What's done is done

After all this time

I woke up with a bad headache due to a loud crash and yelling.

"YOU CLUMSY ." a woman about 30 yelled.

"I- I'm really... i'm really sorry." another girl croaked. I rubbed my eyes to see clearly. It was Yoon Ri. She was almost crying. I asked Nichkhun what happened but he was clueless, too.

"I'LL GET YOU FIRED YOU UGLY LITTLE ." The woman repeated a few times. Yoon Ri kept quiet, trying to clean up the mess and the broken glasses.

"Stop calling her that!" Nichkhun yelled back, standing up and everyone stared.

"Yah, nichkhun, sit down." i whispered in alarm.

"No, i will not sit down, Fany." Nichkhun said in an angry tone. "She said she's sorry. She's cleaning it up for you. Isn't that enough?" Nichkhun yelled at the woman.

"Sir... please calm down." another stewardess came and tried to settle the argument.

"I will calm down when that bloody woman calm down. She's acting so immature."

"Nichkhun... please." I said again. "You sit down. let me handle it from here."

Nichkhun looked at me with confused eyes. I stood up from my seat after unbuckling the seatbelts then approached Yoon ri to help her clean the mess.

"I'm really sorry." Yoon Ri said non stop.

"Stop apologizing. You did nothing wrong. It was an accident."

"I'm terrible. I'll get fired for sure."

"That's not going to happen. I'll try to ask my friend, Ok Taecyeon to help. He's the pilot."

"He's your friend?"

"Yeah. Our friend.."

"You mean you and the handsome man sitting next to you?"

"Yeah... his name is Nichkhun."

"Are you two together?"

I hesitated for a while, but then i forced a smile and gave her a shook, signaling no.

After the last piece of glass were picked up and thrown away, Yoon Ri gave me another thanks. "Tell Nichkhun-sshi i said thank you."

I went back to my seat and smiled. "She said thank you." Nichkhun nodded at this and we were in silence for the next 5 minutes. "It was great.... what you did there... standing up for her. I have a new respect for you now."

Nichkhun instantly smiled. "i just can't stand it that no one was going to do anything. She was feeling miserable, taking all the blame alone."

Hello, this is Ok Taecyeon, your pilot speaking. We'll be landing in a few short minutes. Please stay in your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you.

"The wedding is tomorrow, right?" I asked.

Nichkhun nodded, his face turned pale and he was suddenly nervous. I grabbed his hand and held it tightly. "What's done is done."

"If it means seeing her happy, then i'm okay with it." Nichkhun gave a nervous smile.

I didn't let go of his hand until we arrived at the airport.

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momoxix #1
Good story !
xenyoon #2
Chapter 19: Beautiful ending :)
Jazmin8Sarina #3
Chapter 19: Yay the happily ever ending. I want to know what to khunfany more.
Jorelyngrace #4
Chapter 19: That was a beautiful ending....part 2 please more on khunfany....their story after taeyeon's wedding...
Chapter 19: Khunfany
Kyaaah Please Do sequel :)))))
MisssYou #6
Beautiful at the end <3
Taengoo5486 #7
Taengoo5486 #8
foirfeachta #9
shineeluv4eva #10
Perfect! :) Love it