When You're Gone



When you're gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too


hiyeom! caramelkisses here.
School started again and it's been a hectic week. Well, I got bored in class so I decided to write a oneshot and this is the result. I know, I'm not very vocal about this ship but these two will srsly be the death of me.
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photo credits to super-sooyoung.tumblr.com

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Omg. This is so KyuHyun. Being the evil, dorky but sweet maknae <3
Chocolate_loves #2
Chapter 1: Soo cute^^
LovinKick #3
Chapter 1: This is AMAZING. You should be bored in class more often. I loved this one shot! I hope you are doing good at school! This one shot totally made my day:)
[deactivated] #4
That was sweeeet love it!!
fatehahlah #5
Chapter 1: Awwe thats cuteee. And poor sooyoung being left without a word. But then his phone fell into the bathtub. Hahaha aigoo cute