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Eunhyuk lived a nearly perfect life – until one short moment of carelessness destroyed it. A kiss, just as long as a heartbeat published on the internet had made his world slowly crumbling down.

At first he thought that two years of separation couldn’t change what he and Donghae shared, but he was wrong.

After coming back he had to realize that everything had changed and that they had to hide what they felt from the eyes of everybody. But what he didn’t know was that Donghae was hiding something horrible; something that made all his other problems turn to dust.






Title: Euphoria

Pairing: Eunhae

Genre: Angst, non-AU

Length: 33 Chapters

Disclaimer: I only own the plot.

WARNINGS: There will be drug usage, mentions of violence, blood, ual situations during later chapters and of course a lot of angst.
Rated chapters are rated are for a reason!


English is not my first language!



This story is part of a trilogy!

Part 1: Courage

Part 2: Euphoria

Part 3: Joy



It just had been a photo. Nothing more than a simple photo had brought them in this situation and he cursed himself that they – that he – hadn’t been more careful. This whole time, year after year, they had been able to hide it and just one careless moment had destroyed it all. Now he felt like he was a dangerous criminal during the pronouncement of judgment; the night before had been the inquisition.

"Lee Donghae and Lee Hyukjae will start to do their military service this very day. They will be stationed in different cities and promise to better their behavior", their manager announced strictly and the cameras clicked vigorously.

HOLY I GOT FEATURED?!?! Omgggg... Thank you all for upvoting and reading this! What to do.... T_T Don't know what to say, I just love you all ♥

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Chapter 37: Re-reading this story fort the ninth time ^^
I'm live this story so much ^^
Hope you come back author :(
r2jrowie #2
Chapter 8: Omg this chapter really breaks my heart, I cannot imagine what donghae gone through during that past 2 years...
sometimes i really need a good hit of angst and i come straight here to reread. i love the detailed non-AU world and the way the characters are portrayed, and i know i will come back again and again!
Chapter 18: n the midst of re reading this! Do you believe that i was actually scared to start reading this again because i knew it'd hurt me that's how good this fic is!! Yet here i am haft way through this hahahahha❤️
nynnxx #5
Chapter 37: Wow! You're a really great writer! I really thought you wrote courage first before this story! It's amazing! I can't believe I just found out about this story! Fighting authornim! You wrote really awesome stories!
Eunhae1004 #6
Chapter 35: Omg i love it so much :""")
Eunhae1004 #7
Chapter 27: Omg stay with him Hyukkie :( but i also feel that u have limits :(
Eunhae1004 #8
Chapter 23: I love Hyuk being so gentle to Hae uwu
Eunhae1004 #9
Chapter 15: Omg this is too much :( so hurting
Chapter 3: Donghae no no no no no no no, just no. You've taken drugs haven't you. I don't care how broken you are, drugs will never solve your problems, they might make you feel better for short periods of time, but you'll just end up feeling even worse once they wear off. omg just- Hyukjae I really hope you can help him snap out of it and get him off whatever he's been getting high on.