First snow


Suho, your boyfriend. You guys were dating for 3 years. and during these years, things were happening between both of you... He is a busy man, working all day and yet you still can endure the time that he is not around you. What will happen when Suho continuously care of his career more than you ? 


Summer 2010,

coming home tonight ? -you-

nope. I'm sorry jagi please take your dinner yourself and I love you -Suho-

okay :( love you too -you- 

Suho is a famous entertainer in Korea , he is always busy about his career, coming home late , skipping dinner and focusing his job always .... And always always always left you alone and make you wait him for hours and hours and hours ...... You start to hate this kind of relationship ...




heres the foreword !! I'm sorry guys! Currently I'm having exams! I promise I'll complete chapter 1&2 after my freaking exam !! Hope the foreword will make you continue to read my stories! & do subscribes and leave comments okay!!!!  ♡ xo

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Update juseyoooooooo <3
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HAHAHA!!! Finally you are writing too!!!All the best!!!:)
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Omg i'm so excited for this story!! Please update soon! Hwaiting~! <3