Scandal in Japan!

Where U At?

Wondering the streets of Tokyo, Taeyang & Jessica walked together aimlessly enjoying their few hours together. "So, you are finished with your lessons in America right?" she asked. Taeyang nodded. " I'm in Japan promoting" she pouted. " are a Hallyu crossing over to different countries were bound to happen, your popularity is growing rapidly, in fact you are HUGE in Asia, Europe, etc." he stated. Jessica simply smiled at his comment. The atmosphere was rather joyful, but what they didn't know was they were being stalked by a fan who spotted them. Jessica was confident that she would not recognized due to the fact that she did not debut in Japan yet, but she seemed to forget the possibility of fans from Korea seeing her in Tokyo. (She is really popularity is HUGE, so she took it for granted). Jessica wore no disguise while Taeyang's unique hairstyle was clearly visible. The fan took several proof photos of the couple ahead and couldn't believe what she saw. Jessica was holding hands with her dance partner from her "I Need A Boy" promotions.

Unaware to the hidden stalking, Taeyang & Jessica shared laughs and exchanged smiles while visiting shops, tourist sights, etc. "Let's go on a boat ride, I haven't rode one in a long time." she said. Taeyang agreed and they got into a yacht and decided to take a tour along the ocean near Tokyo seeing the beautiful oceanic scenery of Japan. The couple sat together admiring the sights. Suddenly, a strange person pinched Taeyang's cheeks tightly from behind. "What the?!" he said. Jessica looked up at the person in surprise. "Waaasssuuppp boi! haha..This woman beside must be Jessica." he said. Taeyang immediately changed his mad expression to a happy one. "GD! Yo man I'm seeing you everywhere!" he said. Jessica said hi then bowed. "So..I'm guessing you guys are close?" she asked. They nodded in unison. "College buddy..^^..DAANNGG Youngbae..she's pretty bro" he said. "Haha thanks man..but remember she's mine" he said. "Hahaha of how you are Jessica Jung right?" GD said. Jessica was surprised at first but then figured out that he might been a fan. "Oh yes..a singer in Korea" she said. "Cool cool..I kinda knew already since your famous but yeah." he said chuckling. Jessica was slightly embarrassed. "So, I've been wondering but what brings you here in Japan?" he asked. "Well, Jessica is promoting in Japan right now so I came to visit her today" he said. GD nodded. They talked for several minutes until the yacht came into a halt. "Oh..done already? Aish..well I gotta go get ready for my flight back to America tomorrow" GD said. "Oh is that so? Well take care man and I'll call you." he said. GD shook hands with Jessica and hugged Taeyang then they bid their farewells. 

Though they had a good encounter with someone close, the day was about to end and it was time for Taeyang to go back to Korea and Jessica to return to SYG. Their special date came into an end and they forced to say their goodbye. They kissed each other goodbye then parted ways. "'s so hard seeing you go.." they both thought in their heads. Meanwhile, the stalker fan "Tiffany" looked over the photos she had taken of Jessica and the mystery man. "I need to place these on the internet to tell loyal fans of Jessica that she has a boyfriend" she squealed. Though intentions were not evil, these simple photos would cause chaos in the music industry. When Tiffany uploaded the photos, all He** broke loose. Articles were created and blown up spreading like crazy, netizens started gossip and tried to confirm the rumors. JYD Company was one fire as reporters asked about Jessica and her current status. President Yang could not believe, but he knew he had to stay quiet and be witty as Jessica and Taeyang needed to be protected by antis. Jessica, found out as well in Japan as she was terrified on what happen. "What do I do?! How could I be so stupid to be so out in the open?!" she thought. In the JYD building, Taeyang was heavily guarded and was told not to speak. He felt regretful and guilty about the situation, believing it was his fault since he came to Japan and was too affectionate out in public causing this scandal. "The evidence is too clear..and they recognized my hair is easily..They know I am the male lead dancer from the "INAB" promotions....I am so dead..and what about Jessica" he thought. JYD members were worried on what was going to the BaeSica couple and how their professional images in the eyes of spectators were going to end up.

A press conference was held a week later in June, Jessica was forced to delay her Japanese debut and come back to Korea. Taeyang and Jessica reunited in a unfortunate situation, scared and nervous of what the outcome will be of their relationship. President Yang couldn't help but be disappointed with Jessica and Taeyang with a "I told you to be careful" look. "We have no choice.....You will have to break up or else Jessica's image will be ruined and antis will make your life miserable Youngbae" he said in a solemn. Jessica teared up by the order, knowing there was no other choice, she needed to protect Taeyang from her fans, while Taeyang wanted Jessica to succeed without him pulling her back with the scandal. "We don't even know if breaking up will solve all of it...but we have to least calm the fans..and the paparazzis." said President Yang. They prepared themselves for their statements and entered the press room. Flashes and filming took the image of the JYD leaders and its President plus the scandal's main characters Jessica Jung & Youngbae. "BOO!!!!!!!" many fans shouted at Taeyang as they jealous at the fact that they were an item. The couple's expression were glum as the criticism hurt them emotionally. "It is true..that they have been dating in secret since December,25,2011...up to this day they have concealed such the truth from the public...but we have made a compromise..which was hard..but will satisfy you dedicated fans..that today: June,5,2013: that K-POP superstar Jessica Jung & professional dancer Dong YoungBae aka Taeyang have officially broken up. Reporters were shocked but were suspicious thinking it was too good to be true while fans cheered and went wild as they were broad minded. Jessica cried silently while Taeyang lowered his head concealing his tears. Spectators (supporters of the BaeSica couple) were heartbroken about the announcement on live television. "Taeyang has agreed to resign from his contract today and has promised to not contact Ms. Jessica Jung anymore, while she starts up her Japanese promotions officially, she will fly to Japan tomorrow to prepare for her debut once again." said President Yang. A heart breaking day for Youngbae and Jessica as their relationship was crushed by the pressure of the music industry. Only sounds of crying felt up the bodies of the two. (This is not the end of the fanfic, I just wanted to add some drama XP. We will see what happens to them in the upcoming chapters).

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Chapter 21: Woah! This is a really nice and cute story :) I somehow could imagine this happening irl haha I'm happy you didn't add cheesy love triangles
SennaGolda #2
OMG!! i'm really love this story! i hope this is all happening! <3BaeSicca
johhanna #3
loved your story, I hope you make another baesica story in the future :)
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OMFG Cute story!! PLEACE KEEP WRITING MORE BAESICA STORIES!! ITS SUPER SUPER GOOD... AND PLUS.. Never stop writing stories!!!! :D <br />
<br />
HAHAHA. Cute ending! Though, I do feel sorry for Seo Jisuk because I seriously love that dude... lol. Oh well, BAESICA HWAITING! 8D
Niiicceee !!!!<br />
Love the ending!!!!
chickennoodlesoup #7
thanks for all the support, comments, and subscriptions. I honestly just wrote this story for myself but thank you for taking great interest in this fanfic! I will probably start off a sequel, prequel?, or spin off. Maybe even a new story for a new couple? IDK give me some suggestions lol ^^
BaybeeDoubleHluvsyhu #8
IN NEW ZEALAND??? wow....<br />
Nice update on chapter 18=]
I am so loving this <br />
update soon!!!!!