Miss Wanted

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Six juvenile convicts who have nothing to do each other will team up together to help prove one girl's innocence in the name of friendship and...love.


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This is my new story starring Teen Top.

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Name: Go Minseo (younger twin) Name: Go Yoonseo (older twin)                          

Age: 17                                      Age: 17

ID #: 1116107

Crime: Murder

Name: Lee Byunghun, a.k.a. L. Joe

Age: 17

ID#: 1116103

Crime: Gang Activity

Name: Ahn Daniel, a.k.a. Niel

Age: 17

ID#: 1116104

Crime: Murder

Name: Bang Minsoo, a.k.a. CAP

Age: 18

ID#: 1116101

Crime: Grand Theft Auto

Name: Lee Chanhee, a.k.a. Chunji

Age: 18

ID#: 1116102

Crime: Hacking

Name: Choi Jonghyun, a.k.a. Changjo


ID#: 1116105

Crime: Bank Robbery

Name: Yoo Changhyun, a.k.a. Ricky

Age: 16

ID#: 1116106

Crime: Pickpocketing



Welcome to TOP Juvenile Correctional Facility.

(The Oppressive Prison, as we like to call it, and also known as "The Worst Place In The World.")

This is a place where minors who have committed heinous crimes come to rehabilitate and reinvent themselves as proper citizens.

("Proper citizens"=people with morals who don't know the meaning of fun)

In order to leave TOP Juvenile Correctional Facility, juvenile delinquents must show proper behavior and a willingness to change. 

(Yeah, like that would ever happen to us.)

Until then, they will be detained in the facility.

(Okay, looks like we're stuck here forever then.)


#1 Obey wardens at all times.

(Watch out for "Mr. Jackass" who will ruthlessly punish anyone he desires without a logical reason.)

#2 Don't try to run away.

(Yeah, like we can ever try. We're stuck in a ing island with no access to transportation.)

#3 No inappropriate behavior is allowed.

(That is our specialty.)


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