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I don't know what's been happening to me lately. Having gotten more famous made me feel somehow less important. I would look down from the stage and it was a different feeling from before. In the beginning I would be ecstatic when I would see a crowd of people coming to watch us, now it seemed I was just looking down to a sea of unknown people who also didn't know me even though most of them thought they did. I would act fine and all but I was actually extremely lonely and lost...

As the people leave and the staff starts to organize everything the boys and I are backstage getting ready to leave. I grab my bag as I swig a bottle of water.

''Already leaving, Ryuji?'' Toi asks as he lifts his blond hair to dry his forehead.

I smile and nod. ''I think I'll go...shopping.'' I make up unconvincingly.

''Oh, I could go with you. I wanted to get this cool 'inside-out' jacket I saw the other day.'' Masaki buds in as he looks up from tying his shoe.

''It's just that... I was just going to buy a new CD at a place near my house.'' I continue with the lie.

''Oh, well I guess I could go myself.'' Masaki shrugs casually.

I notice Takumi staring at me with a thoughtful face and I look away quickly as I say bye and walk away. As I do I can hear him in the distance.

''Something's up with Ryuji. He's not like that.'' Takumi states in a slow quiet voice.

''Really?'' Toi says surprised and I walk away as they start to talk about me.

I put on my black Adidas hoodie before I walk out the back door of the building with my head down to avoid any fans that wait outside. I walk in a quick pace and try not to look up.

''Hey! There he is!'' I hear a high pitched voice yell and look back to see a girl in a 'Slasher' T-shirt point at me. A group of girls suddenly start chasing after me as I frantically start running. I move across the crowded streets as I try to shake the girls, but even with all those people in the way they still were right behind me. As we headed to a street full of lights and music playing from the stores I tripped. I had thought that I was done for but it actually helped. I swiftly crawled into the door of a convenience store and headed to an aisle all the way in the back. As I walked I kept looking back to make sure the girls weren't coming back. Being that flustered I accidentally bumped into a girl. When I turned forward I saw a relatively short girl in a Death Note T-shirt, black and white stripped pants and hot pink Ed Hardy converses. She moved her long dark brown hair away from her face revealing her confused expression.

''Sorry.'' She says even though I was the one at fault.

''No, no, it was my bad. I should have been looking forward.'' I apologize putting my hands in my denim pants pockets and looking down to my cameo shoes so that my bangs would cover my face. However I miscalculated. My voice gave me away.

''Hey...'' she starts slowly as she tweaks her head to get a better view of my face. ''Aren't you from Dish//?'' She completes with a smile.

I look up slightly to let her see my face entirely and nod. She giggles and I cover .

''Please don't make a riot, please, please, please.'' I plead. She looks at me and then moves my hand.

''I wasn't going to...but it was cute how you begged. Are you hiding?'' She asks getting a bunch of candy from the shelf.

''Just a few fans.'' I answer as I watch her head for some strawberry milk in one of the freezers.

''Mm...'' she mumbles. ''Are you one of those stuck up famous people who hate their fans.?''

''Of course not. I'm just... tired.'' I say almost inaudible on the last part. She looks up at me and I look back into her eyes.

''Want to see something?'' She says as she looks at me.

''What?'' I question.

''It'll be no good if I tell you. Do you want to see it or not?''

I nod and then follow her to the cash register then out of the store.

''What's your name, by the way?'' I ask as we walk past the ad-infested main streets and make our way into emptier ones.

''Masumi.'' She answers with a smile and keeps walking.

Turn after turn I was starting to doubt her. I was about to ask her when we headed into a field. She led me all the way to a small hill.

''Here.'' She says as she drinks her strawberry milk.

''A hill?'' I say a bit irritated. Had she just tricked me?

''Yeah, come on.'' She says taking a few steps up. I sigh and follow.

All the way at the top she points to a sakura tree below.

''How does it look?'' She says as she sits and gets one of the bags of sour candy she had bought. I watch her sit and feel annoyed by her question. I look down to the tree again.

''Well... it looks...like a tree.'' I answer with an attitude.

''Not that.'' She shakes her head and pulls me down by my hand. I sit next to her uneasily. ''The sunset.'' She shows me. I look at the sun slowly drift down.

''It looks pretty.'' I say simply then look at her for a reaction. She's calmly eating her candy. She seems to be enjoying it so I just watch her. Her carefree face soaked by the sun made her look like a golden goddess. She took a deep breath and smiled before looking to me.

''Now let's see the best part.'' She said getting up then handing me her hand to lift me. I took it but as I stood I didn't feel like letting go of it though I had to. She walked ahead of me and I felt weirdly at peace as I followed her. Before I had noticed it we were under the sakura tree we had been looking at from the hill. But it looked very different.

''What about now?'' The girl asks looking up at the tree. As I too observe the patches of reddish orange light poke out from between the pink flowers I'm stunned by its beauty. I look to my guide and it's no different. Her hair movement with the shallow breeze made a perfect match with the breathtaking scenery. Her gleaming eyes turned to me.

''Which one was more beautiful: the sunset from up on the hill or the one through the sakuras?'' She questions.

''This one.'' I answer stepping closer to her.

''So when we were up on the hill even though we saw the same sunset as this one this one is prettier. Why?''

I'm silent at first as I look back up to the light then speak.

''Because this one is more detailed… so it’s better to focus on the details rather than try to take in the whole scenery.''

I look back to her and she's sitting with her legs crossed, chewing the candy as she nods and smiles. I sit next to her and she offers me a candy. I take it and she looks straight into my eyes. It feels like she's going to say something but instead she just keeps looking deeper and deeper until it seems as if she's watching a movie in my eyes. All though I felt embarrassed I couldn’t look away. My heart beats faster but it seems her beats even slower and as the spots of sunlight begins to disappear and suddenly she looks back and the humid air on my skin made me feel at ease. It was like she told me something through our souls.

''Want some more candy?'' She smiles.

I shake my head as she stands.

“I have to go.”

I snap out of my daze and stand also.

“Could… could I maybe get your number.”

“Oh, so I wasn’t boring you?” She grins.

“Not at all.” I answer desperately and she chuckles softly.

“Fine, here.” She puts her number on my phone with a smile that reflected on me too.


“Next time you’re running away from you’re fans you can call me.” She jokes as she walks away.

“Sure thing.” I wave goodbye and she replies with the same.

As I watch her walk away I feel myself smile widely. I look around and back to the tree and can’t quite remember why I was sad in the first place.


I actually really liked this one. I tried to keep it as light as possible with that girl. I don't know why but for some reason I felt like naming her rather than doing a "Your POV" type of thing. Anyway sorry if I'm annoying you guys with all the one-shots I've been posting lately, it's just that I have a bunch and I need to get rid of them hehe.

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