Exo Rock N Roll

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A high school girl name Ginny Lee is a rock music fangirl and is inspired to form a rock band of her own. She comes up with an idea to use pretty boys

to make up her band members. She auditions them, picks a handful of them to make things going for her. Through her band, Ginny experiences various 

different things, such as: romance while learning  friendship and self respect  too. 



Name: Ginny Lee

Age: 16


In love with Rock music. She is bit of a tomboy but she has other sides too and something triggers her to bring them out.



Name: Jongin Kim



 He loves to dance. He is usually quiet and keeps to himself but when the time comes he is friendly and warmhearted.



Name: Kris Wu



He is a natural leader but a little on the mysterious side.  He can come off to be too quiet but learns how to be talkative.


Name: Luhan


A very outgoing person by nature and a social butterfly but sometimes he could be a bit shy which is out of his normal element.


Name: Chanyeol Park



He is somewhat mischiveious and goofy. He is good with finding out secrets like a detective,he is like a curious George and needs to know.

Name: Lay Zhang Yixing



He is motherly,and puts others before himself.  He is usually in the background, observing the people around him.


Title of the story: Exo Rock N Roll.

Characters: 3 main characters,3 side characters and a handful of cameos.

Pairings: OC and one of the male leads and several other characters will be fighting for the person that want. No .

Genre: Band Romance and Fluff.

Warnings: You might not like the coupling.

Bands: Exo,Shinee,Suju and Girls Generation.

Rating: PG


Author's Note: I am huge rock music fangirl and same goes with Kpop and I decided to combine the two things I love. Originally, Chanyeol from Exo gave me this idea when I was imagining who in Exo would like Rock and found out that Chanyeol was into rock music and thus Exo Rock N Roll was born.

This is my first fanfic so there will be problems here and there so please understand. Hopefully you'll like it and I will be looking forward to gaining more readers. If you like it please don't forget to sub it and leave a comment,that would mean a lot to me. Thank You.

I don't know how long this is gonna go because I am posting it as I go but I estimate it will around 50 chapters.



Poster: Wolfandthebeauty 


This is her blog so if you any of you need help with your graphics shoot her a message. 




Also, I have been trying my best to make my story interesting while updating as frequently as I possibly can.

It would be great to receieve your support and I will work really hard to make this story enjoyable.

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luluhunnie #1
Chapter 30: Whew! All caught up :) Hyoyeon, honey, please back up! And you too Kris! ><)/ This is no way to try and win peoples' hearts. I'm glad Lay is finally finding his voice. ^^ I still feel bad for Luhan though~ but at least he's still nice to Tiffany!
Chapter 27: Wow, his ex showed up and she's trying to get him back -.- sigh. Well at least Kai is putting effort into not getting influenced by her but its also causing a misunderstanding between him, Ginny, and Kris x.x maybe I read it wrong but it seems like Kris wants Ginny to break up with Kai...as much as Kris is my bias, I hope he doesn't try to deliberately break them up x.x

Still getting over the fact that Kris might not be a part of EXO..sighh.
luluhunnie #3
Chapter 25: Omg, his ex?!?!?! I did NOT see that coming! :O I hope Ginny is strong enough to not let Hyoyeon get to her! I only sense bad things coming from this girl >.> Kai better stay loyal or I'mma have to smack him :p lol
luluhunnie #4
Chapter 24: Waa~ aha! So the girl looking at Kai must've been Hyoyeon! (I think lol) :o I sense trouble ahead! Ginny you better look out ><)/
Chapter 23: I finally caught up again. I had finals and whatnot. Anyways! Yayy they finally performed and it was great! The girl in the audience kinda gets to me though..haha
luluhunnie #6
Chapter 23: Oh my gosh, who is the audience girl? XD *curious face* aww the things Luhan does to get noticed by her ;-; I'm rooting for TiffanyxLuhan <3 And poor Kris getting boo'ed D: glad they can all help each other though!
luluhunnie #7
Chapter 22: I loved the introduction part so much for some reason :D keke~ I'm curious about who this mystery girl is!!
Omg I'm in lovw with this :D I think I passed out hahaha I love this so much ur amazing *hwating
luluhunnie #9
Chapter 21: Heechul!!! Omg omg :0 *fangirling* I could just imagine him there and kyaah <3 I loved this chapter!! It keeps getting better and better and better! n.n
luluhunnie #10
Oh how I wish for another update ;-; I'm so curious (<--haha SHINee xD) about the gig I'm about to burst! keke