Shin A-ra POV

“Ara ya ~ let’s go!” Eun Hye boosts her energy to pull my hands. Her effort was useless; I didn’t even make any single movement at all… maybe because of my weight.

“YA! ARA! SHIN-ARA! Ppali wa~ kkajago~ “she suddenly screamed on me. Eun Hye harshly persuaded me.

“Noe kka~ Na ppapaseo, Kkarago ~ “I refused and pushed aside my bestfriend’s tender hand from me.

“Aniya ~ Noe angga Na anggayo.” Eun Hye crossed her arm and pursing her lips.

“Eun Hye ya ~ I’m not a sasaeng who always following them. I’m a normal fan. I love them with my ing pure heart.” I tried to explain everything to Eun Hye. Hoping her to understand but it seems not worked. She kept forcing me to go with her.

“Jagiya~~ we are not following them. We will be in the same private class with them. That’s all nothing more.My father owned that company, don’t you realized? You and I always went there. It’s our place not them.” Eunhye got a good point which I can’t deny.

“So what is the problem? Kkaja~ “she jumped towards me and linked my arm with hers.

I sighed heavily. I can’t blame Eun Hye for being too perfect. She was my bestfriend since a few years ago. She owned everything while me? I sighed for the second time.

Yesterday Eun Hye’s father told us that SM rent our favourite spot for a month. That place will be used to teach their new debut group, EXO, a singing class. Eun Hye’s father tried his best to make SM rent another room but they refused. After a few conversation, they end up with a conclusion which is we both should joined the class if we don’t want to be kick out from the place.

Honestly, we are EXO fans who never meet them in real life. This will be the first time we meet them. I don’t even know what will happen. I might faint but Eun Hye? They might fall for Eun Hye. I laughed silently. Actually we shared the same bias. What if our bias falls for her? Will Eun Hye abandon me just like that? Oh no! I put both of my palms on my face.

“YA ! Ara ~ are you okay babe?” I saw smiling angel,Eun Hye, smiling beside me.

“Yes… No… Not really.” I said softly

Finally, after a few minute in car we arrived at our secret place. Wait not secret anymore ~ EXO know it. We step slowly on the staircase avoiding any disruption. But suddenly ………………………….

BBAMMMM !!!!!!!!  




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this story will be abandon for a few months ill try to get idea later sorry

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L_oppa #1
anneyong! I'll be patient to read this ff. grammar so bad,right? but try my best.
AnhthuNguyen1988 #2
Chapter 1: It"s a good story to read. Oh i like EXO. Im looking forward to reading next chap.