Run away

After all this time

26th July 2008 - Incheon Airport

It was a beautiful day, and although Tiffany Hwang was tired with all her work that had to be done, and all the nerves rushing through her body, she kept walking straight on to take her luggage and with deep breaths, she prayed she would fit in.

She lived in Diamond Bar, California. She was only 20 years old, but she was already a sucessful movie director. The best young female director at the time. She was rich and famous. But on that particular day (27th July 2008), she had to go to Korea for her next 'assignment', a new movie. She planned to move permanently with her friend, Kim Taeyeon.

"I'm so sorry, but you took my bag." a man approached her. It was a tall handsome man with big ears and a peculiar smile, wearing a pilot uniform. "This.. this is mine." He pointed towards the bag Tiffany was holding.

"I'm sorry?" tiffany asked. She wasn't paying attention to what he was saying. She was too focused on the handsome man.

"You see there? It has my name on it. This one is yours." He said, passing another similar luggage to her.

"Oh, I feel so silly. I'm so sorry." Tiffany blushed. She wasn't usually like this, but she couldn't help it.

"No need to feel bad, i was the one that mistook your bag first. I opened it to find a pink bunny doll, i was so shocked." he laughed slowly. Tiffany blushed even more.

"It... it was a present."

"It's cute. Well, anyway, i have to go now. I'm sorry again." he smiled, taking his bag and started to leave. Tiffany didn't do anything. She didn't ask for his name, or any details, she didn't catch him, asked for his number. She just stood still, realizing that she will never see him again.

3 years later (19th July)

(tiffany's POV)

I took my phone, placed it in my bag, fixed my hair and my outfit then took my car keys. Before i could leave the house, Taeyeon walked towards me, rubbing her eyes and yawning.

"Where are you going so early in the morning?" She yawned again.

"Err.. nowhere?" I smiled innocently.

"You're wearing perfume." She sniffed. "Don't tell me you're going to the airport again?!" Taeyeon sighed in frustration. "It had been three years! Who knows, he might be married now! or, he retired, or he has a girlfriend or he died! Would he even remember you?"

"Taeyeon, not this lecture again! Please, come on! This is the only way i can find my true love again! Didn't you listen when i told you what happened three years ago? He was so incredibly hunky."

"True love doesn't exist, Fany. And plus, you go to the airport twice every week just to find him, but did you? No!"

"No, no! I did catch a glimpse of him last month. But... that was that."

"Exactly. So, don't go. Stay with me at home and we'll watch a movie or something."

"No thanks." I left the house and ran to my car before Taeyeon could catch me. She didn't. I think it was because she knew that i was going to run away, anyway. I always go to the airport to find the guy i met. It's not that far away, just 20 minutes drive, and the scenery were always great.

I went to the airport and guess what! I found him~ He didnt see me, he was talking endlessly with his co-pilot and a stewardess who was giggling at his jokes. He was so handsome in his suit. As usual, i stood stoned in my spot, not daring to make a move. He was getting further away, and suddenly i saw something fell off his side pocket.

I rushed over there to pick it uo, but by the time i did,  they were already gone.

Reminder! ^^

28th July 2011 - Incheon Airport to Orlando International Airport, Florida. 3 days! Visit the Thai Prince, keke. Don't forget~~

Then an idea hit me.

I ran towards the nearest counter to buy tickets to Florida, 28th July.

"I'm sorry, but 28th July is fully booked, unless you want it a day earlier?" The lady said.

"That could work too!" I smiled.


The next day

"What?" Sunny shrieked.

"SHHH!" i said, mainly because we were at work in the office. Sunny is the writer of my new movie, and her boyfriend, who was right in front of us, Sungmin, is the editor.

"Does Taeyeon know about this?" Sunny asked in a slow voice this time, trying to act calmer. Sunny knew that Taeyeon and I were best friends.

"errr... no. i forgot to tell her."

"You need to!" Sunny said loudly again.

"She won't let me go." I pouted.

"She has to, you already bought tickets." Sungmin said. "Where are you going to stay?"

"Well, i'm planning to stay at a hotel for a while, meet the man of my dreams then visit my parents. I bought tickets to California, too. I'll stay there for a while."

"Then you can just tell Taeyeon you want to visit your parents, right? You're not techinically lying, right?" Sungming smiled brightly.

"OMG sungmin you're so clever!"

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momoxix #1
Good story !
xenyoon #2
Chapter 19: Beautiful ending :)
Jazmin8Sarina #3
Chapter 19: Yay the happily ever ending. I want to know what to khunfany more.
Jorelyngrace #4
Chapter 19: That was a beautiful ending....part 2 please more on khunfany....their story after taeyeon's wedding...
Chapter 19: Khunfany
Kyaaah Please Do sequel :)))))
MisssYou #6
Beautiful at the end <3
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Taengoo5486 #8
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Perfect! :) Love it