because I have nothing else to do and because why not. The things I had done to this story before would change, I will warn you on that, because it makes me cringe and laugh my off illegally on how my twelve year old self strived to write this story :)

I don't think I owe you all any explanations now.


carranam (former 920921)



This is a Shadowhunter fanfic based from books by Cassandra Clare.

If you're not aware of the world system of this particular novel, I advise you to at least watch the movie.

But fear not! I'll try to introduce you to the world Cassie Clare had created in this fanfic as much as I can.



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brand new prologue is up.


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Joke! Cool playlist, though!
:3 I know what will happen -
Chapter 1: I'm with Tobiowasaki
Chapter 1: Hello! I feel like this fic has great potential and I feel obligated to give criticism. I don't know if the fic is the same here and on wattpad(i read from wattpad) but these are what I have to say:

1. The story is well written, almost the same style as Cassandra Clare's, actually.
2. Do you have an editor? This is crucial because I saw that you planning to reproduce this, if ever? There are a lot of grammatical hooplas going on, recurring ones that need to be fixed(subject-verb agreement) , although you may have knowledge of this already.
3. Some information are incoherent and it leaves plot holes. Like, Kyunsoo called Jongin as Jongin even though he introduced himself as Kai when they first met.

I really feel that you should know because as I said, this has great potential since it is written do well, aesthetically, and the technicalities need work.

But good job on this, authornim! :D
ahhhh sequel !!
theeastsea #7
ack, i feel like i read the ending too hastily to know if suho really loved kyungsoo or not.. but. ah. is that up for interpretation or was it really an act? the... tears after speaking to his father says otherwise? ah ah aha ha gotta read the sequel!
Chapter 27: sweet! this sounds awesome ^^
Chapter 23: so so what would happen now????
i think i missed a lot of updates -_-

will you update angelfall soon?? hehehe
Chapter 27: wahh i would totally love to have the book ^^ considering i love this story a lot. wow 300+ pages.