Being That



You're the girl who no one notices.  The girl who shyly hides behind the lens of a camera, hoping to capture the world without it noticing.  The girl who sees.  The wallflower.
Krystal Jung is the known queenka.  The princess who's hiding a secret she's terrified of letting be known. The girl who is in process of tearing herself down mentally.  The pained onlooker.
You and her.
Two different lives.
Two different stories.
But when Krystal's secret is viciously exposed, you're somehow drawn together.
And maybe, just maybe, you can help piece each other back together.
1. idk ill probably only finish this is someone like, gave me a karambit fade or something
2. the kpop fandom is generally toxic and a not so happy place so um... bahlegdeh
3. remember to eat locally and sustainably bois
4. yas lauren get it lauren
5. instalock widowmaker

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princessY #1
Congrats for the feature
pudding_islove #2
Chapter 6: I made a fool of myself so please update HAAHHAA
Chapter 1: My guy, excellent writing. And super unique. I hope you continue (but also, I 1000000% feel you on the kpop fandom. Like they gotta do betta.)
Chapter 4: Omg i love this
Chapter 6: I think u get karma points because a lot people subcribe and upvote?
Chapter 6: Me wants~! :D
30 streak #8
Chapter 6: i waànt
just_smile12399 #9
Chapter 6: Yes please ^o^..
sman23 #10
Chapter 6: That would be awesome if I can get some karma point, hmm, yep.
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